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  1. kfa

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    Forgot about all the other upcoming hybrids, like the T9 BB with TinyTim rockets
  2. kfa

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    If everything is overpowered, nothing is. Nobody complains about black, smolensk and stalin anymore
  3. An asashio can kill a thunderer with only 4 torps in 1 second from 20km! Nerf asashio!
  4. kfa

    Jurua in the shop

    That camo...
  5. Not really. Lets say it was 10 Bronze wins for 100 steel in 1 week, now its 15 wins for 200 steel in 2 weeks. Its way better and hopefully we can avoid ranked downtimes, like it is right now.
  6. kfa

    The OHIO Relax Setup

    if you play like this you are just a bad Thunderer, they will beat you in 1on1
  7. kfa

    Is Hindenburg’s AA any good?

    None of the AA builds work in this game and Notser is only a tiny bit better information source than Jingles. So no. Go for improving your damage output.
  8. kfa

    Hizen’s Win Rate

    It is really squishy. Although still a better ship than Minnesota in every aspect apart from AA.
  9. kfa

    Question on statistics & winrate

    As said before, most likely disabled person playing in 3-men disabled divisions, perhaps syncdropping from big disabled clans... Otherwise 35% winrate is quite hard to achive. Those players are rare. They are called reverse superunicums.
  10. kfa

    FP or Extra Heal

    i only dont use fire prevention on Conqueror, the heal it too powerful to give up. I use either full tank build or dead eye with FP + concealment on the rest.
  11. I still find it better than the Smolensk spam a year or so ago or the constant double CV games after the rework went live. At least you can play sneaky DDs somewhat successful in the deadeye meta.
  12. kfa

    NoZoups easy deadeye skill counterplay!

    I wonder if his secondary montana vids are still up (the day i unsubbed)
  13. kfa

    NoZoups easy deadeye skill counterplay!

    Well im pretty sure this dude will subscribe to Nozoup once he watches the vid
  14. you went from 51.63% to 51.67% in just 20 days
  15. kfa

    Did anyone see this event on NA?

    sounds like a job to determine the best bot programs out there