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  1. MacFergus

    The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire...

    Encouraging people to grind like this is a lawsuit waiting to happen I don't think WG know what a tin of worms from a health point of view their opening , We have seen people drop dead from excessive gaming and WG are actively encouraging players to do this by making the grind so bad. At the end of the day gaming companies have a responsibility to the their player base to act in a sane and rational fashion and not to encourage such stupidity of farming for 12 hours a day , Its not healthy.
  2. I quit this game 2 years ago I had to although I spent some money on premium ships it wasn't a lot compared to some people I see on these forums. Its no surprise to me personally that WG have introduced this fantasy cuckoo event their arrogance has become stupendous and incredibly stupid , I really do feel for the loyal dedicated players who have stuck with WG garbage over the last 3 years. This game was amazing when it first came out but over the years WG have become ever more greedy as subs dry up and players leave and now their milking the loyal player-base that's kept them afloat for so long I find it truly shocking and disgraceful. I don't feel ill ever come back knowing that a company just does not care or just exploits true fans of the game. Its a real shame.
  3. MacFergus

    This is why CV's dont belong in ranked..

    While what you say is true I don't doubt it you have to remember this is a game not a Simulator and therefore WG have free reign to be creative. CVs played a significant role in WW2 however I don't feel they should be part of Wows for the exact reason you stated in your post.
  4. Find a good clan and team up with some decent players , Buying premium ships will not help your WR if you solo 100% unless of course you not bothered about you stats in which case I salute you sir. You would have to be an exceptional player to carry your team when solo , Don't fall into the trap of buying said op premiums and thinking you can turn your stats around trust me it wont happen. Good luck.
  5. Bring back the old IJN DDs , Allow stealth firing and give DDs and CAs a bigger more deep game role of scouting Cutdown domination games , bigger rewards for BB Tanking , lose the gimmicks like radar.
  6. MacFergus

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    That wasn't what I was looking at good sir I was making the point his WR is high but his PR and frag rate average , So he's either very lucky or gets carried in Division games because it does not seem that he can carry a game himself. I was just pointing that out with no offence to Captain Breeze His overall WR is 52% which good but as I've said time and time again if you solo 100% your WR will drop like a stone unless you can carry games , I would consider anyone 100% solo above 55% an exceptional player. Good players in divisions will always have good WR. Bit off topic my apologies.
  7. MacFergus

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    Captian Breeze has good stats as a division player but average stats as a solo player , His PR rating and frag rating are bog average in the Z 52 but his WR is 65% if he kept soloing in her he would drop down to peasant level pretty quick like the rest of us plebs. Im surprised the Bismarck has stayed so competitive she was one of the ships that everyone wanted to play back in the day I remember people skipping the tree just to get to her but unlike the Tirpitz which was destroyed by people who had really no clue how to play her most Bismarck players do know how to play her. Anyway stats are pretty much irrelevant 2-3 decent players in a division can pad their stats to look good and keep their WR nice and healthy.
  8. MacFergus

    Price drop on Premium Shop

    Price drops to be expected with declining numbers , New players bring in the business unfortunately nobody wants to play a broken game with p2w mechanics that seems to be the opinion of a lot of reviews on steam. Submarines seem a last ditch attempt to salvage the game imho , Ships were well overpriced anyway. They needs Subs and not the kind that dives underwater .
  9. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Cherry picking stats does not help. Nicholas has one of lowest frag rates and lowest damage totals its WR is 49% and it has a frag rate of 0.64 Kamikaze has a WR of 58% and a Frag rate of 1.21 and double the damage of 37000 compared to 18000 of the Nicholas going by the spreadsheet the Kamikaze is by far the better ship whoever plays it. Next your be telling my the Imperator Nicolai is a perfectly balanced ship.
  10. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Wat? The ship doesn't matter not according to WG who removed ships simply because they were to powerful , Well they didn't remove them just put them in Loot-boxes. So you need skill to club new players when your in a Division of decent players at tier 1 well I never. If your theory is right then a Nicholas in a veterans hand should be able to get a 58% WR just like a Kami ohh wait people don't club in a Nicholas wonder why.
  11. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    WG does not balance gold ships even now never mind then. So in a nutshell its just tough luck for newer players joining to play WoWs expecting a balanced game. Just more Potatoes for you to farm I suppose. Does not help the health of the game though.
  12. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Really your going with that one. Are you telling me that all Alpha and Beta testers are amazing players?. Does being an Alpha or Beta player guarantee you good stats?. Does playing the game for three years make you automatically a better player?. Blimey Pete I thought you knew the game better than that , You can be a good player in this game within 3 weeks if you learn the basics or even better join a clan and team up with like minded people. On the other-hand their are plenty of people who know the basics after 3 years and still struggle with the game. Answer me this Pete when WG balanced the IJN silver line of DDs why did they not balance the Sisters? Maybe because the IJN line didn't need balancing in the first place or were they op?.
  13. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Please stop quoting bits of my sentences its annoying and rude to suit your own argument either quote the whole sentence or don't bother. No you don't counter a torp boat with another torp boat but considering i'm hitting my head against a wall because you cant see the problem of one team having a Kamikaze and the other team don't gives the team that has one a huge advantage. Its like Radar god bless it one team will always have more sometimes 3 times more WG balance oh yes.
  14. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Erm not sure what your trying to say Pete , Are you defending WG policy of not Nerfing premium ships? Are you saying Silver line ships get balanced which sometimes they do which is absurd if you don't balance the gold line as well. Just for example if you nerf the Jap DD silver line like they did who now can take on a Kami unless its another Kami , Oh the Clemson if your lucky enough to find one in a game. You see the Sisters were not a problem when they had the other IJN Silver line DDs of the same calibre.
  15. MacFergus

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    If you want to knit pick then yes the Kami is slightly slower not that its makes a huge difference they are virtually the same ship. And no the Kongo was a strong silver line ship until of course the Germans came along and then the British flamethrowers and then the big bad GC so your point is mute.