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  1. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    I'd like to suggest, once again, that epicentre is shyte and we really need the option to not play it
  2. DB2212

    Titanic Engines, how they worked, clever animation

    I spent a summer stoking a triple expansion engine 30+ years ago, it was great :) Not so much fun carting the ton and a half of coal every day though, but it kept me fit.
  3. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    And Saturday nights/Sunday mornings
  4. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    SSDD epicentre is still crap
  5. DB2212

    Captain respec over already?

    What? Free repsec? But only if you play a clan game? That sound fair to everyone. @MrConway did this really happen?
  6. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    epicentre is still a steaming pile of crud, always has been, always will be. Never going to do anything other than spot from the centre and die quickly
  7. DB2212

    In praise of the Reliant 3-Wheeler

    I drove one once. For some reason it reminded me of the Lotus Elan Sprint I also drove once. In both cars, you sat straight legged on the floor in a fiberglass tub. But the Lotus had the correct number of wheels, went faster and could drive round bends without falling over.
  8. DB2212

    Better than tanks?

    As others have said, WoWs is quite different from Wot and in many good ways. I played WoT for too long after the game became more roflstomp 6 or 7 minutes of stupid than something that used to be longer, more enjoyable and something that could be somewhat planned rather than reactionary and unplanned. Generally (but not always...) WoWs is slower paced and games tend to last to full time. No arty - I quit before the arty nerf and can't really comment on current arty play, but arty was another reason I quit WoT. You will experience Detonation though. It's a wtf moment when it happens, but it doesn't happen often and you learn to laugh when it does. And you get free anti detonation flags when it does happen ;) Folk play WoWs because they want to play WoWs, there's less afk/rage quitting/crap talk/team damage. Just learn to not torp from the second line... Play WoWs and have fun
  9. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    I have a suggestion which has been suggested many times already, but I'm going to suggest it again because no one's listening to these suggestions/placebos. Epicentre still exists. It's still shite, and always will be. There's still no option to not play it. Twice, in 4 games tonight. Yolo spotting is the only way to get to another map mode sooner.
  10. DB2212

    Support my petition (uk universal credit)

    Better would be a system which removes long term unemployed from unemployment. Better would be a system where unemployment isn't a better option than working and contributing to society. Better would be a streamlining of the benefits process where there is one payment which covers all types of state payment rather than an individual having to apply for unemplyment benefits, housing benefits, disability benefits, child tax benefits. Better would be anything than the system currently being phased out.
  11. DB2212

    Support my petition (uk universal credit)

    Isn't this what Universal Credit is? An attempt (no matter how it's perceived) to produce a better system? Something has to change and the folk it affects will never be happy about that change, but someone is bothering to try a different system.
  12. DB2212

    Support my petition (uk universal credit)

    Having worked continuously since 1985, the last 15 of them as an employer, I have no experience of receiving any kind of benefit. What I have seen is employees wondering why they should work long hours in a physical job (paid well above the living wage) only to see so many folk doing nothing, but enjoying the latest phones and designer gear which my employees can't afford. Our most recent ex-employee decided that his social life was suffering because, after travelling to and from work, he didn't have time to see his friends. Some folk would wonder how he can afford a social life now he isn't earning a wage. But, apparently, he can. There's something wrong with that.
  13. DB2212

    Isnt fire overrated?

    As Cyclops said... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-18370249/falklands-30th-anniversary-sir-galahad-ablaze
  14. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    This is the best non-bragging bragging post ever
  15. DB2212

    Suggestions thread

    Epicentre still exists. It's shyte, and always will be. It's always yolo time unless you give us the option to not play it. WoT managed to listen to their players and give them the option to not play map modes they don't like. When will WoWs learn from WoT???