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  1. MacFergus

    PQ's The CV problem - discussion with skilled players only

    Again all the talk around top tier DD and CV play nobody ever considers the mid tiers and the impact of CVs have at those tiers which is apart from T4 is meh , Also people don't consider how impactful DDs are at mid tiers compared to top tier.
  2. MacFergus

    well mm,well balance

    Of course this is true but that does not excuse MM or WG from fixing a broken mechanic including people trying to skew MM.
  3. MacFergus

    well mm,well balance

    No MM is lazy and retarded , Their is actually nothing wrong with the division its within 1 tier of each other should not be a problem finding a tier 8 game. The fact that WG are lazy and wont clearly fix a broken mechanic like MM goes to prove they don't care anymore as long as they can do things like the captain rework and because that makes lots of money.
  4. MacFergus

    About the purchase of strasbourg

    Because the Dunk is a tier lower and that counts for a lot where the Strassturd is concerned , Good luck bouncing CA shots bow on because even they can pen you from the front. Georgia and JB will tear you a new arsehole.
  5. MacFergus

    About the purchase of strasbourg

    The ship is crap no seriously crap , You get overmatched by nearly everything , Tanking bow on is a joke I take 8-9k salvos on a regular basis even when angled , You cant even disengage as your concealment is so crap. One of the worst ships ever in Wows it might be free but shite your never going to play this pile of crap.
  6. MacFergus

    Losing streak

    To get a 60% WR you need to carry 1 in 10 battles its that simple , If you cant carry your and a burden on your team 1 in 10 you will hover around the 50% mark. The more games you have the easier it is to maintain a decent WR. Personally as a pure solo player I can understand the frustration any yes the streaks you go on are not normal if you flipped a coin ten times i doubt you would get the same result ten times. As for divisions , Well they skew MM and they have TeamSpeak which to me gives them a huge advantage in random games however you can get them in your team or against you and nobody should be denied playing with their friends.
  7. MacFergus

    Conqueror and Thunderer need nerfing

    Well depends if your good at aiming or not positioning is key depending on the map. I see more than Thunderers at the back quite honestly WG promote this meta of camping and with the captain rehash that promotes even more camping I can see this game going downhill fast quite simply put WG don't give two shites about what veteran players think.
  8. MacFergus

    1 year premium EU vs US

    WG makes the vast majority of its money in the EU , Seems logical the prices will be cheaper in regions where they are trying to promote growth in the game. Is it fair? , Of course not.
  9. MacFergus

    Conqueror and Thunderer need nerfing

    The damage figures are skewed when you add in silly people sailing broadside that get blapped for 30k from 23km with Thunderers accurate guns. Is she op well i don't think so but the meta of the game is getting worse with WG condoning sniping and with the new captain rehash it will make here stronger. Btw I find using AP a lot more effective than her HE.
  10. MacFergus

    Is the game getting worse and worse, do to the player base?

    He actually could be handicapped and I'm not making excuses , Many people enjoy the game but have problems , I myself have big sausage fingers which does hamper me in pressing keys. His stats look bad to bad to be normal if you know what i mean maybe cut him/her some slack its 50/50 if they end up on your team.
  11. MacFergus

    New F-Key for destroyers

    My apologies i thought you meant rockets on a CV. No I agree , Its not easy and the fact that your team ask you to cap makes it harder , The modules breaking is daft it happens all the time but on DDs its a killer.
  12. MacFergus

    Half price premium account.

    Was rather lucky managed to get 90 days free prem from free crates but apart from that I wont be spending a penny till they sort CVs and reconsider the crappy captain rework.
  13. MacFergus

    New F-Key for destroyers

    And by the looks of the picture you gave him complete broadside DD players used to accuse BBs players of not WASD , Map awareness is key that's why I asked how often it happens?. Its really hard to land rockets if the DD turns into you sure you might get some hits but very little damage.
  14. Yeah quite funny when time runs out because you have thrown the kitchen sink at it and its still on half health.
  15. MacFergus

    New F-Key for destroyers

    Happens every game yes? no?. You were blapped happens to all classes except CV. Get over it , You getting mega buffed with new captain skills faster torps and less damage at close range just because.