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  1. Noivilbo

    Administrator required

    If we were losing the match and i refused to get in the cap resulting in a defeat and they shot me, that would be understandable because i didn't do my job. BUT It was right at the start of the game, before anyone even fired a single shot to the enemy teams... not a single ship was spotted from them or from us... Reason why they did sink my ship is that they KNOW that probably wargaming doesn't care about it and nothing can be done to punish them...
  2. Noivilbo

    Administrator required

    That's exactly how I feel now mate, if they can get away with it and I just have to wait for the "automated system" to punish them then i'll just play a game where the company actually cares about their players and bans behaviors like these that VIOLATE GAME RULES...
  3. Noivilbo

    Administrator required

    Remove the names? naaah Unfortunately i didn't check the replay like i have in WoT... Anyway, if they want to see the replay they can find it in their database since the "auto-system" keeps logs of everything.. @Guzmanus: You are joking right? Reporting 3 people that kill team mates is being childish? I'd say by your response, you do this your self...
  4. Noivilbo

    Administrator required

    I don't care about anything, i'll keep their names there so people know who the Idiots that shot me are! If nothing can be done for actions like these then i'll stop playing this game and any other game by this company. Good day to everyone
  5. Noivilbo

    Administrator required

    Hello, I've joined a battle with my Hatsuharu (tier VII destroyer) in the map "Tears of the Desert". There are three neutral capture points (A,B,C). I'm heading to A at the start of the battle and before i get there it starts being capped by the enemy so i throw 6 torpedoes to try to blindly hit the enemy and turn around to avoid detection. Three teammates [edited], [edited] and [edited] all start yelling "STOP THE CAP, STOP THE CAP" and i said "no, i'll get spotted" they started shooting at me just coz they can and they've sinked my ship... I know you'll say "there is an automated system that will ban them if they will do it again and so on" BUT in this situation it's just not enough. They RUINED my game experience, RUINED my mood to play the game further today if they are allowed to play unpunished the game! So, what's left to do? OWN your game, BAN them to show them that this kind of behavior is NOT acceptable in this game! I'll wait for your response, Thank you.
  6. Noivilbo

    Matchmaking Win

    And here i thought that world of tank's matchmaking was bad Nothing unbalanced in the picture in my opinion.. Everything working as intended...
  7. Noivilbo


    No i wasn't spotted at all nor have i fired so the torpedoes were coming from a place completely random for him. that's what got me curious in the first place.. How can my torpedoes be "spotted" as soon as they are fired when nobody knows i am there? Maybe he was just lucky 3 times? i am still not convinced but i guess i have to see if this happens in more games...If it does then there is definitely something fishy going on that you guys gotta check out ;)
  8. Noivilbo


    This "odd" thing happened to me in a game just now. A cruiser at 10km is going straight. He is spotted for some time but he doesn't change course. As soon as i fire my torpedoes from 10km away, he changes course. This has happened 2-3 times in the same game by the same player. Is this some "6th sense" gozu player (that i doubt) or are there scripts out that show when torpedoes are fired upon you to make you change course? Keep in mind i am with a Hatsuharu and i HAVEN'T been spotted at all, so there is no way he'll know where i am or where torpedoes can/will be fired...
  9. Noivilbo

    Spotted bug report.

    I am with my Mutsuki in smoke going rounds with 10knots, AA turned off, NOT SHOOTING but still getting spotted. Closest enemy ship was 6km away. Is this a bug with smoke or is my ship bugged?
  10. Noivilbo

    Carrier's planes change

    exactly my point mate staying in the air indefinitely is somewhat weird...give them a 5 min flight time, then send them to the carrier to refuel and fly again... That way you can change position of ur ship and make it harder for enemy carrier to find you, rather than be spotted 24/7... would make the game a bit more strategic and fun to play imo...
  11. Noivilbo

    Carrier's planes change

    Would be best in my opinion to put fly-time on carrier's planes(i.e 3-4 minutes or more). It's extremely frustrating being spotted because they are kept out of firing range by inside spotting range for the whole encounter... Didn't planes have a limited amount of fuel during WWI-WWII? Cheers!
  12. Noivilbo

    Tier VI farragut US destroyer

    I don't think though that it would be appropriate in a pc-game to have a tier VI ship be worse than a tier V ship... that's all i am saying...
  13. Noivilbo

    Aircraft carrier matchmaking balance

    thanks a lot for the reply i have no problem waiting. after all it's beta. just pointing out something ;)
  14. Noivilbo

    Tier VI farragut US destroyer

    Exactly my point The upgrade is not great, it's bad imo because as you said about the New mexico staying alive... the hard/impossible thing to do is getting to 4.5km and staying alive something that i don't see happening...
  15. Fix the matchmaking to be 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or whatever vs whatever but ALWAYS be EQUAL NUMBERS on each team. It's becoming extremely annoying when the 2 carriers use fighters to "camp" above the other carrier making it absolete when he's 1v2 in the matchmaking! Just too stupid imo and too annoying!