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  1. That's all well and good but you should read "The Last of the Tin Can Sailors" to appreciate what happens to a destroyer when it get's hit by a battleship sized shell. When something over a foot wide hits a thinly armoured ship at almost supersonic speeds and goes right through it it doesn't go through thin air, it goes through men, cables, steam lines, fire fighting lines, fuel lines, bulkheads, machinery, water and fuel tanks. They can withstand it some of the time but you really don't want to take a hit, for example in the Battle for Leyte Gulf, the Samuel B Roberts was hit by 3 shells from The Kongo which left a hole 12m long and 3m wide. In the same battle the USN Hoel suffered hits which "knocked out three of her guns, stopped her port engine, and deprived her of her Mark-37 fire control director, FD radar, and Bridge steering control", again from Kongo. Both ships sank with very heavy loss of life. Given a choice I would rather be on a BB shooting at DDs than the other way round!
  2. xBurtx

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I have a couple of WoT accounts that I made when it first went live and I have got invites on them which have never even logged into WoWS. No idea what's going on but I think it's pretty funny!
  3. xBurtx

    Kii in the shop

    Has anyone who has actually bought the Admiral bundle been able to equip the special cammo? I played a game, it said it unlocked but it's not appearing in the cammo tab? Oh Wargaming, did you actually test this?
  4. xBurtx

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionUnable to open the inventory, clicking on this sends me to my browser, game stays open, window for inventory just has the loading timer symbol 2. Reproduction stepsConstant 3. ResultCannot open inventory window, get sent to browser 4. Expected resultInventory should open so I can sell all those millions of credits worth of modules I have in there!!!5. Technical details
  5. xBurtx

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    The unique Alabama flag does not show on the ship model.
  6. xBurtx

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    Lost 80% of my HP to a Tirpitz volley, the dispersion is well, has to be seen to be believed, and I CAN'T SEE MY UNIQUE FLAG!!!
  7. xBurtx

    Hell Choir

    Is there anyway to turn off the droning band of suicidal monks whilst in port? I like having ambient on as I like to listen to seagulls and my GAME IS BEING RUINED BECAUSE OF THIS CHOIR OF THE DAMNED! SAD! Also has anyone ever worked out how to turn off the "going deaf" bit when you take a heavy hit. it's annoying. Not as bigly annoying as the monks but annoying non the less. MAKE SEAGULLS GRATE AGAIN!!!
  8. Getting a Gamescom player as your only tier 10 BB and them not moving all game is pretty frustrating. Yes, yes, we all know it's a free game etc but seriously, the vast majority of higher tier players pay money for premium time, ships etc so at least put the Gamescon guys in starter ships or co-op battles so it doesn't [edited]up high tier games.
  9. xBurtx

    UI changes

    I can't ctrl-click on a ship or squadron anymore to focus my AA or secondaries? Bug or removed?
  10. xBurtx

    Signal flags

    I apologise if this is answered elsewhere, I did do a forums search but came up empty handed, but will all the signal flags [not just the current ones] ever be back in the Premium Shop or has that ship sailed?
  11. xBurtx

    royal navy

    Also needs the upgraded Warspite. It's a travesty that the ship with the longest recorded hit on another ship gets the range it does on the current premium one.
  12. xBurtx

    Balancing XP vs Silver

    If I could stop rage selling ships then having to buy them back again, [i'm looking at you Pensacola], I'd have a lot more credits.
  13. xBurtx

    Imperium invasion coming soon.

    I see there's an awful lot of EVE players in this thread who have had their stuff stolen or been on end of a good kicking. Show me on the Rifter doll where the bad goon touched you...