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  1. Here are some ships blatantly over-performing with there WR stats. Missouri 55% Belfast 55% Kamikaze 55% Black 63% Flint 64% KA 58% IMP Nik 59% Now in my view the ships above are blatantly op premium ships and there WR supports that theory , and yet we have the MK on 50% so do you still think the MK is op compared to the beasts above?.
  2. I don't play high tiers because I chose not to it does not make you a better player fact, However what a I chose to play should have no bearing on the issues at hand , I get the feeling you don't accept stats so really your only assuming the MK was op even though all the stats disproved this , What we do know is the Belfast is op and the stats again support this theory so could you possibly enlighten us all with how you determine a ship is op without using stats?
  3. MK wasn't op , There are 11 premium CAs/CLS with better WR than the MK and if you include silver lines there are a total of 17 CA/CLs ships with better WR than the MK on the EU Server There is also the fact that its T8 the worst tier as big as a house and has paper armour it also has an average damage ratio of 44k which is low and an average frag ratio of 1.3 . Like any ship it benefits from a good player at the helm so when people see Flamu doing 200k damage they automatically presume the ship is op well the stats don't back that up.
  4. 1/ 250 db 2/ 5000 xp 3/ 5000 xp 4/ 24hr 5/ 5000 xp 6/ 250 db 7/ 250 db 8/ 24hr 9/ 24hr 10/ 5000xp 11/ 5000xp 12/ 5000xp 13/ 5000xp 14/ 250 db 15/ 250 db 16/ 5000xp 17/ 5000xp 18/ 5000xp 19/ 250 db
  5. Define good? The vast majority of purple unicons get there stats from playing in divisions there are actually very few who have good stats solo , There are so many variables that make up your WR. To be fair Leo the basic mechanics of the game are not that hard to learn ship angling and aiming , Its the positioning and tactical side that people struggle with and I think you cant teach that no matter how many games you have otherwise we would all be 65% WR unicons.
  6. Sorry Leo this is total hogwash you excluding players from playing the game because there not good enough? That's why Skill based MM is an option but people don't want it because they don't want there stats decreasing. Do you know how Elitists your post sounds?.
  7. Bit special just like you Adler.
  8. You will never cull BB numbers there a class people want to play especially newer players and WG know this and so cater to there needs by making them easy to play with very few weaknesses , I see a lot of ideas about capping BBs but that wouldn't work either as the last thing WG want is longer queues , You could revert to pre nerf IJN DDs but then you would just replace BBs with DDs people seem to have short memory's when every game had 5 japs DDs each side. There is no easy answer to your question op I'm afraid BBs will be popular whatever WG do or don't.
  9. I'm sorry but no if you really want to cull the BBs you need to buff the silver line , Heh I respect you view my friend , but I doubt WG will buff the IJN line which leads to the dilemma of a premium ship not just being op but totally outclassing her silver counterparts this alone goes against everything WG have been saying about said balances within the game c'mon m8 68 knots torps isnt that the speed of T9 torps
  10. Indeed I have played them sir I find all of the above mentioned ships post nerf weak and ineffective they still have decent torps but nothing outstanding which is why I raised this thread , The silver line mid tier isn't a patch on the IJN sisters stat wise or ship wise as people have pointed out I suspect that if an IJN prem DD came out at T8 that totally eclipsed the T8 silver line people would be screaming blue murder and calls for it to be nerfted would be all over the forums however because these ships are at T5 the excuse people make is that its a fun ship , Sorry I don't see it that way WG should be balancing ships whatever tier they appear in regardless if they were removed from sale or not. Your point about whoever sails the ship is valid of course but if you look at the EU server stats even poor players must be getting kills in the sisters to achieve nearly a 2 frag kill ratio poor old Musaki doesn't even get 1 frag ratio and is 7% behind in WR as well I mean that's huge. Yes Having a pre nerf IJN DD is nice but it beggars the question is it fair to players who play the silver line is it balanced and the answer is no it certainly is not , They should either buff silver line IJN DDs or nerf the sisters just simply leaving as it is just makes a mockery of WG pretending to balance the game.
  11. Would you like to borrow my Tin hat? Incoming.
  12. Well the invisible hat thing was a little joke , and it was a pleasure to provide you with your daily popcorn Vampa Yep good point I for one would like to see jap DDs restored to there glory. No sir I never said the Belfast wasn't op it is in the right hands what I claimed was it has the same WR as the sisters but its frag rate is lower. Yep I agree 100% maybe it should have been a post not about a particular ship but about premium ships in general , point taken Darky Sir I beg to differ the difference is huge as Toby Jug pointed out in his post
  13. Actually in a lot of posts I'm anti BB and this has nothing to do with what I play personally the fact remains these ships have the same WR as the Belfast but a higher frag ratio , As for the Grem which 51% WR and a Frag ratio of 1.4.and most of that was with SF. Thank you Toby yes indeed they certainly outclass there silver counter parts in nearly everyway and the kill ratio difference is huge. Well I do play a lot of battles at mid tier so I run into these ships a lot , I think what sets the alarm bells ringing is the fact they can be so influential with 3-5 kills on a regular basis enough to tip a game , I've also run across them when playing DD and I can tell you there very good at duking it out in caps as well , They also up tier brilliantly I see no weakness in them at all , As for the poor Grem she's still strong but stats wise she doesn't even compare to the sisters. BTW the only other prem ships that have better frag rates are the Flint and Black .
  14. Yes that's a fair comment I can fully understand that , Even so I think the stats a very condemning of WG policy of keeping prem ships inline with silver ships comparison just because they have removed said ships still doesn't make it right imho , The Mitsuki isn't even in the same league as the sisters where it barely manages to scratch a 1 kill ratio , Is it time to buff IJN DDs ?
  15. Indeed but at the same time the jap DDs got there torp nerf the sisters did not , However the poor Grem and Blys did when they did the SF removal . The Minekaze stats are pre nerf mainly which proberly adds to there effectiveness. Well lets be honest I loved the pre torp jap DDs it was WASD or lack of it from BB drivers that caused that torp nerf.