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  1. GeneralHorstPital

    is my game bugged?

    Can you offer an explanation ? I experienced the same thing a couple of times recently. I know that a ships compartments have seperate HP pools and that it can result in 0 damage penetrations when hitting a depleted one. But I saw that happening on full HP battleships. So I would really like to know how that works.
  2. GeneralHorstPital

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    My personal limit for premium ships is 20 Euro. As soon as the Hood is available for 20 Euro or less, I will buy her. As that is unlikely to happen, I voted for "Nope" ...
  3. GeneralHorstPital

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a pretty good match with the Yamato last night: And as a result, I got this little gem after the match: Someone on the enemy team got quite salty...
  4. GeneralHorstPital

    Rage quit anyone

    Well, how many people DO actually quit the game because of detonations ? If you have any numbers on that, please share them. Certainly, I´m not happy if I suffer a detonation, but I know that I will be on the other side the next time. And detonations mean that in any situation, you still have some chance to win, even if the enemy is in a stronger ship... And to be honest, detonations don´t happen that often. Question: How many Juliet Charlie flags do you have in port ? If you detonate three times a day, it should be a lot of them. You also get these flag all the time in missions or containers. btw. I´m not a "detonation supporter", I just don´t mind detonations. I love board games, so it´s maybe just that I like rolling dice in my games...
  5. GeneralHorstPital

    Rage quit anyone

    There are hitboxes for magazines. Problem with destroyers of course is that theirs aren´t protected by a lot of armor, and HE blasts can travel through half the ship. But in the case of detonations, you can get rid of them by using the Juliet Charlie signal flag. And in general, other players may like the random mechanics. So the question is, if you hate RNG mechanics, why did you choose to play a game that relies heavily on it ? This is like playing chess and complaining that there is no dice rolling...
  6. GeneralHorstPital

    Why play in tier X? ...

    Oh, I guess I read that the wrong way, my bad. I thought you were disagreeing with his "break even + make a little" It´s not my place to say who belongs where in the game...
  7. GeneralHorstPital

    Why play in tier X? ...

    No, he is not. I use neither camo or premium time, and usually I make about 50K-100K credits profit on tier 10 (with Yamato and Zao). Of course, if I have a bad game, I will lose credits, as it should be. But why do you discount flags ? Those are for free and their whole purpose is to offset the costs or increase income.
  8. GeneralHorstPital

    Why play in tier X? ...

    Because I can.
  9. GeneralHorstPital

    Rage quit anyone

    OK, I get why people who can play the game every day would be overall better players than ones who only have time to play on the weekends. So from that point of view, I accept that there might in total be more bad players on a weekend than on other days. But, statistically speaking these bad players would be evenly present in both teams, so why would it affect anyones winrate in a negative way ? It should actually be the opposite way. I assume, most people complaining about "weekend warriors" consider themselves to be above average. So, if both teams have the same amount of "bad weekend players" and player X is an above average player, his winrate on weekends should go up, right ? In your example, the strong player does not have to make up for the bad players on the own team, he has to be better than the strong players on the enemy team.
  10. GeneralHorstPital

    Rage quit anyone

    There is, in the heads of many people. But for every team that wins, another looses, that is true on weekends as well as on every other day... in my opinion, the "weekend syndrome" is just a self fulfilling prophecy. People have a bad match on a weekend and blame the "weekend warriors", get angry at them and in turn play bad.
  11. GeneralHorstPital

    economy system is Crap

    What I think ? Use some of these: ....,,,.,,.,.,,,.,. Other than that, I don´t have any problems with the "economy". If I play well, I make profit on tier 10 without a premium account. If I suck, I´ll lose money. In my opinion, that´s the way it should be.
  12. GeneralHorstPital

    Why I stop play for Clash of elements

    You "must" not do anything. You realize this is a game and not a job ? May I ask why you feel the need to have 2000 dubloons for a game you don´t enjoy (by the sound of your rant here) ?
  13. GeneralHorstPital

    Turret movement > 180

    Well, turrets can´t rotate 360° because often parts of the superstructure are in the way and your guns can at no point of their rotation point at your own ship, so what you assume to be the shortest way, may not be possible. That is for example the case for Pensacolas Y-turret. It looks like it has enough space to rotate 360° but it won´t. Also, turrets always turn towards the direction of your cursor, doesn´t matter in what direction you are turning the ship. But they will always take the shortest route towards your cursor in regards to the former mentioned limitations. If you don´t want them rotating, hold down the right mouse button while looking around, and the turrets are locked in place.
  14. GeneralHorstPital

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    But that´s actually wrong. Originally, the ship was described with a detection range of 7.5/3.8 km (surface/air) The global game mechanic added x km to that range if it was firing its guns. Now, the ship still has the same detection range: 7.5 surface and 3.8 air. And, after firing its guns, still x km are added to that. The ship has not changed. The only thing that was changed was x.
  15. GeneralHorstPital

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    We are still talking about virtual ships, right ?