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  1. DB2212

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    I have recently divisioned up with someone who clearly knows their ships, their strengths and weaknesses. He gets incredibly wound up by players as described by the OP. Not being a native English speaker, he queried the meaning of "imbecile" While explaining its meanings, I had a google to find the origins and was greatly amused to find the following. An idiot is someone with an IQ of 0 - 25 An imbecile has an IQ of 26 - 50 A moron qualifies with an IQ of 51 - 75 Use this knowledge wisely
  2. DB2212

    WoWs launcher won't launch

    I uninstalled the game and now can't install anything. When trying to download the WG Gaming Center, or clicking on the download link in https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/game/ all I get is the following Corrupted Content Error An error occurred during a connection to wds.gcdn.co. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected. Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. I did waste about 10 minutes trying to contact WG on their wonderfully helpful Player Support, but it won't let me progress without submitting a WGCheck report. Which I can't do cos I can't download the *#@^ing game
  3. DB2212

    Umm, WG

    This where someone from WG comes and explains how that happened, or someone from WG tells a mod to delete this post for not being constructive. Constructive would be someone from anywhere telling us how this is going to be fixed.
  4. DB2212

    Umm, WG

  5. DB2212

    ranked sprints

    Remind me again how many players are in a ranked battle? Less the CV That's not an "almighty death blob" That's stale gameplay. Well, it's actually not gameplay, it just a group of ships trying to stay alive and failing to do anything positive towards having any form of fun. You perpetuate the window licker monicker. Don't be a window licker
  6. DB2212

    T5 DD Siroco???

    Weird Al Yukisuki is gonna take time to type. I blame you for my future deaths
  7. DB2212

    T5 DD Siroco???

    Here's another for you. Al Yukisuki Not on my tech tree. Why Not?
  8. DB2212

    Submarines: the next step.

    Most of my recent games have resulted in my ship becoming a submarine anyways...
  9. DB2212

    T5 DD Siroco???

    And some people just don't know when they are being an abbreviated Richard. There are so many announcements/events/updates/general-news that some many people don't even try to keep up with it all. Glad you have the time to fanboy while not contributing anything helpful. Thank you for your input.
  10. DB2212

    T5 DD Siroco???

    Wasn't showing in the Premium shop either for some reason, but thanks anyway
  11. DB2212

    T5 DD Siroco???

    Have seen several tonight and have no idea which flag they sail under. Maybe French? I have no idea cos they don't exist according to the tech tree. Can anyone enlighten me please? Polite education prefered :)
  12. DB2212

    French Destroyers

    Evening gents, I'm a bit late to this conversation, but I have a question or maybe more. Having played over the weekend (alcohol might have been was consumed...) I found Jaguar and Vauqelin in my fleet. I definitely didn't buy them, I definitely didn't buy containers. Are they permamnent or "loan" ships to entice folk to buy them? How ridiculously strong is Jaguar? I like this ship very much.
  13. DB2212

    General feedback

    The "updated epicallyshitecentre" mode, or whatever you're calling it, is still utterly shite and hated by so many. When are you going to give us the option to never see this steamimg turd?
  14. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    Epic centre has been "updated" Can anyone tell me what's changed? Someone has tried to polish a turd but it's still a turd
  15. DB2212

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    I'm not really playing any more. War Gimmick have so completely fubared the game that it's just stupid now, and that's before they do really stupid stuff like introducing NTC. CV re-balence was so horrendously implemeted that it pissed off so many players (both CV players and non CV players - that's a special kind of stupid) Now War Gimmick want to change things to "improve" this horrendous implementation. Nope, just undo whatever you did to [edited]things up in the first place. NTC is only going to further alienate those of us who have no wish to play T10. Where is the incentive for T6/7 players to re-start from scratch and earn snowflake points if they only play 2 or 3 games a day? My premium runs out in a week or so, there's not a hope in hell that I'll spend any more money on this game while this level of fuckwittery is even being talked about.