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  1. ThePopesHolyFinger

    WTAF weegee?

    [CONTENT REMOVED BY MODERATION] Random game that suddenly becomes a 2 v 2 brawl??? Then returns to 12 v12. If I wanted to play brawls, I'd do that. But I don't want brawls so I ventured into randoms. [CONTENT REMOVED BY MODERATION] [CONTENT REMOVED BY MODERATION] But please, never [CONTENT REMOVED BY MODERATION] like this again
  2. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Concurrent games, each one only lasted 8 mins

    He seldom listens to any points, just posts anything to get his count up. 14k games, but 37k posts...
  3. This used to be a great game. Now it's headed towards WoT levels of stupidity. 8 minute games aren't fun for anyone.
  4. ThePopesHolyFinger

    General Submarines related discussions

    Subs are even more retarded than the sky cancer WoT had a few years ago. It's obvious no one who actually plays WoWs was involved with the introduction of subs. No one could be that stupid and manage to feed themselves on a daily basis. Whoever thought clicking repair, with it's far slower reload than sub ping, was the way to counter subs really isn't capable of feeding themselves. Their brain has been so deprived of nutrients that we all see their suffering and we all have to suffer for it
  5. They would have enough room if they returned the "news" to it's original location. But no, it's yet another "improvement" no one asked for that's been inflicted upon us. It's almost like they hate us players
  6. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

  7. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

    Next bug noticed: We used to have a helpful slot in the port for naval battles, and our progress towards it. The bug now reads news. No one asked for this bug. Can you unfcuk it please?
  8. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

    Ok fan boi Fjords is no longer Fjords. If I wanted xmas stuff, I'd go to a place where they put on xmas stuff for children. I don't want xmas stuff, it's commercialised guff
  9. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Update 0.11.11 - Bug Reports

    Bugs found so far: Fjord doesn't show as home port. This must be a bug, weegee can't be so stupid as to remove the most used home port. The new and "improved" news section is permanently yellow, despite scrolling through all the news. The gift at the bottom of the news section doesn't work. It's gone from telling me an error occurred and to try again later, to just not working at all now. If you're going to introduce something no one asked for, a little bit of intelligence could have been used to test it works first.
  10. ThePopesHolyFinger

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    When one with a 35% WR plays a T10 CV, one is only capable of wasting everyone's game, time and electricity.
  11. ThePopesHolyFinger

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    The problem is when someone who isn't capable of doing something is allowed to do that same something because, to hell with the outcome for everyone else.
  12. ThePopesHolyFinger

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    I had to take a test to be able to drive on a public road. Should I not have had to do that? Maybe I can't drive because I have a physical disability, why can't I have as much fun driving on a public road as those that are actually capable? Weegee have enabled some pretty silly stuff, but are you really saying people who have a 35% WR in a T10 CV should be able to completely bugger up 23 other people's game because they should be able to have more fun than those other 23 people? When will stop defending this nonsense and start talking to folk with bigger offices and passing on our comments. NONE (as in NOT ONE) of the 23 other players you cite want this 35% WR player in a T10 CV.
  13. T10 CV player. This is why WoWs is no longer fun to play. Next up you'll be giving them access to subs...
  14. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Subs in naval battles

    That makes things so much worse than you appear to mis-understand
  15. ThePopesHolyFinger

    Subs in naval battles

    My wisdom? I posted figures. The time I posted those figures was 00:33, that doesn't mean those figures weren't from an earlier time. Now, regarding reading thingy's properly, please read this from the update notes. Read them correctly.