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  1. My English is not good For 20.3TEAM thing, although I do not know the ins and outs reason, the whole thing, but thank you very much these days, you SKIN & MOD related to the creation, I really, really like your work STYTLE. Very much we hope that in the future, can continue to see your work. Thank you, thank you very much. Heartfelt gratitude. BY your fans

    1. Xandier59


      No worry, I also not a English native people, but I cannot read Japanese, lolz. Anyway, thank for the support. Glad to hear that from you. I will try work better in the future. feel free to visit my new website : https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/

    2. Alan_Lan


      Thank you for your answer, so I worry a lot, please believe there have been some people (your fans), silently support you. The new page I have to read, very attractive. Thank you pay for WOWS of. Thanks again. Ah ... I'm actually not Japanese friends !! I am Taiwanese XD (not Chinese Oh!)

  2. 我的英文不好 對於20.3TEAM的事情,雖然我不太了解原因,整件事情的來龍去脈,但是非常感謝這些日子中,你對於SKIN & MOD相關的創作,我真的非常非常喜歡你的作品STYTLE。非常希望在未來,能持續見到你的作品。謝謝你,非常謝謝。由衷的感激。BY 你的粉絲