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  1. burib

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Bigest cancer this season is the same as last seasons: Save a star. This has to go, its incredibly bad mechanic. Regarding the mode itself, it would be okay, if the maps were balanced. As it stands at the moment, on some maps one team has clear advantage (island in the boost area).
  2. burib

    Missions kill team play

    Maybe just make them Win only: get ie. X wins, gather Y xp and so on. Or remove them completely
  3. burib

    Missouri Camo

    Thats kind of right and kind of wrong My build has 27,1km range with great dispersion. Shells are still kinda slow, so dont expect to hit much above 20km if they manouver at all. The Mighty Mo is a party ship. She is good at pushing bow in and at shorter ranges the shells just hit. However, you need some support ships to get rid of those pesky cruisers. She too slow rate of fire to get out of 2v1 engagements against cruisers, they will just burn you to death. I usually play her quite aggresive, i use islands to cover one of my flanks and push into cap if possible. It sometimes works, sometimes doesnt, it depends how much campy your team is
  4. burib

    fiji and going forward

    Fiji is a monster, Edi is adequately better (but not as op tier for tier). Then you get Neptune. It will be pain at first, because you cannot get away with what you could in Fiji. However, you get very good rate of fire in exchange. Finaly, the Minotaur. With proper skills, you can get reload time down to 2.8 seconds. That's 214 shells a minute. Minotaur has one of the highest DPM in the game, you just have to be in the right position to exploit it.
  5. burib

    Missouri Camo

    In my screenshot you could see that it would still make 600k on that game even without any boosters (flags/premium). I think it makes point for itself. LWM (i think) did the math and Mighty Mo earns ~50% more credits than tier VIII premiums
  6. burib

    Missouri Camo

    Decent game: https://imgur.com/a/jzz3f At normal games (around 50 - 60k dmg) i usually make ~500k net profit
  7. Will there be a possibility to draw on map in the future? Thats what i would love to see as big improvement
  8. burib

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    2.8K base xp https://imgur.com/a/eDnUI
  9. Don't worry about it too much, there is asston of ships ingame atm
  10. burib

    T8 Cleveland - what changes would you like to see?

    I would argue that reload speed is tradeoff for cleavland not having any other gimmicks - no torps, no radar, possibly hydro. It should be only fair that it excels in dpm
  11. If WoT is anything to go by, I'm not huge fan of new currency, especially since you can mount those modules on any ship (ie. tier I), hello there, sealclubbers. I dont think its neither needed nor improving the game. But WG will not release flags for credits since we have tier IX premiums now and credits are reasonably easy to obtain
  12. burib

    Whining about CVs :)

    Well, technically british did use SAPI-HE ammunition, but its only modeled ingame with shorter fuse... could you imagine AP shells starting fires?
  13. burib

    Whining about CVs :)

    I think that one possible overhaul (and not that complicated) would be manual AA control by default. You have to be aware that you are being striked. It could be higher dps, but it would not activate automatically. This is also not exclusive against other overhauls, but it would add more to the feeling that you are actually doing something to the CV
  14. burib

    Whining about CVs :)

    And competent CV player will not fly into blob of ships. It then transforms into position game where on side is controlled by one player whereas the other side is group of more or less (depending on game mode) coordinated players. Its like the CV player plays whole zerg race and the oposition play each individual zealot. Success depends on communcation, which is problematic at least unless you play clan wars, and success is unlikely. This is why it is such pain to deal with CVs: other classes are balanced against each other while CV are balanced against team as a whole
  15. burib

    Whining about CVs :)

    Not at all, you are proving my point - CVs are playing against globes of aa where only play is how geared you are and how many you can stack together. For the former it is given by what ship you are playing at the moment and has nothing to do with skill, for the latter it depends on your team. You can be lucky and have someone speced for aa or you may draw a short straw. But still only way to hurt CV (ie. destroy his planes) is for you to wait to be atacked. You have no proactive means of attacking CV other than blindfire on the other side of map and hope for lucky detonation. Hint, it doesnt happen very often.