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  1. my clan mate uses it and its far from useless It has 20-25k alpha regardless of plane type, and can tank 3 ships of overlapped AA without losing planes
  2. I would like to say sorry in the name of my clan mate.
  3. I use yama (because if i want dpm i play shiki) Conqueror - thats an obvious upgrade in my book Desmo - cause im too lazy to revisit it or demount
  4. i rammed 2 Kurfursts at the same time
  5. Stop bumping this thread, even the title gives me headache.
  6. kfa

    A toxic community

    Awww, somebody said bad things on the internet? Come on buddy... Lemme hug you...
  7. Cmon... a player like you cant really beleive that is true. Accuracy? Penetration? Dmg/shell? Pen angles? Turret rotation? Ship concealment.... Yes Bourgogne spits out many shells but it has the saddest HE, AP and overall accuracy of all T10 BBs. Compare Bourgogne hit rate with Yamato, Thunderer or Slava.
  8. No i did not Its a meme ship like Shiki or Slava. Blapping or burning down 40%-er players in random doesnt make the ship the best in class, just like Conqueror. The above mentioned 4 ships can deal with most sitiuations and thus, actually carry games.
  9. I think Thunderer and Ohio are joint best BBs in the game. Followed by Yamato and Kremlin.
  10. It has Tier12 guns on a Tier8 hull, a bit like the Waffentrager auf E100 used to be in wot. I bought it for the meme salvos (just like Shiki), and play it like a buffed Stalingrad, not really a BB. It fun enough for me to justify the price.
  11. A bit offtopic since we are on cruisers but, - no CV - lot of large clumsy cruisers My Musashi will have a field day
  12. And i cant really see the flak and aim at the same time with DBs, i have to mouse scroll all the time and fail one task
  13. It isnt that bad but i do run out of planes way faster than other CVs. Play it in ranked to avoid T10 MM