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  1. I find the focus on WW2 and post war ships a little depresing. WW1 had such variety
  2. Prince of Wales will be premium at best, WG wont have two KGV's as silver. I'd happily grind silver Brit BC's and buy prem ones. We do need Brit and German Battlecruisers. I'd love Dido and Norfolk as prems. Dido would be a baby Minotaur
  3. fallenkezef

    2nd flag on german ships

    Aye, hence my suggestion for a collection based around the commerce raiders.
  4. When will British BBs get the torps they historicly had?
  5. fallenkezef

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    These days I rarely play Cambeltown, Belfast or Hood. Mostly I enjoy Nelson to be honest
  6. fallenkezef

    2nd flag on german ships

    Norway collection would be a great idea come to think of it. On subject of commerce raiders, German Penguin Q ship for premium?
  7. fallenkezef

    2nd flag on german ships

    I think a commerce raiding collection could be a good excuse for the second flags on German ships.
  8. And Italy will.. eventualy. We Brit fans had to watch German, French and Russian lines be added before we got our full lines.
  9. fallenkezef

    2nd flag on german ships

    Well what victorious German naval campaign can we run? WW2 was mostly the German ships being hunted down and sunk by the RN to be honest Trolling aside, I reckon Germans should be the next 2 flag collection but most likely it'll be Russian.
  10. fallenkezef

    More dd's really??

    A DD line without smoke? More dd players whining about op cvs to come it seems.
  11. It was the same for the Brits, we had to wait and watch line after line until the 2nd most significant navy of WW2 turned up.
  12. fallenkezef

    Buying Commemorative flags

    I fly the same flags on every ship. My Brits (I get two due to the collection) Pirate flag and Hood special, non-brits get the Hood flag.
  13. fallenkezef

    What's your captain strategy?

    As a rule it's better to use silver captains in prems but some need their own skipper. Belfast for example, the captain needs a setup useless in the silver line.
  14. fallenkezef

    What's your captain strategy?

    I have 4 19pt captains in my Conq, Mino, Daring and Belfast. My conq skipper I use in my Nelson, Hood and Warspite as the tank build works in them all. Daring skipper does duty in my Cambeltown, Gallant and Cossack. My "keepers" all got a 10pt (I used captain elite exp) and those captains will stay. Grinding froggy bb line with the collection 10pt and will transfer him till he gets to the T10. Any "keepers" will get thier own 10pt
  15. fallenkezef

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    I tend to do that anyway, only use dcp if I'm being focussed and getting away to heal