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  1. Suggestions thread

    Epicentre still exists. It's shyte, and always will be. It's always yolo time unless you give us the option to not play it. WoT managed to listen to their players and give them the option to not play map modes they don't like. When will WoWs learn from WoT???
  2. Does karma actually do anything?

    The only thing Karma does is create forum questions titled "what does karma do" (or similar) every couple of weeks.
  3. Suggestions thread

    Fair enough, your mention of browsing made me think you were web browsing.
  4. Suggestions thread

    Isn't this already in place? The WoW's icon in your toolbar should flash orange as the game starts, or it does for me.
  5. Bear in mind that he was so ashamed of his stats that he's hidden them now. The stats you see are old and he's apparently so desparate to increase them that he's trying to justify stupidity as "calculated risk" It doesn't work Yaskaraxx, no matter how much you hope it will work. Just stop trying. Please.
  6. So, he has a thing for duck's arses and old ladys? I'm guessing he's 13
  7. Did you get confussed when you got up too early and then decided to take alcohol or other mind altering substances? Go to the video and watch between the times quoted. Those minutes directly answer the question you asked in your first post.
  8. I think you got up to early and are confused. The video posted is not mine, I wasn't playing in it. I highlighted the minutes you need to listen to. To summarise those minutes; Dont do "doing real crazy stuff, close to insane risk-takings from time to time" It's been done before and doesn't work, which is why no one does "doing real crazy stuff, close to insane risk-takings from time to time" Because it's crazy/insane/stupid and doesn't work often enough to work. Please, go to the video and watch/listen to minutes 5:57 - 7:20
  9. I read the title and came here wondering how a short Japanese poem could outpace an island. I think I should go to bed
  10. Suggestions thread

    And this is exactly why karma is useless and should never be rewarded. You want a reward for 1 positive but have no answer to 3 negatives. There are too many people more than willing to offer negatives than positives, how do you differentiate between the two?
  11. Bagoshite epicenter

    So this pish still exists. Good job WG. Back to Wart Hunter
  12. 5:57 - 7:20. There's your answer

    I've highlighted some relevant words in your rant :)
  14. Suggestions thread

    To make it a super god tier pick ;)
  15. Suggestions thread

    Just to make sure no BB will ever edge hug again