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  1. Rituals before WoWs session

    Click BATTLE, light a cigarette. Die and repeat. This is why I quit WoT. 5 minute games were killing me.
  2. General Feedback

    Where's the option to give feedback on the clusterfuck of circle-jerk that's epicentre? It's just shite and not fun. It really is just a meaningless collision of many migraine inducing circles of pish. Give us the option to never play it again please. WoT managed to give players the option to not play awful map modes, why don't you ask them how they did that and implement that option here?
  3. How short is your attention span?

    My attention span is 0.5 seconds if the map mode is epicentre
  4. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    Nope. You'd have more luck looking for rocking horse crap that's been chewed by a field of chickens
  5. Suggestions thread

    It's not really Random if most folk are platooned up and most likely with comms. Make Random Random!
  6. World of Lemmings

    This is why we have lemming train fails. Co-op is supposed to be a place to learn but it seems therealVanquisher has learned that lemming trains are good. He hasn't learned to read either - right below my name is the rank of Warrant Officer. Nowhere is Admiral mentioned
  7. What is this [edited]?

    If WG really do listen to their customers, their customers have a voice here. The average player plays and leaves without WG ever undestanding why they leave. They probably don't care who leaves, or why, but if we don't remind WG how awful they are, no will. Keep telling WG what the problems are. Tag @MrConway and others and let them know how pissed off their customers are.
  8. World of Lemmings

    1,168 co-op battles, 786 random battles. Tell us how the lemming trains work in co-op
  9. Suggestions thread

    Epicentre It's still truly [edited]shite. Alway has been always will be. It'd be great if you learned from WoT and gave us the option to not play this pile of steaming crud.
  10. Suggestions thread

    Cyclones How do they work? Do they envelope the whole map simultaneously or do they sweep across the map? It would be good to see them sweep across the map (as they would in real life) and to have some sort of visible cyclone coverage area on the mini-map. Some players would use the lack of visibility to their advantage, others would seek the clear parts. Your thoughts?
  11. World of Lemmings

    Pretty much sums up the game for me at the moment. Premium time runs out soon, I think a break is needed when that happens. I'm not feeling particularly inclined to pay for something that just isn't fun.
  12. World of Lemmings

    Is it just me, or has there been a very recent increase in lemming trains? It's becoming as stupid as WoT with the near endless rush to one side.
  13. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    It's that T button BB's and some cruisers get. Risk going anywhere near them in DD, get radared, get obliterated, watch them repair the flooding damage. Why bother.
  14. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Provide data which shows radar is good for anyone. Provide data which shows radar isn't directly influencing game play. I don't think you can.
  15. I can never figure out why people have to bring up stats in-game. Is it a "look at me and how great my stats are" or is it "your stats are rubbish so I'm not going to play my best because you're rubbish?" Just play, no one is interested in your stats, no one is interested in hearing about other people's stats.