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  1. Limited ammo

    Atlanta says NO Atlanta with adrenaline rush very definitely says NO Although, to kind of make Op's point, I have a screenshot of my Atlanta having fired 1,400+ rounds in one battle So what would I have done without ammo in that situation?
  2. Suggestions thread

    Different map, same epicallywank map mode of epicentre. Give us the option to never play this pile of crud
  3. I just got the 30% off coupon, couldn't be arsed following it all. Didn't use.
  4. So, if I understand this correctly, you're annoyed that WG dicked you out of some free stuff (1,500 doubloons when buying 4,000) and to spite them and show your displeasure, you bought 8,000 doubloons?
  5. Suggestions thread

    You do know how that'll be re-named?
  6. What has happend to the Missouri?

    Anything with value. Folk saying Iowa or Carolina have the same guns and nothing's changed just doesn't work for folk saying something's changed. Unless you have access to WG's numbers, you can't provide any sort of proof. Maybe nothing's changed, but there are too many folk saying Missouri isn't what she was. Maybe if WG didn't have history of changing stuff there wouldn't be this thread?
  7. Suggestions thread

    That would be very welcomed, right alongside individual flag purchases. But WG decided packages of flags, mostly including un-wanted flags, are the way forward. Genius. Once again, we see players asking for individual items. WG should know that we'll pay for them, but in true WG style, there's a comprehensive FU player, WG knows best - "here's a package of crap you don't want. Take it or leave it"
  8. What has happend to the Missouri?

    Well, if many folk feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the same thing, does that make them wrong? If you can categorically tell us the WG haven't dicked around with Missouri, we'll quite happily agree with you. But you need to show us proof.
  9. My best performance so far xD

    Come on gents, let's not burst OP's bubble too soon. He had his best result and wanted to share, some of us do/did the same. Some of us learned where to post it, some of us learned not to post it. But let the man enjoy his moment of glory because we know it won't last long. Encourage, not disparage.
  10. Suggestions thread

    Well thanks for that information. Not being a clan player, why would I look at clan battle info? There's a never ending list of stuff happening, if we spent our limited time looking at everything irrelevant we'd have no time to play anything. I might have been ill-informed and behaved unwisely, but that's pretty much my point. I was ill-informed. The time stamp is not obvious enough. There are no " if you do this" type of warnings. I hope you feel somewhat smug proving my point, thank you for your input.
  11. Suggestions thread

    Is this really the best use of the Suggestions thread??? We post here in the hope of game improvements, but if unsinkable sam is your goal then I think you need to find another post
  12. " This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" I tried to increase the view count to 3
  13. Uninstalled

    Toodle pip old bean, we're counting the games you play after you "un-installed"
  14. Suggestions thread

    Let's not spoil the fun of DDs and CVs. Why should it only be BBs who have fun? Let's educate BB drivers to the fact that others play different ship types and BB drivers need to understand that sailing in a straight line is stupid. Let's make BBs not unload their secondaries onto any spotted DDs. Let's keep adding to the list of why BB drivers cry so much.