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  1. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    History repeating itself, sadly. We've had that in Tanks, we've had that in Total War Arena, we've had it in World of Warplanes. They trip over their own incompetence (e.g. showering us in goodies and thus undermining their own financial basis; failing to adress glaring balance issues or not being able to find a solution to problems being raised by the community for years or even recognizing the existence of a problem), then increase to nickel-and-dime with an increasing level of outlandish premium toys. This is the modus operandi of WarGaming and I can only recommend to not send them any money anymore, especially not for new products. Question: I think it's fine to have a class overperform, as long as that overperformance is directly tied to the effort and skill you need to invest to make it overperform. Obviously, this is a problem when the class can counter-itself, like with the RTS-carriers, so taking out the one thing I loved doing in the RTS (fighter-gameplay) might actually have been a good idea. Personally I think, that a high difficulty in regards to "doing good" is a gateway to player-amounts and if we look back to the RTS-times, it clearly worked. Of course you still had plenty of tomatoes trying and dying their way up, but how is that any different to Unicums and Tomatoes in any other class in general? For example,if your DD-players are crap and the enemy team has good DD-players, then you have lost and there is very little you can do about it and I'd very much argue that the same is true for every other ship class as well. I mean, I had a 60% solo winrate in the Prinz Eugen before it got a heal and it's was an objectively crap ship at the time, commandered by a merely above average player, so clearly it is, for the most part, always a question of who has the better players. How are people so considerably less thick-skinned when the same is true in regards to carriers in the first place?
  2. MadnerKami

    Attack wing damage reduction

    And Dive Bombers. I'd have to check the patch-notes for the exact wording, but I am fairly certain it was even supposed to apply to every sort of attack plane, really. Wierdly enough, if you'd want to limit that effect to one sort of attack planes, the dive bombers would be the ones that need it the most, as they spend the most time within any AA circle and have no heal or the (general) speed of the rocket attackers. Anyways. Fuckup. With capital F.
  3. MadnerKami

    IFHE rework & thoughts

    In B4 the german "Sonderweg" of the 1/4 pen rule is lost along the patch.process.
  4. MadnerKami

    Attack wing damage reduction

    Not for torps, the patchnotes said "bombers", so this is another fuckup.
  5. MadnerKami

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    That was actually the case the entire time since 0.8.0. But nobody realized it, thanks to the random application of the damage to the squad, as pointed out in this video: WarGaming at their finest.
  6. MadnerKami

    AA still firing through islands: fix needed.

    What. The. [edited].
  7. MadnerKami

    CV Diskussionen

    Ich würde mal behaupten, Total War Arena war ein Zeichen der Dinge die kommen werden. Das Geschäftsmodel ist in der derzeitigen Iteration spielschädigend, selbst wenn das Spiel und das Dev-Team drumherum stark startet (siehe WoWS). Aber eine Diskussion darüber hat hier in dem Thread nix verloren.
  8. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    There is one and it's called a well-played destroyer.
  9. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    You could work for WarGaming, you'd fit right into their statistics-departement. It ain't like CVs have to risk their striking capacity in order to deal damage, it ain't like the chassis is completely irrelevant to the CV's performance, other than providing an ability to fire your "guns" until the last second of the match's length. CV gameplay is the equivalent to throw your turrets at the target you are shooting, while hiding your ship behind an island.
  10. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    Now bring and compare stats, when battleships/cruisers/destroyers survive the vast majority of battles to the end. Your "stats" and your reading of them are deeply flawed, because you disregard the single most important stat of your own chart. If BBs/cruisers/DDs had an almost 80% survival rate, what do you think their stats would look like? Given that it is the long (and mid) range AA that produces the clouds, you can bet your arse that the bursts are the primary killers, because those hammer your post-attack returning planes and have a wierd consistency at hitting center mass when you disengage after an attack, where there is either nothing (in case of returning planes) or little (when disengaging) you can do about evasion.
  11. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    You choose your avatar wisely, potato.
  12. MadnerKami

    CV Rework Discussion

    Nah, all is fine, as long as 22% of the players play their CV once a week. In Coop, just to do a mission.
  13. MadnerKami

    Russen BB OP

    Sollten das nicht eigentlich die Deutschen Schlachter machen?
  14. MadnerKami

    Luftabwehr seit Patch 0.8.5

    Treppenwitz dabei ist, dass die Daten vom Liveserver als Begründung herhalten müssen. Das heißt, um wirklich zu zeigen wie schief die Lage ist, müsste man sich einloggen und CV spielen, was weder besonders viel Spaß macht derzeit, noch irgendwas positives bringen wird, weil entweder wird es ewig dauern bis reagiert wird oder die Ergebnisse werden ignoriert oder eventuelle Änderungen werden durch die kommenden Änderungen der nächsten Patches wieder gefressen und man landet wieder genau da, wo man angefangen hat. Oh und Adrenaline Rush und der Heal wird auch mit mehr HP sinnlos sein, weil die zugrunde liegende Mechanik auf einen Spielzustand zugeschnitten ist, der nicht mehr existiert (AR hat man eh nicht genutzt, da gibts besseres, aber egal). Aber hey, immerhin wurde das Problem vorausgesehen, deswegen gibt der Survivability Expert Skill nichtmehr nur 15 HP pro Flugzeug, sondern ganze großzügige 25HP. Macht total den Unterschied aus, wenn 1000 DPS + weis der Teufel wieviele FlaK-Bursts auf ein einzelnes Flugzeug einhageln, das 1500 HP hat. Äh, ich meine 1510HP. Ach, das ist noch keinem so richtig aufgefallen oder? Die Skills und Module die den AA-Schaden herabsetzen bzw. die HP von Flugzeugen beeinflussen, sind alle darauf gebalanced, dass der FlaK-Schaden sich über die gesamte Gruppe verteilt und damit komplett underpowered in der derzeitigen Situation. Sinnlos. Planlos. Erfolglos.
  15. MadnerKami

    Graf Zeppelin Release

    Trollst du mit Absicht oder bist du wirklich so kaputt?