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  1. And yet here we have WG producing a tier 9 Yammy clone that any Chimp can play and do well in all for a mere 750k free xp and I can tell you now they will make a killing on it thus flooding the game with more BBs and people with limited game experience. And yet all the removed premium ships are available in Santa crates which sort of says if money isn't a problem you can get one regardless , Its a disgrace really they might as well left them in the shop but I would imagine they made tons from people trying to obtain the op Nico and Kami probably paying 5x what they went for in the shop , So WG have lost all respect simpley because the excuse that a ship is removed because its op is not true at all as they are still available at a much much higher price.
  2. The first review of Musashi

    That's the problem Helmut most people judge this ship in the aspect of playing against T9 T10 opponents , You would always expect a top tier ship to be strong but this ship takes the pizz when it comes to being top tier more so than the Mo imho , I think WG forget there are dedicated mid tier players who love to play 5/6/7 there not just stepping stones on your way to T10.
  3. The first review of Musashi

    This thing is a farce quite possibly one of the most balance breaking ships in the game T9 will see T7 with its TP its AA is irrelevant at 97k hp like 40k more than most T7 BB and the ability to snipe virtually anywhere on the map. As a mid tier player this thing will be a total nightmare to play against as it stands at the moment it isn't that bad a T7 BB can hold its own in tier 9 games but this beast just changes everything. Sorry to say this just sounds like a blatant cash grab by WG with a total disregard for balance and with a total lack of CV players atm this thing will run riot in lower tier games. A T7 BB should be able to beat its T9 counterparts using skill and knowledge however it seems WG now think introducing a T9 prem Yamato will be a fun addition to tier 7 games. RIP T7 & T8.
  4. Giulio Cesare AP Fuse changes explained

    Comparing the GC as just another BB is a mistake in my book it acts more like a heavy cruiser with a BB symbol , Those 320mm guns are deadly at clearing Cruisers and DDs , No need to switch ammo in this thing as over-pens don't really apply as much. The problem with this ship and why its so good seems to be the guns I think pre-release they were 2.0 sigma and then reduced to 1.9 which made no difference what so ever as the ship can quite accurately dispatch cruisers at max range and can all but one shot DDs at around 12km due to its 320mm guns if you compare other BBs and there grouping of shells only the Nelson and Warspite seem on par but the difference there is those two ships have glaring weaknesses the GC seems to have none.... The GC no doubt will be removed like the other op prem ships and you have to ask how it made it past testing in the first place.
  5. You should play against the bots on the test server they are 3 times better than the bots on the normal server total beasts....
  6. tired of abysmal players and MM

    Op is a half decent player if he teamed up with other half decent players his chances of winning a game would increase , of course bad players teaming up in a fail division wont make a difference and could make things worse. If you want good stats don't solo unless you confident you can carry enough games to really effect your stats in a positive way which of course the majority of us cant...
  7. tired of abysmal players and MM

    Queue times wouldn't be impacted that much except non peak hours but you have to remember the entitled generation are not willing to wait 2 minutes for a game . In any case Skill based MM will never happen at what point does a 75% unicon want to see his WR drop to 50% which will happen with skill based MM. Bad players are part of the game and they fulfil an important role of keeping the good players interested in the game this is true in any pvp game , You also have to take into account WG view on this they love bad players they will open there wallet more to try and improve , When someone like White mouse says a ship is op you can guarantee poor players will buy it in droves hoping there WR will improve. No sir skill based MM will never ever happen.
  8. tired of abysmal players and MM

    Don't play solo simple as that only people who get pissed are those that think everyone else is to blame for there losing streak , Random is random says it all in the name. Want nice purple stats team up with like minded players and rofl-stomp as much as you want but this whinging about poor players is getting very tiresome. Without braindead potato's there would be no unicons and with skill based MM there will be no unicons as everyone would cancel each other out. If playing solo gets you that worked up you might want to take a break or even quit the game for a bit.
  9. Define a good player then? Are you talking solo or a division player? Good solo players are rare anyone above 50% are decent players if they solo or at least know what the game is about , Finding a solo player with above 60% you will struggle there are not that many. Unfortunately All WG games rely on poorer players in order for people to have great stats so I don't see the point of this thread really unless of course you endorse the use of skill based MM in which case 70% WR will probably cease to exist people seem to want better people to play with but don't want there WR to drop but increase which I find laughable. The difference between a 53% solo player and a 65% division player is slight to say the least if they 1v1 each other in the same ship both know how to angle both can aim and know when to swap ammo when needed the outcome would be 50/50 with RNG deciding the winner. If people are that obsessed with stats then team up with decent players in random and you will achieve what you want, if you want to solo then you take a chance and have no reason to complain other players are letting you down its that simple.
  10. What a load of bollocks this is an arcade action game where solo players get punished hard and good players who group up get rewarded most of the time if your serious about your stats then find a clan and group up other than that accept the fact if your solo you going to have your ups and downs no matter how well you play. Failing that don't play WG games if stats bother you that much or play for fun and just enjoy yourself. Without the poorer players there would be very few unicon players you might as well just call for skill based MM as its the same thing where everyone would be working towards 50% , The game is fine as it is it just depends how seriously you want to take it.
  11. I totalled up what the cost would be for all the items I received it worked out at around £70.00 this is more than a gift much more , My last game in Wows was the beginning November and it was in Random so I doubt very much its a co-op or time lapsed requirement and as you stated it would have the opposite effect on people who have been playing constantly. I think WG need to explain this one otherwise they could have some very unhappy customers.
  12. Seem a bit of excessive to give away such rewards I would have thought rewarding there loyal players would come first .
  13. I've just received it as well haven't played in 2 months...very nice
  14. blyskawica; buy or no buy

    Kutuzov was op news to me it has a 50% WR same as its silver counterpart the Chappy on the EU servers I don't know why WG pulled it from the store to be honest its stats certainly didn't justify that happing , I totally agree on the Belfast even thou my own stats are rubbish in it but I used to come across them in divisions of good players. Blys is a fun ship and a great gunboat it can contest and win caps very easy if you don't mind a one off ship.
  15. wows survey

    Erm , Not sure where to start here are you really complaining that BBs catch fire to often , Are you throwing a paddy cos you didn't get a silly flag , and why would you want a Nik when you could have an Orion and burn Niks to the ground. Very silly reasons not to enjoy the game but do me a favour please don't moan about BBs catching fire when they can delete ships in 1 salvo have no weakness whatsoever *Sighs*