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  1. MadnerKami

    The most annoying CV nerf ?

    This is not true. As long as the planes are spotted by anyone, the AA fires upon them, no matter if you personally have LOS.
  2. MadnerKami hotfix feedback

    So much this^ I find it funny, how they are always so hands off to any sort of nerfs to even the most glaring issues, but here, you getnerfs upon nerfs without any time to let things even settle a bit. Of course I am aware that the Live-Server is currently your experimental lab for the CV-changes, but [edited]me, the way you do it this is just stupid. Hey, maybe adressing some issues raised by the CV-playerbase might actually improve things for everyone, like actually enabling to do multiple runs with your TBs and especially adressing the absolutely abysmal performance of dive-bombers preferably, so that DDs are not left as the only class of ship that CVs can feasibly press an attack early on? But who am I? Just a CV-player that you are experimenting on, by watching how much crap i can am going to carry on my shoulders, before I say [edited] it.
  3. MadnerKami


    WarGaming, you can frankly go [edited]yourself. It was clear from a long time ago, that you had no idea what to do with the carriers and you show it time and again with these HotNerfs since 0.8.0. You just do not know what the hell you are doing at all! Whoever is at the helm in that studio of yours, commanding the devs to do this [edited], should be axed, as he clearly has no understanding whatsoever, about carriers. T8 CVs were in a bad spot, they are completely dead now, thanks to the spotting nerf. T10 CVs aren't off much better either, given they are always going to get their planes swatted out of the sky now, thanks to this idiotic nerf. Attack Planes might as well be completely removed now as well. They are already useless against anything except DDs, as not only do they deal miniscule damage, but they can't even set fires reliably, so the only target that you could use them against at all and get some use out of them, were DDs. You are now completely incapable of spotting a DD yourself and aiming at all, which was already pretty darn hard for some combinations. But for good measure, you idiots decide to also nerf the aiming on top of the spotting change. What the hell are we supposed to do with attack aircraft now?! Why are they even left in the game? They do nothing but feed plane-kills to the enemy team now. What the [edited]!? What the [edited]is going on in your development studio?!
  4. MadnerKami

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

    You are overlooking a few details, namely two. You have two long range auras and both create FlaK-bursts. The ship can throw between 5 and 9 FlaK-bursts into your way in those auras and those are going to hurt.
  5. MadnerKami

    New CVs

    Those in turn have high concealment and high agility. Dodging rocket strikes is a thing, especially considering that the CV will not have much time to aim in thanks to your concealment and given you should spot him long before he spots you (remove RPF please), you should get yourself in a favourable position. Generally turn towards him, if you see him attack and unless it's a US rocket strike incoming, turn 90° off the attack-angle at the last second before the attack.
  6. MadnerKami

    CV Hotfix working as intended...

  7. MadnerKami

    CV nerfing went too far !

    "Element of surprise". You know how often that happened in any game? The only ships that ever surprised me where DDs that moved around the whole map to come back in from behind, while they left their team starved of their support or the area denial coming from long-range torpedoes that I did not anticipate. "Surprise" is vastely overrated by a majority of players that just do not pay attention to the minimap. Not like hydro, radar, spotter planes, RPF and detection... detection almost always tell you everything you need to know already (and I do not even use RPF on even a single captain). In essence, there is only one thing that CVs bring to the table in terms of spotting that you just can not have otherwise and that is early team deployment. P.S.: I am coming increasingly to the conclusion, that all ships which are designed to be operated more independently (IJN and french cruisers primarily, maybe IJN and russian DDs), should get DFAA or something other that deters CVs from attacking them easily or at will. Conversely, "fleet ships" that have inherently strong AA, should not get access to DFAA if they, by their very nature, are already or should already be in a zone with strong AA.
  8. MadnerKami

    Over-nerfed CVs

    My condolences for this going down the way it undeservedly goes and my sympathies for your decission.
  9. CE never was a good choice for the vast majority of battleships (there are a few exceptions, UK BBs for example). Survivability, to some degree secondaries and (now finally again) AA are what you should go for and should always have gone for in most BBs, especially in those that are designed to get into the face of the enemy team (german BBs and the upcoming russian tincans). For those it's even an advantage to get spotted earlier, as it helps draw the fire of the enemy off your cruisers and DDs. P.S.: I am still pissed that AP secondaries were mostly removed, instead of fixing their bounce-angles, penetration values and aiming points.
  10. MadnerKami

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    Hitchance isn't actually your chance to hit an aerial target in a literal manner. It is, for all intends and purposes, a damage-multiplier.
  11. MadnerKami

    CV Rework: Another rant about manual ship control

    This. So much this.
  12. MadnerKami

    Fix the CVs [ balance ]

    If we had been playing the game as it's "supposed to be played", then many things wouldn't have happened in the first place. Things that happened due to the vast absence of CVs, at least in part. The game plays considerably more ideal, if you stay in a group of roughly one BB, two cruisers and one DD, moving as a unit and not everyone playing for themselves, the DD and cruisers relying to a small degree on their concealment and mostly on the BB drawing the fire, before the cruisers open up with their DPM, while the DD screens, searchs and does area denial (obviously there are some peculiar ships that "multiclass" or specialize in their function, e.g. Shimakaze being realy good at area denial, Gearing being really good at anti-DD, germans being good screeners and DoT-supporters and so on). Just have a look at what is done in clan-battles and leagues and you'll get a good idea. Randoms with their overabundance of BBs are a direct consequence of the lack of a counter (not helped in the least by various nerfs to DDs over time) and guess what CVs tend to be really good at. I had a good laugh yesterday, when watching a league-battle, when a commenter pointed out that the opponents "blobbed up more" and "stuck together more" and I realized, when looking at the map, that both teams did what they had done before the CV-changes in both clan- and league-battles anyways. The error in assuming that you "can not play the game as intended" is, that your primary job as a DD is to run off on your own. It just isn't. Never was. It just happened to work most of the time, thanks to the absence of better methods of spotting. Your job is to screen your squadron in order to spot torpedoes, planes and (specialized) enemy DDs trying to sneak up. Also, I always have to wonder why people consider DDs as spotters. They may have the concealment to get close and technically spot concealed ships, but they lack the viewrange to really cover the map properly. In your average battle without a CV, almost all the spotting is done by the cruisers and BBs, simply by virtue of the enemy spotting something, opening fire and loosing their concealment, getting spotted at 20km+ by BBs and cruisers, thanks to view-range being a function of the range-finder module and being based off your gun's firing range. DDs could be the spotters, if the engagement ranges wouldn't get increasingly farther, the more you get towards T10, thanks to the gameplay-meta favouring camped-sniping of BBs (which is terrible gameplay, imo).
  13. MadnerKami

    New CVs

    Yup, I think I am misremembering this or confusing it with the catapult spotters. Either way, you will spot BBs long before the BBs spot your planes, CE Expert of Old or not. Cruisers are kind of a wide field, with not getting spotted until you are essentially already flying their AA and ~9km at most, so the "new" CE Expert really only makes a difference on planes that could shoot AA outside their concealment bubble and that were like what? Two? Minotaur and Neptune? They still essentially already plaster you in FlaK-explosions before they pop up on your screen, so not much of a difference either. As for DDs, you are already only spotting them, when you are essentially already right above them, *if* they have their AA deactivated.
  14. MadnerKami

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    So we have more than 27k users who like the update. Ladies and gentlemen, I think the issues are solved. CVs are fine as they are and we all like the new gameplay. Herbstnebel has decreed so. Geezus fluffing christ, some people are just [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited] [edited]. Fluffing hell.
  15. MadnerKami

    New CVs

    Show me a single game, where you were spotted within that timeframe.