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  1. Hey guys, first of all sprry for most likely wrong place to post this question, but haven't found any other section, so i came back to the game after about a year or so of not playing and started downloading the update but had to pause it and close the PC as i had to do other things, but today when i re-opened the launcher it is stuck on "checking for updates" and when i try to pause it or close it, it just stops responding, any one knows a fix to it?
  2. SkeKing

    Can we expect anytime soon another EU server?

    Is it, nvm then P.S: A second server would still be cool.
  3. You know, like how in wot there are multiple servers for 1 region, servers are busy atm and can't log in to play, so yeah
  4. SkeKing

    What's your favourite and most hated map?

    Favourite map: Ithink fault line as i can get very good performances as a dd there. Hated map: New dawn or hottspot.
  5. SkeKing

    A bit worried about the population

    Servers are busy and i can't log in, well, there goes your concern regarding population.
  6. SkeKing

    Tips to grind the Bogue?

    As the title says, i would like some tips in order to grind the bogue? Any fighter set-up i use i just can't do well in any match.
  7. SkeKing

    Tier three Battleships are really bad

  8. SkeKing

    Condeferate achievement doesn't give signal flag

    Check if you have the flag when you try to actually mount a flag, if it's not there, do another match or two and if you still didn't get it, contact support.
  9. SkeKing

    Game Needs More Maps

    Hotspot i one of my least favorite maps as well, mostly because i don't know where to go and where my enemies and allies will go.
  10. Yes, just as it was that players with premium ships in closed beta got theirs back in open beta.
  11. SkeKing

    Counter-Carrier Double Kill :D

    Death to the CVs .
  12. Same thing here, i remember that i saw a dev say in a Q&A that it is like 100k i think, but aswell, i can't find where i saw this.
  13. SkeKing

    Don't even think about it...

    From what i have been seeing on the forums so far, the Tirpitz will be the premium ship as it got torpedoes and special color(i think?), also, the Tirpitz/Bismark will cost most likely more then 10 bucks . ​Imo, if bismarck will be tier 8 normal ship, i think it will be a Tiger 2 situation most likely where people expect it to be like "history" but in the game the ship/tank is crap.
  14. SkeKing

    Game Needs More Maps

    I like most of the maps, but new dawn pops up for me a lot too, but since i moved up to only pretty much tier 5's and 6's i get it a lot less.
  15. SkeKing

    Tier three Battleships are really bad

    Kawachi is a good ship imo, but probably as i got mostly matched in tier 3-2 matches, but anyways i think it is not an awesome ship but neither a horrible one, south carolina on the other hand is pretty bad imo, wyoming, tier 4 USN bb is pretty good imo and myogi, tier 4 IJN is rather bad imo.