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  1. Even if it was true, WG need to accumulate enough data for a year or two before "balancing" anything. And btw I don't recall them buffing the accuracy of a ship after its release. Nerfing it, yes, but buffing a BB accuracy? I think they never did it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think you can forget about it. Like any balancing suggestion to WG devs, to be honest. Anyway, "thank you for your feedback, we really care about the community's opinion"
  2. Indeed, everyone know that secondary siegfried was a meme build. But definitely a funny one. I bought Siegfried for this, knowing it was not optimal, but for the fun. Now we have another long range sniper, and like OP said there are other ships to fulfill that role already. It's still a range nerf compared to before 0.10.0 and why having long range anyway? Acccuracy is so bad now that your secondaries won't hit anything. Siegfried is not fun anymore.
  3. elblancogringo

    Napoli, WHAT IS THIS WG??

    If they give that ship improved secondary dispersion while still letting Siegfried with shitty dispersion and unusable secondaries that would be really taking us Siegfried owners for fools. I don't want that Italian cruiser, I want Siegfried back. But I must say that developing a secondary cruiser after this awful captain rework is just plain stoopid
  4. The range buff imo does not save secondaries builds from that awful dispersion that high tier secondaries now have. There might be some ships, like Amagi or Kii that have better secondaries than before, but something better than absolute crap is not necessarily good. I used to play these builds because of the fun and also the deterrence to yolo'ing DDs, among other reasons. It's not fun now it's frustrating as they hit nothing, and if your hit ratio is so bad, how can you still be a deterrence to rushing DDs? Secondaries suck now, but does it affect WG money earnings? No. Will they buff them? Probably not.
  5. elblancogringo

    When will manual secondary get a buff?

    I would certainly not judge a battleship player by his survival rate. But if you do, that's fine, it just proves my point on how clueless you are. Did you even consider that skill is not only aiming your gun in this game? Once again, you just prove my point. Please carry on.
  6. elblancogringo

    When will manual secondary get a buff?

    His opinion about positioning and knowing when to push to efficiently use secondaries is valid. It's way more than using AI only like you say. But at least we know the reason behind your clan name. You're so nice in how you say things.
  7. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

    Oh but I certainly think it would be needed to tell wargaming the spreadsheet is no justification. That was actually something interesting. How can you be sure they know it? After all, don't they keep analyzing data forever? Isn't it one of their favourite justification? No need to look far away, this thread has the answer...
  8. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

    Yeah sure. Tell this to wargaming balance team.
  9. elblancogringo

    When will manual secondary get a buff?

    They will need to analyze data for 6 months before giving a 2% buff to accuracy probably. But it's ok, because the rework added many different options of gameplay... oh wait...
  10. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

    Let me make myself clear. I know it, but who will cate about 1 player complaining about the range buff when most are happy about it? It is like it does not happen, it is insignificant. Again, the fact is they nerfed a premium (and many others) hiding behind this rework, and now are justifying it with their spreadsheet. This is even more infuriating with the Siegfried example, in which they removed a style of gameplay by nerfing secondaries, but they won't care because they're clueless and only look at numbers to justify their choice. Facts: Flint is nerfed, Siegfried is no longer the ship you bought. And many other examples, like Massa and so on. Spreadsheet: they are performing well enough, so WG won't care. And no compensation because this is the consequence of a rework. Not a direct nerf, of course, thank you WG.
  11. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

  12. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

  13. elblancogringo

    The end of Flint

    Negligible: adjective, so small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant.
  14. elblancogringo

    Unpopular opinion about F.D.R

    Are you really comparing counter play against BBs with counter play against carriers? I mean, seriously? I suppose you never played BB and never played CV as well to say this. The prevalence of overmatching BBs is an issue, but still you have options to defend yourself. You cannot defend yourself against a semi decent CV player.
  15. elblancogringo

    iChase you felt a need to respond to Flamuu, as do I to you

    Where is your argument about iChase being wrong? You discuss things that have nothing to do with what he says. I think you actually didn't understand his message. He was not saying Flamu was wrong, but that Flamu didn't mention all of the CAUSES behind the CV problem, another one being this fear of complexity from wargaming. I believe iChase and Flamu both make sense in a way.