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  1. bazdaris

    Looking for a clan

    New player looking a clan for improvment. Interested for divisions, without CWs and such.
  2. German Bottleships on research
  3. Wow great video. Nice effects
  4. Project R rewards are nice Just got another 500K and some Camouflage ??? 25 of that . but I don't have a clue wth is that for... Is it Camo for ships ???
  5. Any news when they will represent Clans in WoWs ???
  6. Welcome pirit xD grab a chair
  7. bazdaris

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for posting drunk xD
  8. Sounds like a gg there captain !!! Did I 200 ???
  9. bazdaris

    Premium Account Greece

    If you have a Paypal account linked with your debit is quite simple. 1. You need a friend who plays tanks with a Paypal account . 2. Choose send money and add your friend PayPal email. 3. Your friend receives the money instantly, you also pay a small fee. 4. Then your friend send you the package/tank/whatever as a gift. 5. An other way is to have two different PayPal's accounts but with 2 different debits linked and send from one to another. 6. Last option is that Top Up thing. You don't choose instantly (the one who gives you the warning) but the other option. The you have PayPal's IBAN . You can send money there via e-banking wait some days and then you can buy with your PayPal balance. I hope that helps Cheers