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  1. R8dr


    They pride themselves as a PVP MMO, so that's why. I don't play random (have less than 50 battles) just coop and scenario (Over 7K), it's not about a win or the stats for me, it's about not getting annoyed by players. I have some 10's (around 4-5, including both top CV's) so I have patience to get them all, once I get there, I'll play only training room. #saynotohumans Increase of XP earned would only get me there faster but it makes no difference to me.
  2. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    Raise the amount of XP earned in coop. There are many ppl playing it and prefer it over random. As it stands, it's like 4:1 amount earned in favor of random. I don't play random (less than 50), and it will make no big difference to me I will reach all my 10's regardless, but it seems unfair to others. It's a legitimate mode that ppl play.
  3. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    Remove karma... Oh and you didn't fix the marking system in the Killer Whale operation, it still marks onshore installation instead enemy ship.
  4. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    Every time my karma goes down I will post here remove karma, until you do.
  5. R8dr

    Serbian Warriors (SRW)

    3 places left in clan...join now or face the Kraken :)
  6. R8dr

    Serbian Warriors (SRW)

    Serbian Warriors clan invites all interested players to join us. You can contact us in the game via private messages,or using our TS3. The conditions for entry into the clan: 1. Active player. WR 50%+ 2. TeamSpeak3 is necessary 3. Ship tier 10 TS3 Address: Welcome... Klan ,,Serbian Warriors'' poziva sve zainteresovane igrace koji ispunjavaju nase uslove i koji zele da uzmu aktivnog ucesca u klanskim bitkama da nam se prikljuce... Mozete nas kontaktirati u igri putem privatnih poruka,ili na nasem TimSpiku... Uslovi za ulazak u klan: 1.Da je igrac aktivan WR50%+ / neaktivni STOP! 2.Da ima instaliran TS3 i da ga koristi / Obavezno 3.Da ima bar jedan brod tier 10 sa svim potrebnim modulima i kapetanom TS3 Adresa: Dobro dosli...
  7. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    How about every time your ship is destroyed you have to buy a new one, no repair...oh and the captain dies too, so you have to grind a new one. Just kidding...remove karma.
  8. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    Karma remover needed
  9. R8dr

    The Pumpkin harvest has gone rotten this year.

    So far not a single permanent camo for me in these containers and I've been getting pumpkins regularly, missions etc... Most of my clan members have from 1-3, somehow I'm getting screwed up by wg.
  10. R8dr


    He says if the cv's turn out like in the preview it will suck to play them and play against them, but if wg wants to implement something they will do it regardless of comments....the rest I cannot decode for you, sorry, he's one of our guys but even my magic has it's limits :D
  11. R8dr

    Constant crashes ever since 7.10 .....

    Check the ping...no mods, clean install, good internet connection, every other game runs fine but this. And then after this mach I get a survey how did I like it. Well, take one big ******* guess how. And WG don't even think about asking me again to run diagnostics, check on your side.
  12. R8dr

    Suggestions thread

    Would be nice to see who reported you, so you can talk to him directly after the match, that way the innocent won't have to suffer when you report back by guessing.