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  1. corpDemon

    The Colours of Dunkerque - MIsison bugged ?

    glad to see i am not the only one seeing this crap. how hard can it be for WG to code in a refresh subroutine, for christ's sake? to quote WoT gamedevs-5 years and 10 million dollars
  2. P for WG pucks things up as usual
  3. corpDemon

    Citadel - how to hit/pen it? (with BB's against BB's)

    just use HEs, seriously. the bloody RNG of both penetration and accuracy makes citadel penning a lottery, one that may cost you your ship. people use HEs for a reason-they ALWAYS work, they are not affected by insane RNG as APs, and by the end of the day, they do more overall damage. i only use APs when i accidentally switch to them by mistake. they are that useless
  4. corpDemon

    wtf happened to yubari?

    went out in yubari today-was humiliated 3 times: couldn't outgun isokaze (got critted in the engine and rudders by its HEs, set on fire, 30 secs later torped); was constantly spotted by fighters flying at less than 2km from me, which i couldn't shoot down no matter how hard i tried and was focused by its CV, the langley, and its pathetic planes, of which i only shot down two dive bombers; was gnawing away at enemy new york for almost a minute (only damage to him from fires) before it managed to turn its turrets on me, hit me once with HE and detonated my ammo through my aft section. bloody great ship, makes me want to strangle people and "yubari" the living crap out of them
  5. corpDemon

    HE spamfest?

    HEs basically cancel out the insane RNG involved in AP shells both hitting the area you're aiming at and not under/over penetrating it.
  6. this thread is OP, please nerf every user involved
  7. corpDemon

    Secondary guns

    don't forget, that secondaries fire in a straight line and do not take into account friendlies in between you and your target, so take care with them. also their operators are bloody quasimodos, with their arms and eyes growing out their bums, so they almost never hit anything smaller than the sea, that open fire very randomly (sometimes they'll fire from their default 5km, sometimes they will refuse to fire at anything farther than 2km) and should NEVER be relied upon (oh so you have a gun bristling BB? does that 1HP dd sail right up to you and attempts to torp you point blank? well, GG to you, cause he will not only successfully torp you, but also manage to get out absolutely unscathed).
  8. corpDemon

    The Peanut Gallery

    ah UNICA...so much butthurt in chat when they lose. only thing i care about is victory, even if it means i don't do my "average damage" quota to keep stats up (some top clan players foam at the mouth if they don't). at least with xvm i know who to support. i do not want to play with people that do not care in the slightest about victory ("i am playing just for fun, looking at minimap is no fun, aiming is no fun, trying to not be hit is no fun" people are already here), that do not want to try and win. my grind is dependent on my team mates-the better we all do, the less time i have to spend on floating turds like izumo.
  9. corpDemon

    The SIMS is awful now :(

    nope, yubari is crap now (goodbye AAs, hello endless crits). sims is just as crappy as it ever was-it had t1 guns and typical US point blank torps. smoke nerfing hurt ALL US DDs
  10. corpDemon

    German CVs

    waffentrager CV e100 line
  11. corpDemon

    The Supertest Sea Shanties

    awesome work! i can't remember the song, but it would be something like "good girl montana"
  12. corpDemon

    The Peanut Gallery

    in wot xvm allows me to see quite clearly which of my team mates actually knows what he's doing, who is most likely to shoot me in the back, whose advice i should listen to and whose i should completely ignore. you have good stats, i cannot see the date the plunge has begun, probably around the same time personal missions were introduced (we all suffered because of them). if you were to tell me to go and attack, whilst a 43% professional siemka arty-bieber told me to defend, i'd listen to you, because statistically you will bring me to victory. sure, you get arty focused (half the time by friendly ones too), weak players hate you (haters gonna hate) and smart players will try to TEAMWORK with you. to me XVM actually helps assess the battlefield and reach tactical decisions (it helps greatly, when you know which of your enemies is most likely to panic under pressure, prioritize wrong targets or predict where he'll be), though i do understand people, that think it actually brought more bad than good
  13. corpDemon

    It's time WG hears ....

    i congratulate the DEVELOPERS based in st. petersburg, not their WG overlords. the devs really made something very interesting, especially in an absolute vacuum of naval games, let alone naval mmos! servers generally do behave quite well, balance is definetly heading in the right direction, i am starting to see MM picking teams based on player skill, i applaude their implementation of CV mini strategy game style gameplay (just wish they'd make it more skill based, like it used to be)-overall i too am mostly pleased with the project
  14. corpDemon

    The Peanut Gallery

    what they need to do is introduce XVM and specific user chat ignore option. unfortunately this game does not require IQ test to participate, only a wallet, so the number of wall lickers is only going to increase
  15. corpDemon

    We Need Foghorn's!

    i want a custom "la cucaracha" horn!