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    Suche WoWs Clan

    Push ;)
  2. Beer_Bear

    Suche WoWs Clan

    Moin, ich bin auf der suche nach einem WoWs-Clan, wo täglich genug Leute zusammen kommen um in Divisionen zu fahren. Ich suche Leute, die in etwa so gut sind wie ich oder besser. Woran mache ich gute Spieler aus? Durchschnittlicher schaden je nach Schiffsklasse sollte in etwa dem meinen Entsprechen oder besser sein. Desweiteren keine Kinder-Clans, also AK20 aufwärts. TS-pflicht währe von Vorteil. Das ist mein Profil: http://worldofwarships.eu/de/community/accounts/505922932-Beer_Bear/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp Kurz zu mir: 27yo, Spiele WoT, WoWs und paar andere Spiele. Habe TS, funktionierendes Headset etc, Bin öfters abends anwesend, wenn auch nicht täglich wegen einer Trainertätigkeit so doch öfter anwesend als abwesend. Gruß Beer_Bear
  3. Beer_Bear

    Extreme Rückschritte auf jedem neuen Tier

    Kongo(5) ausgebaut 8 Kanonen, Fuso(6) Stock 12 Kanonen. Irgendwo muss stock auch stock bleiben. New Mexico(6) hat stock auch nur 13,6 km und ist langsamer. Man sollte vlt die Max Range von Kongo(5) und Myogi(4) etwas den anderen Schiffen anpassen. Immerhin hat die Myogi(4) schon ausgebaut mehr Reichweite als eine ausgebaute New Mexico(6). Davon abgesehen scheint so als wenn du vom Gameplay her da naknüpfst wo du mit der Kongo ausgebaut aufgehört hats. Kongo 0,91 Kill/Game Fuso stock 0,86Kill/Game. Kann ja dann nicht so abgrundtief schlecht sein der Kahn.
  4. Beer_Bear

    Pls fix the actuall damagesystem of rudder and engine

    normally the enemy CV. Maybe some lucky DD who sneak trough the enemy line unspotted. But that is actually almost impossible cos DDs get spotted too early by CVs and their planes. I think DDs should be the predator for the BBs and CV. To be a predator for a CV a spotrange of DDs by planes arround 1,5 km would be fair. I will not know what happens, if many CV players gets warm with their gameplay and torp manually like papedipupi. No DD will even be able to torp a cv without risk.( in x trown manual torps are sure deadly. 0 chance of an escape)
  5. Beer_Bear

    Pls fix the actuall damagesystem of rudder and engine

    That is respecteds by WG called overpenetration or something like that. The thing is, DDs need to have a thing to escape a CA. If there is an enemy CV with fightersetup, he will surely keep you with his fighters spoted in your dd never mind what range the enemy ship is. There are some CAs who are faster than DDs and that fact makes it impossible to escape. You have to take smoke and do Harakiri attack out of your smoke which is dangerous as hell cos some CAs does even have Torps on their own and bomb you away if you come too close. So killing is normaly no option. To avoid such hunts are 3 parameters who can be changed. - Spotrange of planes to DDs or Spotdistance of DDs by planes (if AA is off). - DDs max speed. or -CAs max speed With one of that parameters changed a DD can escape his spot with a bit luck and have a chance to attack again out of dark. If a DD keeps that fragile like it is atm, a DD must attack out of darkness. But that is on some DDs impossible. Sims: gets Spoted by ships at 7,6 km but its torpedos range is just 5,5 km so a Sims is always spoted while dropping torpedos (if there is no island with a 2nd ship who spot the enemy arround the island). The same problem that Sims has are on ALL small american dds from the Wickes up to the Mahan. The only chance to drop torps unspotted is if an enemyship follows your trail. But to torp in that situation a DD must be faster again if he dont wanna get spotted while dropping.
  6. Hey guys, I dont know how you tink about it. But I feel like that the damagesystem of the rudder and engine especially on DDs is way too weak. If I get 1 or 2 criticals out of 20 hits it is ok I think for a DD and 1 or 2 criticals out of 30 hits with a CA, but actually it is very often, that I get 4-5 criticals with just 6-10 rounds hitting my DD. This is too much. If I do sneak arround an island to drop my torps and get 1 Torpedotube and 2 guns destroyed by just 2 shells, repair and the next 6 shells 3 sec later destroy my engine and my rudder ... I am loosing fun. Same hits on BBs. 1 Shell hits my bridge from front, destroying my rudder in the rear? I mean okay the seeringwheel is on the bridge, but I also know that each ship have emergency valves on the ruddermashine, where a human can controll the rudder with handpower. I know that, cos I am shipmechanic.(Or does the AP shell play pingpong inside my hull?) My wish to ballance the whole system a bit: - give BBs a little more accuracy again. They reload 30 sec and it is frustrating, if just 2 shells do 810 dmg out of 8, who miss at low range. - give DDs a little better rudder and engine survivability. The rudder and engine goes too fast down. - increase the time of smokewalls. The time, a DD needs to repair some criticals would be good. About 1:20 maybe. Cooldown of 2:30 would be ok than. - reduce the firedamage for about 50%. The dmg on direkt hit is ok, but the Firedamage after the hit is hilarious high. - increas the accuracy of CV Bombers for maybe 10-15% What do you guys think about that kind of balance. Leave me some comments. Would be also nice if some WG-Stuff could comment that. regards Beer_Bear (sry for my creapy english ... I am not an english men)
  7. Beer_Bear

    American Battleships In Action

    I wish the soundquality would be original or if there is no sound just play no sound but always same sound causes ear cancer
  8. Beer_Bear

    Submarines at our enemy

    Hehe funny answer of the loader ... He said translated: Commander, the egg is in the pipe.
  9. Beer_Bear

    What is your favourite warship you want in the game???

    The Bismark and the Scharnhorst with the 150k HP engine :playing:
  10. Beer_Bear

    Want to say Hellooooo =)

    :teethhappy: I if I ask: How can I play that game??? :trollface: Just joking. bzw the Smileys are pritty cool =)
  11. Beer_Bear

    Want to say Hellooooo =)

    Hey sailors, I m Maximum, 24 yo, living in north germany. I already play WoT since a few month. I like that game. I play online games all kind just not roll games since about 15 years? Cant really remember... I saw an article of this WoWS and tought wow cool, try it out. Why? Because I am normaly more interessted in ships than in tanks. I sailed on a Containervessel for 3 years being a shipmechanik. I study shipengineering and I love the sea ;). I dont find a Alpha or Beta for download so I could not help WG improving that game but I like to. I visited long time ago in Bremerhaven a submarine from 2nd WW. Its the last and only existing Submarine of the Type XXI from the germans from 43/44. Its still laying there and not far 4 me to go there. 1h drive maybe. I am absolutly not an expert in history but I hope to be a good test-captain. I played 8 years Mohaa SH (03-11) online in a clan and got really sick of all that bug and glitches in that game. Than I played for 2 years all I could from BF2, MW, MW2, MW3 till I got sick of ego shooters and start with WoT and be happy with it. Hm dont know what I should write here else. So ask and I answer =) or just let me be welcome =) brgds Maximum