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  1. MadnerKami

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Huh, now that is something i can live with. Why does it need a shitstorm to get a measured response all the time? Geez, please learn from your mistakes, WarGaming.
  2. MadnerKami

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Citation needed, please.
  3. MadnerKami

    Upcoming nerfs on smoke and IFHE. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS

    And then there's Ernst Gaede and Z-23, who get fucked over by this change.
  4. MadnerKami

    IFHE brutal nerf to 152/155mm cruisers

    Meanwhile Ernst Gaede and Z-23 are crying in the corner.
  5. MadnerKami

    British battleships incoming

    I just wished you guys would finally stop stuffing radar onto everything, as that just further muddies the water and indirectly nerfs DDs and the last class that needs nerfing atm, right after carriers, are (especially) higher tier DDs. Focus on fixing carriers and a lot of the percieved problems people have with torpedo-soups and similar, are instantly gone from the game. Then, and only then, you should consider adding even more of the broken radar *Edited, that is already undermining your entire balancing.
  6. This is especially appalling, when the carrier in your team is the bot, as is so extremely often the case, because the team gets doubly screwed. I urge you, WarGaming, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT crapALREADY!
  7. MadnerKami

    Remove. Radar.

    Remove. Radar. Please.
  8. MadnerKami

    Old Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society thread - Please see page 27

    Good old port-beautyshots good enough for you?
  9. MadnerKami

    Goodbye friends

    Take care and thank you for doing your job so well. I hope at least a little bit from you stays with WarGaming's Spirit
  10. It took you a few minutes because you knew it was there. Besides and again, neither OP nor linked posts were made by the staff.
  11. Neither the opening post nor the linked post are official announcements. And still: It's obscure.
  12. On page 44 of a (by now) 131 pages long thread in a subforum where I wouldn't even look first for information regarding that event... Bingo. I find it pretty unreasonable to expect someone, to grind through god knows how many pages, to find a specific information that you need to know exists in the first place, to gain it. That's like writing "Source: The Internet" under a paper.
  13. Not aimed at you, but since you mentioned the 1k-limit I'll pick it up in answer to an earlier post from someone else (I'm sure all you guys saw that post on page... somewhere... ). I'd like to remind about the Kamikaze R event. It was possible to gain more pearls than your personal goalposts offered prizes for. In fact, that was the exact reason I got my Kamikaze R, as well as some other people, because we collected more pearls than were implied as a maximum. As such, I didn't see any reason to take what is written in the personal rewards as any kind of pointer.