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  1. There is a way of not getting a flood of clan invites, just play terribly in every single game that has a clan member in it. Problem solved.
  2. the "carry harder!" thread

    I lurk around a few WOWs streams on twitch and have seen the full "IceyJones" in chat, I thought he'd have posted more in this thread.
  3. the "carry harder!" thread

    Trying for a win on Pi day. Four losses with 3 top of the team and this was among them.
  4. Whats the most important game statistic to you

    It's just a little dig at my own game play and as I see it, WTR stat padding. WTR says i'm unicum in DDs and as that's mostly all I play i'm unicum overall. I feel to truly be classed as good at this game you should be "unicum" in more than one type of ship. Back on topic. My personal preference as the goto statistic is solo win rate although there is a natural +/- in that. I don't know how much of a percentage it would be but i'm sure someone smarter than me knows. Also you would take ship class into account aswell.
  5. Whats the most important game statistic to you

    Survival rate in your carrier is the best metric... and no one can convince me otherwise.
  6. Normal penetration damage on DDs

    I personally don't feel there needs to be a change to BB AP pen damage on DDs. Is it annoying as hell for it happen to you, yes but i see it as just another way for your opponents to do damage much like taking a random torp or getting hit by fire just after your damage control has gone on cool down.
  7. Limited number of DD's in a battle

    I don't think anyone has said you can't have an opinion on this subject or that you can't express it. What other players can do is disagree with you and show you why they think you are wrong. You having one or two games with a lot of DDs doesn't mean they are the most played on the server or that there is a plague of them. The last two weeks, do you know how many DDs were in the top ten most played ships across all tiers? The answer is none. Seven BBs and three CA/CLs
  8. Akizuki 0.6.0 Captain Skills

    Thanks. Can't get in game till later and couldn't remember the exact numbers.
  9. Akizuki 0.6.0 Captain Skills

    I could be having a bit of luck having some good teams since 0.6.0 came in but I'm having some success with this build. Only an 18 point captain. 1. Preventive Maintenance 2. Last Stand 3. Demolition expert 4. IFHE 4. Advanced Fire Training 4. Concealment Expert Like others said before IFHE gives you decent damage on DDs and with demo and flags you only lose 1% fire chance (i think this is right but can't remember for sure).
  10. Bye DDs (for now)

    I think it's too early to tell how the new skills will effect DD gameplay in the long run so OP, maybe come back and dip your toe in the DD water at the end of the month. A lot of people are experimenting with captain builds at the moment and this won't settle down till then. Could you just be seeing the natural variance in game performance that happens to most of us in a PvP game? I have noticed no drop off in my performance since 0.6.0 came in, having said that we might be playing different tiers. I rarely play my tier 10s as I find the gameplay a bit slow and boring at times.
  11. Lets disable limit for BB participating in battle

    Like @Yaccay said, it isn't because of the BB matchmaking that you waited for six minutes but that you played a CV. I thought there was a hard cap of five minutes for any queuing CV and after that, the matchmaker throws together any players it can find into a game for you (the CV player) as quickly as possible.
  12. Dedicated farragut captain tier 4 skill

    If you spam BBs most of the time and don't fight other DDs often then DE would be great but as you say, you contest caps a lot so it has to be CE for you even at this low a tier. The farragut doesn't get the best health pool when compared to the other DDs you'll be up against and with the crappy matchmaking tier 6 (not as bad as tier 5) gets you up tiered more. Most of my 200 odd matches in her have been since the MM changes and the amount of games i've won with less than 2400HP have been numerous. The extra HP I feel has a positive cognitive effect when it comes to contesting multiple caps.
  13. Fubuki -> Kagero: Why bother?

    You are right, the Kagero on paper is a straight up worse boat than the Fubuki and with the changes to the IJN DD tree there is no reason to get it. For the life of me I don't know why but I really like the Kagero, especially with the 8KM torps. It is inflexible with such a short range and I have had some terrible games because of the 8KM but I have had some great games too. I tend to like bad boats though. I liked the Tashkent and that was awful.
  14. to fubuki or not to fubuki

    Aren't the name changes to the fubuki and others just for the current run of supertesting and will be swapped back when the split IJN DD line goes live? I mean, you can't have a current tier 8 fubuki going up against a new tier 6 fubuki used by a supertester. It might get too messy for some players tiny minds.
  15. Lag Spikes since latest patch

    I have had stutters and lag issues too with my ping going from 35 to over 200. I have tried other games, speed and ping tests and everything seems to be fine my end. Oh, also from the UK with BT infinity.