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  1. Kalith

    [website] Wows tactic planner (wowstactic.tk)

    Updated maps to 6.0.
  2. Kalith

    [website] Wows tactic planner (wowstactic.tk)

    Now that I got your attention. I'm also looking for someone to help improve update the wows map images. The in there are basically pulled from the game files, but some are not as detailed as I would like. If you can help to create/find more detailed maps or want to help add maps with the cap locations in place, please contact me. Also feel free to repost on the na/ru/asia forums. I'd do it myself but I need a minimum number of battles.
  3. I present http://wowstactic.tk, a tool to plan world of warships battles. It's basically an interactive map tool, 1) create a new room, 2) select the map. 3) Share the link with the rest of your team. And you can then plan your battle together. It's pretty popular as a tool for world of tanks cw's and team battles, I think it can be useful for wows as well, give it a try.
  4. I've created a team collaboration tool/tactic planner for world of warships at http://www.wowstactic.tk. For those interested in world of tanks, there is also http://www.wottactic.tk. The source code is also freely available at https://github.com/karellodewijk/wottactics. Because there is no real team collaboration game mode, it's use in wows is limited atm. But I've decided to put it out there for some feedback. So let me know what you think.
  5. Kalith

    technical question ->GPU

    Well it's a pretty powerful card, maybe it just doesn't need the full power. Like people said, ramp up the graphic settings, disable vsync and maybe have something to overlay your fps and give us a screenshot of that along with your gpu load.
  6. Kalith

    Dive Bombers... how they work?

    Well db's just don't do a lot of damage, but they always seem to start a fire, so: Use them on a ship before you launch a torpedo attack, to waste his repair so your torps can keep flooding him Use them after a successful torpedo launch, he will have used his repair and the fire will do damage Use them to decap Use them to distract AA That being said if you can bring a tb instead, do it.
  7. Kalith

    CV Fighter Build lacking experiance

    WG has made it clear that it should be a game foremost and a simulator second. So balancing game-play takes precedence over realism. Read my responses in that light. There is a flight model. You need to be a certain distance away from a your intended target destination to line up your formation. And airplanes do have a turning circle, although it's pretty small. Sure you can build upon that with things like altitude, formations, speed, might be worth experimenting with. Well you do know there is already manual targeting ? Sure you could make it zoned. But with ships and planes constantly shifting position and orientation you'd be switching zones constantly. Tbh all you really want is what we already have, a "shoot these planes first" button. Torpedo damage looks ok to me, it certainly hurts but it's not totally crippling. but again if the data suggest otherwise it can be tweaked. Remember gameplay > realism. I agree that db's are easily the weakest part of carrier game-play and are really never a better option than an extra fighter or torpedo bomber group. But plainly upping damage and accuracy is not a good idea. It will just be frustrating for ships to get hit hard by something that requires no skill to execute and can't be avoided on their end. If you want to increase their damage you need mechanics to deal with them as well. They could be made more interesting. Maybe make the angle at which they attack other aircraft matter. Or have a targeted ability with an animation of the planes dispersing and approaching an are from multiple directions and be more effective that way. Well I would like it if I could select the vector they leave the carrier. Or just make them take off in the direction the carrier is facing. That looping back they do is really frustrating. They also seem to completely ignore the initial momentum of the carrier, which just looks weird and is a missed opportunity to allow players to give themselves a slight edge. I agree. Offering a few preset load-outs is pretty weak. Just let the player decide which planes to bring and how many of each. I would even postpone this choice to the beginning of the battle. Let the player launch x groups of planes, but then don't allow him to switch it around. For one you would never have useless planes (like fighters in a match with no enemy carrier). And it would create an interesting meta game. You'll be asking yourself questions like: What makes sense in this line-up ? What will the other carrier pick ? Do I delay launching one or more of my groups until I spot the enemy planes so I can counter his pick ? What did my allied carrier launch, how can I supplement that ?. But like I said earlier, I enjoy playing carriers as they are now just fine. Carriers as a whole are fairly balanced, their mechanics work and they're pretty fun to play. Other ships are not helpless when targeted by them and with the right setup you can always find ways to contribute. I'm not opposed to change and I would like to see WG experiment a little. But CV's are not broken.
  8. Kalith

    CV Fighter Build lacking experiance

    Nothing particularly wrong with the carrier balancing imo, they feel useful without being too op. People should not attack higher tier fighters on equal ground and expect to win, you need to play smart. Dive bombers can do damage if a ship has used it's repair, they're useful to get resets and they're useful distracting AA and fighters. You really don't want them to do too much damage cause it would just be too easy. Torpedo bombers are a hell of a lot of fun to use. High skill, high reward, i like that. And ship captains can't complain either, there are ways to prevent/avoid/minimize damage done by torpedo bombers. Anyway, trust me, wg is keeping track of every little carrier stat. They can perfectly measure if carriers are balanced or not and will adjust them accordingly. What they want to know from you is if they're fun to play or play against, and I think they are.
  9. Kalith

    CV Fighter Build lacking experiance

    I really disagree, fighter builds are total bs, so you shouldn't be rewarded for playing them. Now why are fighter builds total bs ? First of all dive bombers are totally useless, even more so if you can't combo them with torpedo bombers. They do almost no damage on their own and an enemy can just extinguish the fires if you can not do a torp/enemy repairs/bomb or bomb/enemy extinguishes/torp combo. So you are unable to deal with enemy ships. What you can do is hinder an enemy carrier. But some of his are are bound to slip through the cracks. So at the end of the day, you're adding a totally useless ship to your own team to make an enemy carrier less effective. This can never be a good trade. You could argue that you can hinder multiple carriers. But in those circumstances you don't really have the air dominance any more and more will slip through the cracks. Honestly if you manage to make 1 carrier ineffective, you're doing very well. The picture gets even worse when the enemy carriers are higher or lower tiers. When the enemy has a higher tier carrier, 1 of their fighter groups can keep your 2/3 at least busy enough not to be of any concern and sometimes downright finish them. When the enemy carrier is a lower tier you just don't need that many fighters. And finally you're robbing yourself of all the useful synergies the different plane types have. You can't sacrifice a fighter group to AA to get that perfect torpedo run off. You can't do the torp/bomb combos from above. You'll have a far harder time doing torpedo bomber escorts as you have to communicate with another player. Don't get me wrong, I do go for the torpedo bomber + fighter setups, that's totally valid. But always bring torpedo bombers, and use manual aim. It is the only way to be effective in a carrier. And trust me, carriers can be very effective.
  10. Kalith

    Torpedo bombers and the map edge

    Hmm, my experience is quite difference. When I drop my torpedoes into the water too close to shore, they still get instantly destroyed. I just assumed it was because the water was too shallow there.
  11. Well he's right, you can turn into torpedoes or turn away from them to avoid them. You waited too long, you should have seen the planes coming. When you're in a slow battleship and the torpedoes are already in the water, ofc you're not going to avoid them. There is a definite pattern to torpedo bombers. They will fly around at some distance trying to get to your side They will turn in towards you going in for an attack run They will jerk around suddenly, this means they've dropped their torpedoes You will spot the torpedoes in the water When you wait until step 4 to react, you don't have time to respond. If you spotted the attack at step 1 you have a good chance to avoid damage.
  12. Kalith

    Torpedo bombers and the map edge

    I noticed that if you want to do a manual torpedo drop on a ship hugging the edge of the map that you can not actually drop them as close as you could when it was sailing in the open (see screenshot for the closest you can get). This makes the map edge (which should be open water) very useful to avoid torpedo bombers. You can only be attacked by them from one direction the map edge is also useful to radically change speed by sailing into it + braking This aiming issue means you can only drop your torpedoes from very far away, making them easy to avoid. I think a solution is allowing airplanes to operate a tiny bit beyond the map edge. Also notice on the screenshot, the battle timer in the upper right corner. In regular view it's black letters against a light background and it's fine, but in carrier view it's just too damn hard to read.