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  1. Sold mine too. Its the worst from all prem CVs. Also sold the Enterprise, it has nothing special. I only kept the Kaga, for the sake of the good memories. Will be a nice port queen.
  2. kfa

    Nice Camo ideas

    Like this?
  3. I would love a Belfast only random game.
  4. kfa

    Who said the Belfast was OP?...

    I completely agree. Mine suffers from the powercreep as well. I demand RN heal as compensation.
  5. kfa

    When a player owns 1 ship!

    Its an reverse-reroll account. You register a new one to see how bad your stats can be.
  6. You are right, i only read this gameplay section of the forum - and i think i am not the only one.
  7. kfa

    WG hype failure

  8. kfa

    IX Alaska vs VII Scharnhorst

    Its basicly free for playing 3-4 month casual random games. It was a nice gesture from WG. And the ship itself is fun as well.
  9. kfa

    IX Alaska vs VII Scharnhorst

    1. Alaska is free. 2. It stomps planes and DDs due to the consumables 3. Much more agile, can mount the Tier9 reload module and has a lot better AP penetration angles earns more money and has better accuracy.
  10. kfa

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    And what exactly are you gonna spend your free xp? Im pretty sure i wont play the Alaska either but i will buy it cause its better to have the free xp invested in something rather than sitting... Look at it as a "freebie" from wargaming. All hail the PEF! All hail the Duke of York! All hail the Azuma!
  11. kfa

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    Why? They are beyong useless. All of them. I would sell them to you 50% off if i could.
  12. kfa


    Youtube: "How to Atlanta"
  13. kfa

    Some clarification please WG

    And??? You repelled the the CV with your magic button what else do you want? Instant 12 plane kills?
  14. kfa mini patch good???

    So everyone will just drop them in the face of the enemy planes in the middle of the map for auto-kill. I mean ever one of the changes are just aimed to make the CV players life more miserable and frustrating to play.