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  1. A solo Belfast isn't a problem but in divisions it can be a pain most of its stats are based on 2-3 man divisions I suspect as it shines in that role. Dashing forward to radar the capping DDs is not a wise thing to do in a solo Belfast they tend to get deleted in 2-3 salvos imho.
  2. MacFergus

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to have a go please very good of you guys to donate , Don't play as often as I should so not sure if I deserve to be in it.
  3. MacFergus

    Which silver ship YOU have played do you consider the most OP?

    For the Silver line , KGV , Orion are two ships that really stick out. For premium there is no doubt the Sisters of doom take the mantle as the greatest seal-clubbers ever.
  4. MacFergus

    WG - Please don't have me play with people like this

    So you want skill based MM and no Unicoms then?. Ill tell you now skill based MM will make your WR drop quicker than a stone in water.
  5. MacFergus

    [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    I don't know why you guys are still debating this if you cant see this as an obvious cash grab you have problems.
  6. MacFergus

    [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    As far as I can see WG have done there homework on the forums call me sceptical but this looks like a blatant cash grab on the back of the constant but justified moaning on the forums about BBs its just another gimmick ship that when sold in numbers will be removed from the shop and found only in crates for Christmas for a price. I find it disgusting that although only in my opinion that WG will sell a ship intended to cull the BBs for a price when they should be finding ways to balance the game properly if this is an indicator of what's to come I doubt I will be playing this game much longer the whole situation just stinks of pure greed.
  7. MacFergus

    The health pool system

    I think the damage model is spot on at the moment , there are far bigger problems in the game that need addressing more than this.... The saturation effect is working as intended except on DDs where BB ap is a problem.
  8. MacFergus

    Propsed CV gameplay chances

    CV are not op if everyone used the AA skills given them or slotted DFAA instead of hydro this would cull CVs right down , As it happens now CVs are the least played class due to skill gap mentioned in my other post so highly skilled CV players like Bloggis or El2azor will capitalize on these people not using AA or the current HE spam and module destruction which helps CVs bigtime. WG broke there own game really FP and CE seem to be top picks for CA/CLs / BBs while ignoring AFT even BFT and why not with CVs only making up 5-10% player-base and the chance of meeting one like 1/7 battles .
  9. MacFergus

    Advice on Russian DDs - playstyle

    Spot on I tried out the Russian DDs where you can also play with captain skills and modules at very little cost or non at all well worth the download.
  10. MacFergus

    Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    Learn what exactly ? how to angle a ship? how to aim? The stuff that makes a very good player like positioning and choice of targets not over extending are not things you cannot just learn as every battle is different they come naturally to some people while to others really struggle to get those skills right otherwise we would all be Unicom's. WG give you guides on how to play ship classes what they don't tell you is there are many variables involved , I have a 50% WR bang on average , I can kite I can angle I can aim I play all classes apart from CV but I still cant carry games even though I do everything right because of positioning and awareness the two skills that really is the difference between good and very good.
  11. MacFergus

    Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Fair enough , Are CVs op? well my personal opinion is they are not but the skill needed to play one even to an adequate level means you need good awareness and positioning + the fact you have to deal with an unwieldy UI and have an RTS brain adds up to more than your average gamer can compute so some teams get lumped with a potato CV that gets totally dominated and in most games causes teams to lose. This wouldn't be so bad if you had potato BBs or CAs you can still turn it around but the CV is so influential as a ship that it effects the whole balance of the game.
  12. MacFergus

    Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Really? Anyone can have a say on the forums he has been polite and constructive and he doesn't need to play a 1000 games to have a say. Its plain to see die hard CV players who are good don't really want things to change and why should they the really good ones have over 80% solo WR in some CVs which is a joke when the average on the server I saw in another thread was 48%. You obviously have no clue about the skill gap between good and bad CV players and in-balance it causes in the game.
  13. MacFergus

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    I'm sorry you had than run of defeats but in all honestly you cannot carry a game or very rarely I too suffer from this where you rely on a very good player to bail you out or RNG to give you a decent team but shite happens my worst ever was 16 defeats about 8 months back so loss streaks do happen.
  14. MacFergus

    To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    The torps on the Tirpitz make a huge difference ive had BBs turn tail and run if you get within 11km of them this gives a great broadside shot, bow on the Tirpitz is a real force to be reckoned with and can clear a whole flank of ships when it leads the charge , Sadly many teammates tend to ignore your heroics and don't recognize an opportunity when they see one....
  15. MacFergus

    Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    There are people with well over 4k battles out there with crap stats who grinded the silver lines what freaking difference does it make seriously? , Yes this is a team game but 12 random people with no form of communication and different languages make's it virtually impossible to put it into effect hence the bad player rants we get on the forums wanna blame somebody how bout WG they sell high tier premium ships and they really do nothing to promote team-play but then again there a business and have to make money and they know there are literally thousands of casual players quite prepared to buy there products without even using there f2p model and in all honestly they would prefer those sort of players over a Unicom who is pure f2p.