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  1. If you compare WoWS to WoT at the SAME developmental stage, you'll find the numbers more equal
  2. Not the normal Bbs, just the Hood for that
  3. So is the problem these "serious" players wanting the game to be something it isn't?
  4. really? The leaks show the T9 and 10 have good agility and good aa
  5. my bad, late and I need tea.
  6. so only 5k more Bbs than Cas. So Bbs and Cas have a rough parity
  7. Decks are okish, AA is very good from the leaked data
  8. It's a pandora's box of a problem.
  9. I do like to feel appreciated
  10. Has to be fake, after all we are told that this game is just all BBs
  11. Can't blame WG for being a business. There are so many failed games that where not business savvy
  12. So how do we effect the perception of the other classes?
  13. You and me both buddy, we are all passionate about this game. Not a bad thing.
  14. I'll still be using my Belfast to burn 'em
  15. It was actualy a real pleasure to have such a debate. I look forward to repeating this trend in future with you.