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  1. Just pissed a CV player off :)

    Good story sir, but you've completely missunderstood a very basic concept of this game. Your main goal is to kill/piss off the RED CVs, not the green ones. Good job, thanks for sharing. (LOL)
  2. People are very interested in CV's gameplay and how they help their team. The CV's credits? Very much less so. They're interested in their credits and how the CV helped them achieve whatever they got. 2.4 mil is pretty impressive though, good job Sir
  3. Bug Reports

    I had a horrendous bug earlier, 2 games in a row. It's been happening for many updates now and it's still pish. Epicentre bugs the crap out of me and many others. Fix this bug please :)
  4. Insignia & Emblems

    Hello @tagl1a, We're very "passionate" and equally bemused about these insignia and emblems. My questions about them: 1: They're apparently meaningless as they are. Where can we see what insignia and emblems we have? 2: Do these insignia and emblems actually benefit us in anyway? 3: I believe I saw something telling us how we earn these insignia and emblems, could you sticky it somewhere prominent so we can understand what we've earned, how we've earned it and what we need to do next to achieve more of these confusing and unwanted insignia and emblems please? 4: What drugs are you feeding the devs, how much are they and where can we buy them?
  5. Suggestions thread

    So this epicentre crap still exists? 2nd game in a row and I'm here while my ship sails headlong towards the centre. Hopefully, by the time this is written, the game will have ended or I'll be dead and can play another ship in a better mode. All you mods and devs who come here all the time (we know you do because customer service tells us you do) just stop inflicting this crap mode on us please.
  6. I have a cunning plan to improve skills of the player base. It's foolproof and idiotproof and it will change the whole game! The idiots will be fooled and fools will become idiots And the cunning added bonus is that it will make the game so much less toxic. No one will ever get wound up by it. Give everyone an emblem/insignia/cartoon animal thing. This thing will be flashed in your face when you die. A big digital middle finger kinda thing. There, gauranteed 109% instant improval of skills. See, it's completely genius. What do I win for devising this divisive crud?
  7. Insignia & Emblems

    It's just a big WG F.U. to welcome new players. They'll love it and want to spend more time and money on the game because of it. And on the negative side, that's a big WG F.U. to everything the vets have achieved
  8. Suggestions thread

    Dear Devs and Mods, Several issues, please bear with me should you ever read this. You come here all the time, apparently. We believe you come here because the wonderfully helpful customer service centre tell us you do. Apparently, they have no contact with you (which renders them effectively useless and nothing more than a placebo) but the following is their only answer to queries. " Please use our forum this is the tool you can use to provide to us feedback" " the only course of action would be for you to post it on the forums so that our developers can bear it in mind" " the best place for you to post your ideas is the forums. Believe it or not, our developers are reading the threads about player's feedbacks and thoughts about the changes that they make in the game" More worryingly was the following. "I can understand your point, play a mode you do not like can be frustrating but, please understand, we cannot give feedback to our developers, the customer support provide technical assistance and explanations of the game mechanics, but sadly we cannot provide feedback to our Devs this is not our role in the company." So, now we're here knowing that the customer service centre is unlike any other customer service centre in the world. Customer service centres exist to pass comments from customers to those who are paid more. Those customer service centres that don't pass on comment of customers are, well, pretty much no use to the customer. And no use to those who are paid more. So, my suggestions. 1: Enable your customer service centre to pass on comments to devs/mods. If devs/mods don't know what the customer is unhappy about, devs/mods will continue to carry on in blissful ignorance to what the customer is saying. And we all know devs/mods want to listen to customer feedback, good or bad There were going to be further points, mostly about how horrendously bad the epicentre mode is, but until devs/mods can actually acknowledge any suggestions here, this suggestions page is as much help as the customer service centre and as much use as a chocolate teapot. Forum ban for discussing topics raised with customer service centre, action on this post, or absolutely nothing changes?
  9. New Year's Ship Horn

    The horn is great, I like the sound of it on most of the ships I've played. But please, please, end the santa hohoho noise. We're into the 2nd half of January ffs.
  10. Bug Reports

    I keep getting a completely fubared bug in the game. Epicentre. It's a waste of time and electricity. Fix it please. As in, kill it or let us not waste time and electricity on it.
  11. Ok, it's not really a map screenshot. But if you screw your eyes up and tilt your head a bit, you'll maybe see enough to have a bigger laugh than I did. For info, I died 3:52 into a 6:59 game and still ended up 2nd.
  12. a classic one

    What if the players is (and I apologise for any poor wording) maybe a little bit mentally slow or ill? He obviously sucks at tiers above T2. Why should he play them when he does well at T2? Maybe that's all he's good at in the world, playing T2 destroyers. Did you try sealclubbing at T2 and got sealclubbed by him? Why do you care so much about it?
  13. Is there any benefit to running IFHE and DE?
  14. Does this mean I can repeat tasks 2, 3 & 4 of stage 1 and progress without owning DoY? I think not.