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  1. fallenkezef

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    Considering how widespread BC's where, the Germans and Japanese followed Britain in embracing the concept, thet should be included. balancing is the [edited] however.
  2. fallenkezef

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    I'd suggest Repulse/Renown, Tiger and maybe Indy as one off Prems for exp/coal
  3. I tend to be too busy aiming to lool at the enemy flag and too busy focused on the enemy to see ehat flags my team mates are flying. Not sure why anybody would be bothered with the other guys looking at thier flag or why anyone would really care. The Bismark I'm burning down to the waterline could fly a pair of red, lacey panties and I'd neither notice nor care
  4. Aye, pretty much the point I was making. It's same with the French flag, instituted in the 1790's representing French imperialist aggression under Napoleon. It's daft to argue over flags. Especialy since the WW1 German flag is less offensivd than the nazi flag currently in use. But we won, germany lost at the end of the day.
  5. Am I the only one who's laughing his arse off that nobody cares that the Royal Navy Ensign is in game despite the fact it represents over 300 years of supporting (at various times) slavery, imperialism, the drug's trade and the wholesale slaughter of native populations. Yet folks are bitching about the nazi's (survived a pathetic 12 years) and the commies (just 68 years). Pax Britannia!
  6. The guys who won get the flag The guys who lost don't. It's that simple
  7. fallenkezef

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Thats a very good point
  8. fallenkezef

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I think the xmas stuff is pretty good tbh. Sure it's a lottery but it's a pretty good one. Nee to sell that crappy Prinz Eugen now
  9. fallenkezef

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I got a Prinz Eugen I am sad panda
  10. fallenkezef

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

  11. fallenkezef


    Aye, Britain relied on the light cruisers due to cost and naval treaties. My only concern would be WGs habit of gimicks
  12. fallenkezef


    Considering a County class was present for almost all our significant naval actions of WW2 it makes sense to have HMS Norfolk or HMS Dorsetshire as a premium.
  13. fallenkezef

    How stupid do you think we are ?

    Yup, we sell a 6 pack of a popular beverage, 6 cans for £3.99 (they are £1 each) yet you can buy 2 individual cans on a buy one get one free offer. Not sure who is more stupid sometimes the chavs and pikeys I serve or the managers I work for.
  14. fallenkezef


    In all fairness the British are not hard done by. We have 3 Destroyers and 6 Battleships as premiums. That being said I'd happily pay for a HMS Norfolk