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  1. do you have Yokosuka selected as port? with other ports it won't work
  2. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    O.... MTM78, for the record: all is working well now.... At my side nothing has changed. I guess more patches from WG did the trick....
  3. Cheeze0206

    Please stop

    well... that would be my post."Replying to slow responsive rudder...please advise" I dont know how to link an earlier post, sorry... haven't been able to use a pingplotter while playing this weekend, so i will post result when I am... BTW. what url for de WG-client do I have to use while doing a pingplooter check?
  4. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    ah... thank you... I will try tomorrow...
  5. Cheeze0206

    player removed random from friend list

    yes.... since the last update... I have put him back on...
  6. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    thank you Thlurp... but i'm sure it isn't my network. router has been reset and dns cache is flushed... with world of tanks this doesn't happen, nor with other games... pingplotter doesn't detect anything weird:
  7. Cheeze0206

    Official hotfix for freeze/lag problem

    This is exactly what I am experiencing right know. i have no replay but a screenshot in another topic: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/15309-slow-responsive-rudderplease-advise/page__pid__279328#entry279328 My specs: amd 860k quadcore 3.4ghz 8gb win 7 pro 64bits amd radeon 7870
  8. Cheeze0206

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    thank you, it is really a quite interesting read!
  9. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    well... thanks all for your input.. I guess it is safe to say that since the last update for some testers (apparently not all) ruddermovement isn't working well. How do we get this info to the devs? or are they really reading this? ;-) here is a screenshot of my game with a destroyer.. My game client thinks I am 50meters to the front laying a smokescreen. Notice my FPS and ping... nothing to worry about right? All keystrokes respond well, for instance hitting A makes my rudder directy move to the right... only my ship won't.... I have re-installed the game, but that hasn't stopped this from happening... Game is not playable for me anymore...
  10. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    seems ok to me.... especially because al my other keys work fine
  11. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    all is wired, keyboard/mouse/network/my wife... so thats not the problem... Ping is around 40-50... fps is 50-70 I do experience slow battleloading times, but so does a friend of mine who has no problems pretty strange huh? All this started after last update... sorry to say, but i'm glad i'm not the only one...
  12. Cheeze0206

    slow responsive rudder...please advise

    Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention... when I set a smokescreen, normally the smoke comes from the middle of the ship right? Well, with me the smoke forms about 30 meters in FRONT of my ship... As if the screen information sent by the server has a weird delay showing my ship at the clientside... And no, my keyboard isn't knackered... world of tanks for instance runs fine... anyone who also experiences this?
  13. Hello captains, Since the last update i have experienced slow reactiontime of my rudder. This is especially noticable while playing DD's. When i press A or D my ship begins turning after 3 seconds or so. with the result of collisions, wrong shooting suggestions (torps) and some great amount of sliding effect. All other keys work perfect and instantly My PC is up to date, graphics card is up to date... it's really only the in- and output of using the rudder (ie. the A and D keys) please help