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  1. I never see a german cruiser in ranked games; I wonder why that is... I also see the problem here why there are so many DDs in higher tier matches/ranked matches. Because we're lacking decent cruisers!
  2. Flawlezz91

    colorado - just why ?>

    Thankfully I got my NC finally. (Thank you Tirpitz for farming me that 40k convertable XP) Although I have to say: I got used to the Colorado, once fully upgraded (+ modules for range and rudder) it's quite an ok'ish ship. I may not be the big damage dealer but thanks to great AA and armor it can quite brawl ps.: The NC is great, but what's with its postbattle costs?! wtf ...
  3. Flawlezz91

    Tripitz - big wtf - invulnerable to fire form 200 mm?

    Actally I'm on fire all the time in my Tirpitz. I'm even afraid when encountering an Atlanta, because that ship's gonna fire me down in mere seconds (+ torps). yes yes I know i can own that Atlanta because it's <10km, but RNGesus has a word in there, too. And that is my point: maybe you just got unlucky. RNG has a huge impact on HE ammo. Also there are some commander skills and modules which decrease the chance of catching fire.
  4. Flawlezz91

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Ahoi commanders! I don't know if this is a bug, but not only the statistics don't update after I got a new module or better captain, it seems that they don't work at all. On my Fuso I have the 2nd turret with 2.1 rounds/min. additionally I have the "main battery mod. 2"-module which grants +10% loading speed to main battery. Ingame my loading speed is exactly 30sec. That equals 2.0 rounds/min. And not my promised 2.1 + 10%. That's a difference of ~5sec between shots :/ Maybe the base stats of the turrets are not correct. eitherway it bothers me. thx 4 reading have a nice day!