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  1. Ragoutrabbit

    Tier X cruisers ladies and gentlemen

    Puerto Rico was the planned 5th ship of the Alaska class, two of which where built and saw service in WW2.
  2. Ragoutrabbit

    İzumo freeexp or not

    LOL best armor I've played every T9 BB other than the Russian and I will say the Izumo has by far the worst armor out of all of them, doesn't matter what angle you are in you takes huge damage if you dare show any side to another BB in this thing you will take 30-40k damage even bow tanking it takes 6-10k hits regularly.
  3. Ragoutrabbit

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Yamato is far better than this crap, far better armor, guns that hit hard and a third turret thats actually usable without showing full broadside. And it wasn't speed that bothered me it's the awful armor and shotgun like guns.
  4. Ragoutrabbit

    İzumo freeexp or not

    Well I just Free XP though this turd worst ship I have played bar none, awful to play and all round under performer. BTW have they changed how pens work seem to get a alwful lot of 1200 odd damage full pens on this ship normally I'd expect around 4k damage on a full pen
  5. Ragoutrabbit

    CV vs DD

    AA does jack those days unless you have 2-3 AA bubbles from ships with decent AA overlapping other wise the CV can hit you with ease.
  6. Ragoutrabbit

    Sink a BB with2 torps

    Taiho loss was down to poor damage control rather than the Torpedo inself which damage was fairly minor.
  7. Ragoutrabbit

    Which Coal Ship to Get?

    What ever you do don't get the Yoshino it's trash, my biggest regret is wasting coal on it.
  8. Ragoutrabbit

    Ranked Season 17

    Got to rank 14 can't be arse with the Pay to win nature of the mode anymore.
  9. Ragoutrabbit

    Richelieu - I just can't...

    Probably one of the worst ships I've played, guns and armor are trash and it melts under fire from just about everything.
  10. Ragoutrabbit

    Ranked Season 17

    So basically it's a pay to win mode with only 1 out of the top 25 ships been tech tree, games turning into WOT all over again absolutely pathetic.
  11. Ragoutrabbit

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    All I can say about the Azur lane shop is what a rip off, I would have bought the Nelson skin and commader if they had been available in a pack on their own but nope you have to spend over a £100 on 2 bundles full off things I'd probably never use. So as much as I love Azur lane all I can say is [edited]off rather spend the money on Az gems.
  12. Ragoutrabbit

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    So you want to make the game even more pathetically campy and passive than it already is, thanks but no thanks.
  13. Ragoutrabbit

    State of BBs

    Of course I know where to aim, what do yot take me for.
  14. Ragoutrabbit

    State of BBs

    Screw playing BB . Today. Edinburgh broadside at 7KM=5 overpen 1 no damage pen Seattle 8km broadside=5 overpens Tallinn 11km=4 overpens and one pen You just can't punish CA anymore.
  15. Played the mode twice once as a sub and one surface, all I can say is never again boring to play and boring to play against.