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  1. Well, for starters it is not russian... Secondly... Nope, thats all i have.
  2. kfa

    The best looking ship ?

    Myogi with Christmas wrap camo
  3. kfa

    Some info new player here

    You can get a lot of excellent T9 prem ships for coal or free xp, if you are patient, theese freemiums all earn a lot of credits. Generally, if you dont play a ship occasionally for fun after grinding through, sell it.
  4. Yeah name 1 good german ship in this game
  5. kfa

    HE spamming

    Played recently for that 20 fires or citadels in 1 game directive Also it was my 10.000th game jubiluem
  6. kfa

    Poll: Smolensk IFHE or not

    IFHE only good for penetrating cruisers bow armor, it does nothing agaist BBs or DDs, not worth in my opinion.
  7. And whats wrong with 1 yt vid or 1 discord announcement for all 70 prizes like Flambass did? Not enough sellout? Jeez the mindless fanatics...
  8. Well its like Flamus glorious giveaway. If you would like to participate for a chance of a prem ship you only have to comment 3 of his youtube videos, watch his 8 hour stream on friday and saturday, retweet his tweet, react to the discord announcements and he is thinking something for instagram as well. I mean f off, keep your crap.
  9. Well thank you for supporting WG that we can play the game longer
  10. kfa

    Swedish navy three crowns camo

    But the T2 is Hungarian :P
  11. kfa

    Swedish navy three crowns camo

  12. kfa

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    I will keep IFHE on Flint and Belfast
  13. kfa

    WG's unstable gaming and servers

    We had ping problems since yesterday as well, in other topics there are screenshots from people unable to connect.