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  1. d3adm3at

    Public Test 0.5.1 Changelog

    What, why? Ok then don`t give exp bonuss, but put that ability to not earn exp .. otherwise it is like forcing to gather useless exp with higher chance that player will spend money to convert it to free exp. Which in my book is not very polite marketing.
  2. d3adm3at

    Public Test 0.5.1 Changelog

    I personaly would better see the ability to checkmark elite ships, so it doesn`t earn anymore exp, but uses that for faster captain training (like in tanks and planes). It shouldn`t be too hard to intruduce, no ?
  3. d3adm3at

    Omaha commander skills ?

    Well, I personaly for all cruisers Commanders as tier3 skill took 20% faster torp detection. IMO it should be rather usefull ... but so far haven`t driven enough battles no notice big difference of that bonuss, although it feels like it helps a bit, but maybe it is just placebo effect
  4. d3adm3at

    Omaha commander skills ?

    Superintendent is not for repair, it is only for scout plane and later (from tier6) also for AA gun ability.
  5. d3adm3at

    USS Arkansas Beta - a poisoned gift

    I just checking myself, you need both upgrades (+16% for gun range and 20% for aquiring range) .. so 2.5 miljons needs to be spent to gain 14.1 km range.
  6. d3adm3at

    uss atlanta

    Dude, You have 13 battles total and I don`t see any Atlanta battles (ok, maybe they already removed it from your profile), but point is - in this game you can`t just buy high tier ship/tank/plane and hope to be good at it, if you have 0 expierence in playing game.
  7. That is my point, it is not a good tone to give no choice in this matter, when we know that in other WG products such problem doesn`t exist. I wouldn`t asked it, if they didn`t tell that there is no wipe planned (for WoT and WoWp there were wipe after OBT). No wipe = exp problem and unfair advantage in ship tiers for OBT over new players after OBT.
  8. Since Ectar confirmed in forum that there will be no wipe after OBT going live. I wanted to know what will happen to all that accumulated exp on elited and premium ships (I personally use them only for crew training not for free exp gaining), which we are forced to gain, since there is no accelerate crew training option (like in WoT and WoWp) in game. If there is no wipe, it seems like not so nice move as it invites people to spend gold to convert it, without giving them choice of not accumulating it in first place. Of course there will be many who don`t care about such thing, but for me it is rather interesting topic.