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  1. elwiscomeback555

    Proposal of french tech tree

    Tier II Premium Surcouf please
  2. elwiscomeback555

    Subguns viable?

    At least secondaries on Yamato should be pretty deadly considering that their are basicaly Mogami´s main, with rangefinders and fire directors You can also do it like in Battlestations where you have grouped all guns and main gets priority when loaded
  3. elwiscomeback555

    Kantai Collection kai2

    You must be reall unlucky, i got hiyru and soryu from event drops and this is all LSC i have done.
  4. elwiscomeback555

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I would expect French ships, it would fit into axis theme. I want Surcouf
  5. elwiscomeback555

    Nové lodě na obzoru!

    Zajímalo by mě zda se objeví křižníky/kapesní bitevní lodě Deutchland
  6. elwiscomeback555


    1. bitva a to nejsem zrovna dobrý hráč...
  7. elwiscomeback555

    Tirpitz Bar and Restaurant Open for Buisness

    tactical decision - you cant sink him if he is already beached! this message was brought to you by troll science
  8. elwiscomeback555

    Life boats

    It is surprisnigly easy to shock and "disable" people just by well aimed slap on ear. Why do you think blast bags bags exists on gun turrets? Gun blast hitting lowe turret was actually one of the major arguments againts superfiring position back in the day btw navweps just mention clothes ripping
  9. elwiscomeback555

    Life boats

    100% correct. 460mm could knock you unconscious 50m far from barrels.
  10. elwiscomeback555

    BattleFleet Gothic - Warhammer Ship

    Nexus Jupiter incident reskin. Yes please.
  11. elwiscomeback555

    My best score yet

  12. elwiscomeback555

    Morse Code in Port

    G2: vocal transcription, something like "play warships"
  13. elwiscomeback555

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Poi version ;) not mine ofc
  14. elwiscomeback555

    WG and the British

    ...Warspite, Wyoming, Kongou, New York. All WWI ships. BS, look a this book i have right here. Not translated into other language than Czech, easy to read (not too much expert terms) but still has detailed drawings, armor schemes, gun stats, modernization data and so on. Even for RN.
  15. elwiscomeback555

    Kantai Collection kai2

    nope, this is actually appropriate