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  1. elblancogringo

    continueous server , ping problems!!!

    I've had people in games last night complaining about ping while everything was fine for me. I don't know anything about internet and servers, but if it's the server why was I not impacted at the same time?
  2. elblancogringo

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Sometimes, I wish I could know the rationale behind some of Wargaming's decisions. I mean, why for example did they choose to put a specific detection range with the module, instead of a % increase? Do they really not care that it will be an extremely hard nerf for some DDs, and not a nerf at all for others? Where is it fair to act like this? How could they decide such a change which obviously has the potential to mess up all the remaining balance between DDs, nation-wise? In a game where balance is important, how can you introduce a module that will have many different effects depending on the specificity of the DD torps? Isn't it the same as admitting the balance is already broken, or that you don't care if you break it? I don't get it. really. The only explanation which comes to mind is that it will entice people to play the upcoming line, with their fast torps. But surely, it can't be only that?
  3. elblancogringo

    Pan Asian additions - any good?

    Izumo reskin? no need A worse Charles Martel? no need A decent DW-torps DD? Why not? oh wait, DW torps will be useless very soon. So no.
  4. elblancogringo

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Tell me, how are you going to gather data about DW torps DDs once it's live? Nobody will play them after the release of this change. I will certainly not be playing them. Good lord, this, combined with the Mogador and Kleber concealment nerf gives 3 choices only remaining: - French DDs as gunboats - New pan-European DDs with their very fast torps - IJN DDs which will surely come back I see what you did here. The last developments of the game are really bad imo. What about submarine torps next?
  5. elblancogringo

    Unique upgrades

    The only way I accept this update is if the legendary upgrade chain missions stay available, so that people can CHOOSE the research bureau ALTERNATIVE if they want to.
  6. elblancogringo

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    If they want to make them available in the RB, fine, but in that case keep the mission chain to get them available as well!!!! So people can choose the way they want to get it. Making it mandatory through the RB is another fuc**** move from WG.
  7. elblancogringo

    Unique upgrades

    Wargaming, if you do this you'll never have another euro from me and I'll never come back to the game again. The 1st community outrage after the announcement of NTC was because it forced people to regrind lines to obtain combat advantages. Now this with legendary upgrade? The core if the problem stays the same. Do you think we're idiots with a fish-like memory? You better go back and cancel that update.
  8. elblancogringo

    legendary/unique upgrades becomes research buru only

    Really? I mean that was the point behind the 1st community outrage after the announcement of the RB, forcing people to regrind to get combat advantages. I hope the LM stay the same. It's already unacceptable to move them in that state to the RB.
  9. elblancogringo

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I live 6000 Kms away from my family and Christmas/New year is the only time of the year when I come back so I never play at this time. Generally I'm annoyed (relatively) as I miss the christmas event of world of warships which generally are very good. This year though, I don't care at all if I miss it. This Porto Rico building...
  10. elblancogringo

    Captain Jingles

    upgrading Jingles? I wish upgrading Jingles make his comments even more silly.
  11. elblancogringo

    The Curiosities Of Our Warships

    What do you see here?
  12. elblancogringo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Sub vs sub combat is lacking. Subs should be able to torp each other. Thus is ridiculous and will lead to extremely annoying end game situations if not corrected.
  13. elblancogringo

    Kleber opinios

    Honestly seeing the crap French DDs compared with overpowered British ones is just a joke. Daring shits on kleber It took one year for wargaming to realize French cruisers needed a buff and they added MBRB. I expect same here. In 1 year when they have "enough data" and see how unpopular is the line they'll add heal maybe.
  14. elblancogringo

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    Why not added for doubloons and not coal? They force us to buy containers to get them, that would make sens to put the commander in the armory for cash...
  15. elblancogringo


    Smolensk is available to everyone, and like Colbert they are extremely squishy. In the hands of a good player, sure they can be deadly. But one mistake, only one, and the ship is gone. So I'm not too concerned about them, as I'm sure plenty of potatoes will just die instantly with them. Ohio is still in the testing phase and was recently nerfed. There are silver ships that are terrifyingly OP *looks at Kremlin* and i'll tell you I'd prefer my ennemy in a Colbert than in a Kremlin