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  1. Nordavindr


    i plan to make one of the ships maxed out AA platform . i.e: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 AA Guns Modification 2 AA Guns Modification 3 Basic Firing Training Advanced Firing Training I think Salem would suit better for the role. On DM I would play around with range / legendary module and Aiming Systems Modification 1 If CV is in queue take Salem, else take DM ;-)
  2. Nordavindr


    Salem topic. Legendary upgrade will come?
  3. Nordavindr

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    IMO radar on DD should have kind of diminishing duration implemented or mechanics like extinguishing fire if its used the ship can't be put on fire for some period of time. Radar in general is needed but being perma radared by 3 ships gives no option even to escape not to mention do something useful.
  4. I use Legendary upgrade on Zao. I like it very much. Rudder shift is much improved and more shells land on target. I don't use Legendary Upgrade on Hindenburg. I can't figure out how to play with it to have fun.
  5. Nordavindr

    Gameplay is now a joke

    maybe some folk can't stand camping behind the rock for too long and in all the camping/long range snipe meta going out and close looks like yolo
  6. Nordavindr

    EU server down?

    I wonder it too. Why the [edited]are they messing around the servers on EU peak hours. Time to go elswhere... 80% discounts on Ubisoft store they say
  7. Nordavindr

    EU server down?

    it's busy responding to everyone trying to get in that they failed to connect
  8. Nordavindr

    EU server down?

    I got the info that I will be redirected due to my server maintenance. Logged to allegedly other server. Then after 1 game got again info that dueto maintenance I will be redirected. Can't log in since. Now this:
  9. Nordavindr

    Navigation sign for BBs

    Has anyone any explanation for this?: This is TX map. Does BBs need "hints" like this?
  10. Nordavindr

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    I had a luck to have more forgiving players in my Co-op though I honestly informed them tham I'm on "farm secondary hits" mission before the start.
  11. Nordavindr

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    Ok. Thanks for fast feedback. Will take my Bismark for a spin and see how it goes.
  12. Nordavindr

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    I thought of that but there is no separate progress bar for that. The only one which is there is already 500/500
  13. Nordavindr

    Can't finish Ovechkin mission?

    Could anyone enlighten me what else is to do in this mission? it is 5/5 I have 500/500 in Hit Enemy ships and 100/100 damage modules. Yet the mission in not completed.
  14. Nordavindr

    Black Friday Dev blog

    No way I will buy another Atago just because it is black. But if there was Black Perma Camo I would give it a go. With such decision WG is: limiting their income irritating players and both are bad. Combined are Bad2
  15. Nordavindr

    CV Rework is the killing blow

    One can get tired of this game. Thats for sure.