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    Okay, to basically everyone above that basically said "Keep it, ships detonated in real life as well": The issue here is, that gameplay trumps realism. Or to phrase it another way: A feature that brings realism into the game, but has a negative impact on gameplay, should, generally speaking, not be in the game. Now, to be clear about this, realism is absolutely important and desirable. BUT if you generally value it over gameplay, what you are building is essentially not a game but a simulator. And while I realize that some people are not too happy about it, that is neither what wows currently is, nor what it is meant to be. Not at all, but I'd like my death to be the result of my decisions and mistakes, not solely the server throwing some dice at the wall. I really have no comeback to this, but only for the sole reason that I fail to see how "it happens rarely" could in any way, shape or form be made into in argument against "it's a bad mechanic, throw it out".
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    Basically this. It is not tied to player skill, it usually brings irritation and pity the the inflicting party and frustration to the receiving party. The prevention 'mechanics' are so trivial they shouldn't even be called that. As I see it, the only positive thing this brings to the game are the visuals themselves and those would be much better utilized to be triggered by actual gameplay, like devstrikes, instead of just randomly occuring.