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  1. Crappy flags that I'll never use as per norm.
  2. Ragoutrabbit

    how to farragut

    Well just got this though the santa missions and got to say it is complete and utter garbage. For a gunboat the guns are trash they feel like T3-4 cruiser guns that shoot to the moon and land either side of the target and if by some sort of miracle shells actually hits they do next to no damage, I feel out gunned by Japanses DD thats how bad they are.
  3. Ragoutrabbit

    Maybe put a limit on amount on BBs in a match WG?

    Your a prime example you do sub par with most of your ships yet just happen to do amost double the damage with CV... CV are retarded in that they have highest damage output counter just about everything that isn't a cruiser with it's defensive fire ready and all coming with the least risks.
  4. Ragoutrabbit

    Maybe put a limit on amount on BBs in a match WG?

    Yup they where and still are cancer, if CV hadn't been nerfed this game would have been dead long ago thats how retardedly OP they where.
  5. Ragoutrabbit

    how it feels to play the ROYAL NAVY LINE

    I think they're pretty crappy, they're good until you meet somebody with a functional brain cell soon as you meet somebody who angles they migrate 90% of your damage.
  6. Ragoutrabbit

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    missed it by 4-5 russians kills...
  7. Ragoutrabbit

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    To late for me now I am back to work on Tuesday I won't have the time to do the missions..
  8. Ragoutrabbit

    Christmas convoy misson is here

    To late for me simply don't have the time to complete it now.
  9. Well WG you've lost another paying customer, I am sick with it so you can f uck off with your double standards.
  10. Ragoutrabbit

    30.000 players On-Line - is this new record?

    No where near.
  11. Ragoutrabbit

    RN Cruisers...

    Saved up 100k free xp for this line and after testing the frist few ships theres no way in hell I am wasting it on them.
  12. Ragoutrabbit

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Funny enough the pay to win ships are the only cruisers that do anything in ranked, all the others are sub 50% ratio.
  13. Ragoutrabbit

    What ships to use for ranked from random Noob

    If you want to get to higher ranks use BB or DD preferably the Bismarck or Benson, Cruisers avoid unless you own some of the pay to win ship as they tend to perform badly.
  14. Ragoutrabbit

    Declaration of War against Battleships

    Great just what the game needs more high teir DD.
  15. Ragoutrabbit

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    Resorting to insults pathetic. British tanks apart from a select few are amongst the worst performing tank in the game that is fact, so live with it.