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  1. DB2212

    Why can dd's outgun battleships?

    He's still trying to figure out how to show his stats. You know there won't be a replay
  2. DB2212

    Sovetsky Soyuz dispersion

    This ships really sucks for me, I can't do anything to other BBs. Constant shatters or bounces, especially at close range. Time to spam HE I think
  3. Allow us to vist weegee HQ and we'll poke you in both eyes. Several times. You'll be happy with this because someone will tell you where your keypad and monitor are, and you'll totally be able to do your job as you could before. I'm willing to help you achieve this level of stupid shite. Are you happy for me to do this to you, or will you think, [edited]no, that's a stupid thing to do to me?
  4. DB2212

    No more rewards for achievements after 0.10.4

    edit cos I'm stupid it's late
  5. DB2212


    I've just received a reply to a ticket created about bots and co-op - I queried bots endlessly ramming each other. Response was " Sometimes bots can behave strangely, but they try to imitate the actions of players" One thing I have noticed (and also queried) was the number of times I end up hitting "friendly" bots recently. You aim at red but end up hitting green far more. Has anyone else noticed this?
  6. DB2212

    Respecs should be free anyway

    I lost my job at the start of February. I'm not sure how many multiples of 500 credits you think I should squander when I don't have an income. If it's pocket change, please feel free to send me as much pocket change as I need.
  7. DB2212

    Respecs should be free anyway

    Ok, I played around with specs during the free respec period but couldn't play during the last week or so of the "event" By BBs don't have deadeye. I have no gold, the gold from events hasn't happened for me. Should I just quit playing, or play with a weegee induced handicap? It wasn't me that fucked up the skills
  8. DB2212

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    If the slightest bit of intelligence is employed, when is predicted as 32nd of Julember. How, is predicted as very badly, weegee doesn't learn from previous mistakes.
  9. DB2212

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    I really don't want to know how much cash I've given weegee over the years. I stopped playing/giving them cash for WoT when they fubared arty. WoWs looked so much better for a long time, so I gave them my cash. But they then did the CV fubar and didn't listen or learn, so I decided to save instead of spend. I can still play the game. Is it still as much fun? Sometimes. But more often that not, not really. And I can't help but think paying for less fun is just stupid.
  10. HMS Royal Oak disagrees and asks which came first - the pub or the ship?
  11. DB2212

    Update 0.10.2 - General Feedback

    I just had another epic game on the epic centre map mode. It was awesome for my team when I spotted from the epic centre. Yolo and on to a better map mode. Great job weegee
  12. DB2212

    Epic centre

    So, you want random games removed and I want epic centre games removed. My point was that WoT learned, a long time ago, that not everyone likes all map modes. They listened and learned and gave the players the option of not playing hated map modes. WoWs haven't listened, nor learned.
  13. DB2212

    Epic centre

    Oh, it absolutely does. Long, long ago, WoT realised people didn't want to play certain game types and allowed us to not see certain crap shows. WoWs haven't learned this yet.
  14. DB2212

    Epic centre

    You miss my point. Spotting for the team from the epic centre ensures more fun much sooner.
  15. DB2212

    Epic centre

    Why is this map mode still in the game, and why haven't you learned from WoT? It's a properly shite map mode, hated by many, but it's still inflicted upon us. The only way to play it is yolo the epic centre to spot for the team. New map mode incoming = result and fun