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  1. Anax7

    Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    Yes indeed it took some time until I realized I fell for it!
  2. Anax7

    Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    Combat dolphins? What have they been smoking over at WG? There's another even more rare ship class you should consider, it's called a "submarine". That should be a joke or some temporary event like Halloween, I just can't take this thing seriously sorry!
  3. Anax7

    Main battery used as AA?

    That's for another forum topic.
  4. Manual targeting (CTRL+Click) can be awkward at times, especially when it comes to targeting planes which move faster and are smaller. They can also fly directly above your ship where you cannot target them simply because the camera can't point that high! In general it is a game mechanic which is of course essential, but sometimes adds a bit of frustration. It certainly gives an "invisible advantage" to the carriers over the rest of the ships simply because sometimes is really hard to select enemy aircraft e.g. in the heat of battle! (if offended take this as a joke!) Now when they introduced Manual Fire Control for AA Armament some time ago I was quite disappointed because although it's a good skill to have on some ships, sometimes it's really hard to use it and keeps making me think twice to spend the captain points there. Some people might say "If you don't have the skill then don't use it" and I partially agree, it's just that I don't believe point & clicking targets is a skill that is required on a naval game. Also usually the player is occupied with enough tasks (piloting the ship and shooting at the same time) to handle an extra one, especially if this task requires you to rotate the camera away of what you are currently looking at, thing that immediately cancels your shooting. I think it would be really nice if there was a key combination (e.g. CTRL+TAB) that would allow to cycle between the closest targets to your ship. This would let you CTRL+SELECT targets on the fly and would let this be a "decision" rather than a "complex action + decision" (if you know what I mean). I think the decision is what matters most rather than the action itself. Similar systems like this are also used in other popular games (e.g. World of Warcraft) where trying to click on moving or cluttered targets becomes a really hard task. What do you guys think about this?
  5. Anax7


    I wouldn't mind if they nerf the Surveillance Radar by a couple of kilometers.
  6. Anax7

    and the Jury is in on the Grozovoi

    Ok nice, this means that we have: ((400 - 300) / 400) * 100 = 25% decrease in firepower and ((18 - 13) / 18) * 100 = 27.7% decrease in chance to shoot down an enemy plane. Now anyone can end up with their own conclusions and in the end you won't know exactly unless you actually get to play with the ship and see how it feels. My opinion is that these are big percentage drops and gives the idea that WG didn't have the ship setup properly and wanted people to try it first until they come up with the final numbers. One of the public test videos I have seen (i think it was from Flamu also) this ship was melting down the enemy planes. Now this can be fun (!) but of course you don't want a DD to act as a well armed AA cruiser as this will spoil the game. What is actually needed for a AA specced DD is to provide enough threat to an enemy carrier so that he should think twice before he engage you or keep off and stop spotting you. I'm currently grinding the Udaloi (again lol) and will get the Grozo soon. If it does the things I mentioned above, I think I would be very happy with it!
  7. Anax7

    Main battery used as AA?

    I have specced my Benson for full AA. This means I use the 3rd Hull which adds more AA allows to use the Defensive AA Fire skill and I have also spent the captain points to the relevant skills like Manual Fire Control for AA Armament and Basic Fire Training.
  8. Anax7

    and the Jury is in on the Grozovoi

    Ok now the AA dps is 1069, how much was it before the nerf?
  9. Anax7

    and the Jury is in on the Grozovoi

    Can anyone talk numbers? How much did they nerf the AA? %?
  10. Anax7

    Main battery used as AA?

    It would be so much fun!!
  11. Anax7

    Main battery used as AA?

    Nice, thanks for the explanations guys, it's clear now. I'm glad I didn't waste 4 captain points on Manual Fire Control for AA Armament on my Benson captain since the main battery is the only one that gets this bonus.
  12. Anax7

    Main battery used as AA?

    Hi all, in a few of my ships the main battery is also counted as AA. How does this work? The main guns seem to always look towards the target reticle. I know that the AA fire does not have real ballistics in game, does this mean that the main battery is added to the firepower of the AA increasing the damage on a chance on hit? If so, does this happen only when the main battery is not firing?
  13. Anax7

    Same Ship..Different Day

    That trade mark...!!!
  14. Anax7

    Russian DD changes

    Kiev feels more T9 than the Tashkent provided that they will upgrade Kiev's torps for T9 standards. They'll have to upgrade the Tashkent significantly to be worthy of that tier. I say that because I believe all ships T9-T10 are good. You can't have a player gather all that xp in a crappy ship.
  15. Anax7

    Arson achievement with a Leander?

    That answers everything, much appreciated gentlemen.