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  1. fallenkezef

    Explain to me

    You are his reward for the dozen games the T8 CV has had to suffer in T10 games, watching his planes melt and being unable to a damn thing but spot for a bit.
  2. fallenkezef

    What do I do with crowns?

    So you can spend florins on shinies in arsenal, that's all good. What can be done with crowns you do not need for the cvs?
  3. fallenkezef

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Damn, your right, I yield to your point.
  4. fallenkezef

    AI difficulty

    Not all ops are created equal
  5. fallenkezef

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Point of order! Black Swan is a sub hunting corvette not a cruiser. Black Swan, Belfast and Mino are the only ones of that class I really play to be honest but I do like them.
  6. fallenkezef

    AI difficulty

    I do prefer co-op to the camp fests in randoms.
  7. fallenkezef

    AI difficulty

    I have literaly won co-op without doing a thing when I've needed ribbons or when I'm bored and want cqb kills. I point at the blob and go make a cup of tea. I use repair from time to time if need be.
  8. fallenkezef

    Completing older event collections

    yeah same for my collections, 4 lots of 5 boxes for both.
  9. fallenkezef

    AI difficulty

    Stop sailing in straight line?
  10. fallenkezef

    Completing older event collections

    Yeah I finished the froggy and arctic collections through the arsenal. Waiting for the 3 years of wows collection thingy
  11. fallenkezef

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    after you get 5 stars I find the ops lose replayability
  12. fallenkezef

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    I get what you mean. Still a looong way to go but it all feels so bloody rushed
  13. fallenkezef

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    This is the biggest issue with the rework. The only reliable CVs are T10 as you have to be top tier to be able to do anything. T8 suffers horribly as you are always in T10 games. A T8 DD, cruiser or BB can still do damage, even if it's spamming HE but the T8 planes just melt. I scored 58 kills with my mino against a Lex and a Hak last night without even trying.
  14. fallenkezef

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    With the exception of BBabies is there anyone who likes this rework?
  15. fallenkezef

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    Considering the T4's to T8's seem to be sold for lootboxes/gold the grind is pretty pointless. Take the DDs, I had the T5 to T8 before the libe was fully released through the event boxes so getting the Daring was simple. I never understood this myth that you have to be good to have a T10. Many of the unicums statpad with the T6 and T7 prems anyway.