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  1. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    That's all great, but it's a long standing complaint that there's nothing visible to anyone. Who knows if your actions back your words? No one does, which is why so many people get infuruated by an apparent lack of visible proof. And we see the same doubts voiced again and again. Naming and shaming works for every criminal convicted throughout the world, why should an on-line game be any different?
  2. DB2212


    Tinfoil hat moment - is it a coincidence that facebook and several other sites I use have been fubar the last few days? Or is someone dicking around on www and screwing many things up?
  3. DB2212


    Yay, free Yamato for everyone :) They'll do it cos they know no one will ever get a chance to play it
  4. DB2212


    Oh come on WG ffs I was mid battle with a noob team really great team, I was playing pretty poorly fantastically well and was 9 ships away from a double Kraken. You owe me big time WG. But really, you gotta sort this crap out. It's not like it the 20th century anymore. Technology and people are supposed to improve with time. Why does this happen as often as it does?
  5. DB2212


    The server has consumed vodka. Go to bed people
  6. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    It's about as sensible as radar working through islands or selectively deciding which ship types it wants to see/not see. All engineered for fun aparently.
  7. DB2212

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Yay, yet another epicrud map. We're so glad you provide us with feedback about the feedback you ask for. Epicentre is shite. Feedback ended until the next time
  8. DB2212

    Radar Rework

    The best bit about this change is the flood of "I'm using surveillance radar" or "I'm using hydroacoustic search" in chat which obliterates overwhelms anything useful anyone says in chat. I find this particulalry useful as a reminder to never pay attention to anything our team mates may wish to convey to the rest of the team, in this team based game... It's almost like you don't want people to play as a team WG. Good job, keep it up.
  9. DB2212

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    We still have this utterly steaming pile of crud called epicentre. Bin it or give us the option to not play it. It really sucks and I will only ever rush to capture the centre of this "epic" mode. And when I die real fast, I'll go have more fun playing a less shite map mode :)
  10. DB2212

    I'll never play CV's

    I gotta give WG some credit, the visuals are pretty sweet.
  11. This might have been said before, but if you really want to see CVs, play DDs And no, you can't shoot aircraft down with them either.
  12. DB2212

    I'll never play CV's

    Florins and crowns are for CVs only??? I kinda gave up following steel, iron, copper etc and lost all hope of understanding a bazillionth credit system with crowns. Last time I heard anything about Crowns was watching some dodgy thing about "innocent" random Czech women doing bad things with random strangers :)
  13. DB2212


    Fixed that for you
  14. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    Particularly so if you have to refer to the wiki. I have no faith that's it's in anyway accurate given all the recent updates. There must be some way WG can authenticate the wiki status.
  15. DB2212

    Some clarification please WG

    Ahh, that's all good and absolutely fantastic. Prolonged deletions are so much more fun. Finally, you have answered my question about fighters. Thank you, but it shouldn't have taken this long to clarify that fighters will deviate from circuiting their mother ship to follow and attack enemy planes.