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  1. DB2212

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    I see many similar claims in our clan in the last week or so, many more than there have been for the last few years. Go to https://wows-numbers.com/ Look at your PR, and anyone you wish to search for. Weegee changed something for everyone between the 5th and 8th May. I'm not saying what they changed then has affected the current roflstomps, but they have changed something.
  2. DB2212

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    I don't know what weegee changed with this update, but they fubared something up quite spectacularly. There is no end to these results, they aren't fun for either side. I'm done with randoms.
  3. DB2212

    Arms race terrible?

    Arms race was invented to allow CVs to focus on the DDs rushing to instant death. Weegee tried to include subs in arms race, but sub players just dribbled on their keyboards and liked the prettiness of all the circles
  4. I saw your in-game message, thank you, but was a bit too busy to respond
  5. DB2212

    unsporting cv

    The problem we have with CVs and subs is that weegee have enabled several classes where people with little experience and skills can jump into ships that can massively influence the game either way. Most often it's noobs playing these ships and are less than useless to your team, or it's highly experienced players ripping the shite out of your team. Neither is fun to play with, or against
  6. Dear Wargaming. Please stop smoking whatever you're smoking new thread title?
  7. DB2212

    General Submarines related discussions

    This is why subs are retarded. This is why people aren't going to play in games with subs. Subs will always be retarded or will be nerfed to the state that no one wants to play them. We'll never know which genius at weegee approved subs, but I pray a thousand gerbils gnaw him a new arsehole
  8. DB2212

    Sumbarine counterplay.

    Submarine counterplay
  9. If only someone with a brain at weegee thought T7 or 8 would be more fun for Clan battles. This game is fucked for older players while this shite continues
  10. DB2212

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yay, another torping from an invisible sub. [edited]off you dumb [edited], subs will always be retarded
  11. You brought subs back into the game despite everyone saying they are bad for the game. You still haven't provided us with any indicator for where our depth charges will land. Do they go in front of the ship? Do they go back from the ship? Do they go sideways from the ship? How far forwards/backwards/sideways do they go? You really haven't thought this through, you've just decided you're doing this, and to hell with what your customers say and want. I'm going to politely suggest you're not really as intelligent as you think you are.
  12. It appears that weegee think they have succeeded in polishing a turd. They haven't.
  13. DB2212

    General Submarines related discussions

    Subs are still shite. Always were, always will be. Get them out of the game, or give them their own game with CVs