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  1. Maglor_the_rum

    Client lag - even during login

    Ok, after sometimes i wasn't playing the game i have returned, i have stopped before Christmas. The problem is: I launch the game (only happen with WoWs, other games like fallout 4 run without problems) And the whole pc slow down and even the log in of WoWs lag horribily. I shut down WoWs and the pc run normally... I have: Windows 10 64bit AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series (last avaible drivers) The game before was running smoothly, i have tried to uninstall and reinstall... but nothing has changed.
  2. Maglor_the_rum

    Wait am I using the aiming reticle in Sniper View wrong?

    It's usually an acquired skill, using the "notch" work only with a ship moving parallel and with a fixed speed, it's help but you need a "try". Usually after i have chose a lead, i proceed with a "forcella", a shoot a little long, a shoot a little short, and watch in order to adjust lead and direction.
  3. Maglor_the_rum

    Don't invest in the Yamato

    Yamato... a big battleship a wonder of they time... the most useless of all the battleships, in the time of the raising sun of the aircraft carriers. Slow, low to turn, and with too much big gun. It's the maus of world of warship, seeems good on the paper, and here she remain good. on the paper. But at least wait 0.3.1 for the fix in they turret armor, if i remeber they at the moment are around 65 mm...
  4. Maglor_the_rum

    Torpedo heading your way way key?

    Firing torpedoes from second lines is something at the time i think was matter of court martial. And as CA and DD player i say too much time i had "friendly" torpedoes launched behind me, if i notified them in time, i can dodge, or keep my bearing, even if sometimes more than disegnage, was a matter of been kept in the enemy fire line. Sorry but guesssing someone keep it's bearing in battle it's too much, and too long launches if some ally is near can be fatal for the ally. You have win the "William Dee Porter" medal, and awarned the "don't shoot we are repupublican" hail.
  5. Maglor_the_rum

    USN Destroyer appreciation topic

    The most fun class o warship played to the moment, but sometimes fail me... once i have taken a shell from full life... and puf "massive damage" from a single omaha shoot and going to the bottom of the sea. In this ships or you are immortal or you die very very fast, but is a intense and fun live.
  6. Maglor_the_rum

    Some Ideas and Suggestions

    Yes, we shall shave his belly with a rusty razor! The mixed tree is a complicated thing, to make it work you risk to pass from a nation to another only becouse the ship you want is for balancing request a tier 7.... and to fill the tree you need from tier 1 to tier X ships..
  7. Maglor_the_rum

    Aircraft Carrier with Unlimited Planes?

    Main problems: Bombers totally useless Torpedo only way to go, and to be manually dropped Fighters only to escort torpedo, air coverage is near useless We need some balancing in the planes. Dive bombers, high precision and average damage vs cruisers and Destroyers, good chance for external modules damage. Torpedo as now, slow and tricky. Fighters more fast and agile, better (not much but better) reward to kill enemy aircrafts. Increasing bomber utility and fighters use, a carrier can arrange it'self better without the one trick pony "TB"
  8. Maglor_the_rum

    Player Activated Horn or Siren

    Unintentional_submarine, on 30 April 2015 - 01:33 PM, said: In that case, why have a horn and not just a collision alarm like with land? I mean if the game can calculate the intercept the present collision alarm should be enough. This, an automatic "ship collision" allarm with a different sound to the "land collision".
  9. Maglor_the_rum

    A message of thanks to all RAGERS

    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULLS THRONE! ... Wrong rage you say? sorry...
  10. Maglor_the_rum

    CV's - I'm not giving support until I get support back!

    Stay near the BB lemming train becose: some CA is here usually They protect from pesky DD, give AA cover even for you and the fly time back and forth the battleline is usually shorter, after all you CV have some HP.
  11. Maglor_the_rum

    battleship secondaries rebalance sugggestion

    1 What are you doing near a island? a part giving a DD a friendly cover from your secondaries? and tampering with your already limited manovrability? Asking for a CV to send in his Torpedo bombers? 2 This is even for a DD with a cover a near as hell suicide run, but you deserved every torpedo. In the smoke and in the island live monsters, stay away, a DD can't come near a BB in open sea becose the secondaries can kill him easily. 3 Where was your CA or DD escort? you aren't suppose to "go in" if someone don't spot the area before, even some CV planes.
  12. Maglor_the_rum

    Fed up of battleship players who carrier hunt.

    There is a reason why usually a part of the map is a torpedo alley and the opposite has few island. As DD and CV player, i say: A battleship near a bottleneck is a dead battleship. Their guns are mean to be used at long distance, but... not to long if you have 20 km of range you have to close to 15/16km , in order to have some little more kill on those pesky CA, being out of their main guns range. usually it shall work around this: DD from 10km to 3 km over the target, manovering near islands, spotting and torpedo duty. CA form 7km to 14km where is needed, near battleship in escort duty or helping the DD pushing (depend on the CA) BB 14km to maxrange, clear from islands and tunnels, need space to manovre, best if in pack with some CA escort to protect from AA and DD. CV around the battleship to have BB and CA cover, from those pesky planes and DD. Every one has is range and BB are the mixed child of a Maus with a Grille, armored, slow and long range arty. Only when the sky is clear and the DD are dead a battleship can try is luck closing with the enemy to bear is secondary guns, and still watching out from CA carried torpedoes.
  13. Maglor_the_rum

    Yamato and other BBs armor

    0.3.1. patch incoming for arnor, but don't ask me when.
  14. Maglor_the_rum

    Has anyone considered using this in WoWS

    O.o if this is possible can be really fun! xD And yes, usually you can drive the ship and watch around targeting people with little concern about "complex controls". But can be funny "giving orders" to your ships when you play
  15. Maglor_the_rum

    Aircraft Carriers.. A change....

    I will prefer have to "set" how many craft of a single tipe have, and decide how to launch them. es: i store 12 bombers 24 fighters 12 torpedoes. i can decide with my "on flight" slots to launch 1 squadron of all types. All my torpedo and one bomber. or all the fighters. And if i have at the start launched all the fighters, and now i need a torpedo squadron, before i need to return one of the fighters squadron. This give flexibility, a preordined loadout, and the capacity to manage or strategy and counter the enemy CV strategy adding complexity and strategy to the CV carrier gameplay.