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  1. Zedrick

    Is anyone else playing less?

    I'm playing more, now that I know my progress won't be wiped. Also, I now know what to avoid (bad with battleships, so this some around I almost ignore them) which = less frustration and more fun. The only thing that has become less good are newcomers who can't play the game and rages about jews, hackers and OP whatever as soon as they get sunk.
  2. Zedrick

    The General Community

    Yes. In the last dozen games or so I've been called "jew" by some guy who I sunk with torpedoes, and "botting aimcheater" (or something like that) by another one who got sunk in his straight-in-a-line destroyer by my Phoenix. Another one refused to play (for reasons I couldn't quite decipher), parked his carrier at the edge of the map and spent the rest of the game insulting everybody (both teams). I hope WG does something about it, unlike WoT. If not, at least give make it possible to turn off the chat.
  3. Zedrick

    Why was HMS Hood sent to engage Bismark?

    Interesting fact. Did you know that Germany allowed the Bismark to get sunk in order to gain a propaganda advantage? Oh, they also lost the war on purpose in a failed attempt win the heart of the general public.
  4. Wat. I think they forgot to mention this in the manual... Thanks, I owe you a beer. This is like discovering snipermode in WoT.
  5. Zedrick


    Correction: 2nd best. Nothing beats Red Storm Rising, and that's a fact. "Best Submarine simulator ever? Why, Red Storm Rising on the C64, of course!" - Winston Churchill "Doesn't matter if it's on Amiga, C64 or PC - RSR is great on all formats." - Abraham Lincoln "Nothing beats Red Storm Rising, and that's a fact" - Zedrick
  6. Zedrick

    Stop it with the insults allright?

    For alpha testers, this must feel like Eternal September (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_September) But hey! It will get much much worse once WoWS is out of closed beta
  7. Zedrick

    Don't give torpedos to [edited] (my team mates)

    Well, most of us are noobs, and will make mistakes. Despite reading about it, I was surprised that my first destroyer had torpedoes, and of course I promptly forgot about them - resulting in a dangerous situation the next time I clicked the LMB. I'm sure a lot of people are going do horrible screwups in the coming weeks - no way do avoid that.
  8. Zedrick

    Bug reporting?

    Apologies if this is covered somewhere and I missed it, but where can we report bugs? At the login page, under "Member Page", there's a report bug-link, but it leads to the general wargaming support. (the bug in question is that WoWS hanged on exit)