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  1. bathoz

    Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

    It's worth noting that the Sushi's guns have the same sigma as the Warpsite and Nikolai.
  2. bathoz

    Clan battles summary

    Other than maps, which is obviously a trial period thing where WG is testing what does and does not work in the competitive space, the one thing I'd like to change is bringing in WoT's information control - aka - only reveal what ships you're facing when you see them.
  3. Poor, lonely Deannoo, bumping all by himself. Here, let me help.
  4. bathoz

    [W_I_G] We're International Gamers

    These guys are good. I mean, FU too!
  5. bathoz

    October Revolution - Skills and upgrades

    It is ridiculously tanky against cruisers. 38mm deck armour, 100mm upper belt, tiny superstructure, and the rest mean with any angling, you are incredibly difficult to do damage to from non-battleship guns. HE shells shatter, the fires are pretty easy to handle, and AP need to be fired from unsafe ranges at pretty flat broadsides, otherwise the impact angles quickly make it unlikely to pen. And even if you do, it's got a low citadel.
  6. bathoz

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    I wasn't a fan of the Gneisenau, For the record, I think the guns transform the best ship in tier to a very medicore one. You need to be able to make your shots count, and it can't do that. (The Scharnhorst almost completely makes up for this deficiency, but loses out of a lot of minor edges in AA/secondaries etc.) The guns are bad in every way. They're inaccurate, they shell ballistics are counter to the way it should be played (enormous pen and flat arcs make then good when hitting at long range, something that is hard to do in a Gneis, while making it very easy to overpen ships at close range), and – of course – there are only six of them. But that said, it's not a bad ship. It's speed and the presence that torps + armour + secondaries + agility give it means that it can dictate a battle incredibly well. You just need to get good at working out when and how to push in it. And, sadly, that's the second hardest thing to learn in a BB. (The first, I find, is when to withdraw.) My only advice would be to spend more of your time in the Gneisenau focusing on understand where you are in relation to the enemy team. Make your minimap is big, try and understand where the enemy could be shooting at you from. Watch your own players like a hawk, because if you're with the cruisers and destroyers, they'll feel a lot braver, until the instant they don't, and then they're all by yourself. Mostly, don't sit back and snipe. It is an utterly worthless endeavour in the Gneisenau. I cannot think of a single battleship in the game less suited to playing from max range.
  7. bathoz

    Why play in tier X? ...

    ​Just in case you missed it in Havaduck's comment. Instead of a repair cost dependent on how much damage you've taken (including being sunk), it is not a flat cost per battle. So it doesn't matter if you're sunk or not. It just matters how much damage/spotting/capping etc you do.
  8. bathoz

    Caledon, Danae and Emerald: What do you think about?

    As others have said, the Caledon is pretty great. The Danae is that turned up about 10%, unfortunately, everyone else gets turned up a lot more as they go up a tier, so it's much less forgiving or effective. Both also benefit from being incredibly sexy for a WWI cruisers (which tend to be ugly as sin). The Emerald though. That ship? Ug. It's got less effective firepower than the Danae, due to the wing turrets and weird angles. It's still firing the floaty weird shells that struggle to hurt battleships. And it's both bigger and uglier than what came before. The positive is that enormous torpedo broadside. But it's not really enough to save you. Shorthand. Caledon is fantastic, up there with the Tenryu for the most dynamic and fun tier 3 ships. Danae is okay. Emerald is a grind.
  9. I have read exactly zero responses, but will say: No.
  10. I'm keen. I just need to get my number of tier 8 games up to snuff (and repurchase the Amagi/really power grind that Benson). Any other red-flags I should watch out for? https://eu.warships.today/player/505817622/bathoz
  11. bathoz

    Königsberg firing isn't good...

    Yeah. Much like early BBs*, I reckon there a few not-insurmountable skill issues for the KM cruisers. The simplest is: "can you make AP work in a very broad range of situations?" If the answer is no, you're going to hate this ship. Just as simple as that. If you know how to fire AP shots from 15km at a New Mexico to maximise your damage, then it's going to go much better. Another those are learned skills. Which, in theory, people will eventually learn. Or maybe they won't. *remember how this forum loved to tell everyone that BBs were floating tombs? Remember how all the beta testers advised that people wait for skill to catch up?
  12. bathoz

    Rank Tiers need to be rethought.

    If the ranks are irrevocable, then it doesn't matter how big you make that first tier, they'll get to 20-11 eventually. Instead, you need to look at making a 20-16, 15-11 etc. But then you have population issues. I don't know what the the most appropriate methodology is, but I can see the challenges.
  13. bathoz


    Well, you're obviously wrong. The Japanese had to come earlier.
  14. bathoz

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Strange, my early experiences and impressions seem to be contrary to a lot of people here. The trick is: winning is everything, damage is nothing. And this makes this mode perfect for DDs; particularly USN DDs. The small number of ships creates a lot more opens space for them to use, as there's less random traffic. Taking and winning that DD knifefight for a cap is much more valuable. Defensive fire is more useful. And you're able to use the 'invisisniping' belt of your guns more effectively. Sure, setting up torp hits is harder. But that will be the nature of higher skill play. Also, the importance of caps means that DDs are important. DDs that don't throw their life away are better. And DDs that are able to manage cap points and give you vision are even better. In other words: Sims master race. As for the guy proposing switching to standard battles? No. No in so many ways. But the simplest way is: this mode, and the star gain/loss, does not tolerate draws. Though, I wonder what happens if you have a draw. It is possible in domination. Either both ticking over to 800/1000 at the same time. Or time running out on the same points total.
  15. bathoz

    Izumo the defenitive thread

    Things I do in my Izumo: Nose towards enemy. Shift between angled enough to fire the C gun, and not-quite straight on. Try not to go dead straight on. Try to plan and time your disengagements, because your [edited]is grass. If you need to turn around to retreat, try to get to cover before turning, and spend as much time retreating in positions where it's difficult to fire on you. Not always easy, but if you see an opportunity, take it. Close distance. Your accuracy is fine. Good almost. Especially compared to the shotgun the USN BBs have. Certainly good enough that you don't need the accuracy upgrade mod. But everything else about your ship is better closer up. The deck armour becomes less of an issue. The angles sharper. And you can bring your secondary guns into play. Yes their angles are stupid. But when they're firing they're very good. Respect the secondaries: They're more than an early warning system for destroyers, they can do very respectable damage to all sorts of ships. Slow and steady: The one thing I do very differently in the Izumo compared with other BBs, is once I get to the fight, I tend to stay very throttled down. The Izumo is so positioning dependent, that once you've got a good angle setup, you're often perfectly happy to get down to 25% power, or reverse (not stationary. Give them just a little thinking with regard to aiming). I find this true, particularly on Islands of Ice. If you continue forward, you'll expose your flanks, so be careful. The downside with this is that the Izumo, while not slow, struggles to overcome its inertia. Low acceleration means that surprise torpedoes can be an issue. Once you're moving, you're fine (ish), until then. Ug. Repair!: Superintendant and premium repair party. Just... non-negotiable. If you have Dreadnought flags, throw them on too. The Izumo has a huge amount of HP, and while I find I often take large amounts of damage while moving to the place I want to engage (spawning east side on Islands of Ice, for instance, is such a pain in the [edited]), you can usually repair vast amounts of it. It's not unusual for a repair to replace 15k hp in 20 seconds. Balance Aggression: This is a general battleship issue, but I find it coming into sharper focus on the Izumo. You're a 'soft' BB that does not want to be seen first. But you're also a BB that needs to be nose towards the enemy, closing. So, often have to lead pushes. But those moments can become terrifying if the people with you vanish. More so than other BB. Because other battleships can fade (especially the Amagi, who is the king of this tactic). You cannot. Once you are committed, you are committed. All that's left to you in putting it in reverse and praying. So be very, very aware of who is with you and when.