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  1. DB2212

    Flashes on the screen

    Appears like he's running ALL of them
  2. DB2212

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    It's been a long time since I've had any positive thoughts about WG, but this has changed opinions a good bit. Thank you
  3. DB2212

    Corvid 19 14 days free premium Thank you thread

    WG, you did good, thank you
  4. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    When are you going to listen to our suggestions WG? Epicentre is trulyfuckingshyte.
  5. Unsporting behaviour report for evey CV player on my team. Wish I could do the same for those on the enemy team. And I wish I could report more often.
  6. DB2212

    Dont type 'Potato" in chat!

    Or kartoshka
  7. DB2212

    Dont type 'Potato" in chat!

    Bawbag works, but generally only if they aren't Scotish ;)
  8. We're not panicking, we're just seeing the same stupid stuff happening time and time again. And we're pretty sick of it. Testing happens and what's tested gets rammed through anyway. Sure, they might "nerf" something like the "nerf" on Riga, but it happens anyway. There are countless forum users saying they've had enough and are stopping playing, or stopping spending on WoWs, yet WG continue with the same stupid stuff. Do you, as mods, have any feedback you give to WG, or do they cause these problems and leave you to deal with the grief without understanding why we are so sick of what they do?
  9. WG looks at criticism??? We don't believe they do - there are no acknowledgements or comments from WG, which is why we post what we post. But posting it so the forum looks tidier will solve everyone's problems? There is a masssive disconnect between players and WG. We end up having to deal with stuff WG think is a great idea, and then we're criticised for commenting on these great ideas? We have tried posting in the "SUggestions" thread. Not one response from anyone at WG. Close it down, there's no point in it being there. The Dev Blog is just a list of things WG announce that's happening, there's no point in commenting - there's no acknowledgement that WG are looking at comments, never mind acting on them. The announcement of AP rockets has 144 comments over 6 pages. only 2 of these comments are from mods, and one of those is "wtf WG?" Are mods considered WG employees? If not, that's 144 comments and not one response from WG. And you wonder why your customers are so sick of the endless nonsense. This is why we post where we post.
  10. DB2212

    The ROFLSTOMP Project

    No, tell us when you last played a DD. You got Siliwangi 31/01 and played her twice. Did the big bad CV ruin your games? Again, your reference to buffs on lower tier CVs proves my point.
  11. Since the first epic centre game I played, I have often publicly stated how awful it is. I have done this mostly in the "Suggestions" thread because, we've been told WGs devs look at this thread. Epic centre is shite and disliked by so many players. Why haven't WoWs caught up with what WoT learned 4 or 5 years ago? Players don't want to play what WoWs inflict on them, WoT learned that lesson and gave players the option to not play map modes that suck boaby. Numbers for this last Epic Centre where I yolo'd the epic centre, parked up and went to get a drink. And contributed to another ROFLSTOMP. My T7 CA against their T8 CV and T9 BBs 115k credits, 3rd on the team (despire afk and yolo) thank you WG, gotta love credits and XP I really don't know what to say about this game. Yolo-ing a hated map mode and top 3? Which parts of this are fubar?
  12. DB2212

    The ROFLSTOMP Project

    When was the last time you played DDs as a solo player?
  13. DB2212

    The ROFLSTOMP Project

    My comments in bold to your responses. How many DD games have you played recently, and which tiers?
  14. DB2212

    The ROFLSTOMP Project

    Thank you for proving my point. 1 out of 10 of your games you aren't the last one alive, which means 9 times out of 10 you are. And you USUALLY get DDs before they can do you serious damage, either by spotting or their own firepower. DDs are unable to cap when there is a CV/CVs in a game. CVs are far too overpowered at the moment, as you have just proved.
  15. DB2212

    Cunningham Tokens progression so far?

    Ok WTF are british cruiser tokens? I have a few, but this event is another non-event for me. I don't play enough to go for these things, or when I do play, I play other ships. It's hugely frustrating to end up with a small amount of worthless tokens.