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  1. Nasdaq Wargaming style

    The arguments of those who are against the idea to let players buy coal/steel/oil for credits / freeXP are reasonable. But still. More ways to spend credits / freeXP are always welcome . Why not add a premium ship for 100 mln credits? Or maybe "Fleet High Quarters study" for a Captian for 500 mln credits which will give him 2 additional skill point etc.
  2. Ise the BBV in Blitz

    I also noticed that. If common sense would be applied, on simplified phone/tablet version secondary should be automated. In standard PC version secondary armament should be manually controled meaning player has to switch, aim and fire while main guns reaload.
  3. Kronshstadt. I'm asking your advice

    My finger (mouse pointer) was hanging over Kronshtads "Purchase" button sever limes already. But each time the prospect of BB dispersion set me back and I say to myself "go play Missouri or Scharnhorst" and then I go pick up some cruiser...
  4. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    Just got my hands on Moskva. Fun ship provided it is not parked behind a rock. I wonder if Kronshtadt has to offer something unique. Moskva also has good arcs, punchy guns and plenty HP + better AA , dispersion and reload. Is faster (didn't check turning radius but rudder shift is also better). So maybe I will keep the FreeXP for Alaska
  5. Torpedos and Team damage

    Thanks for bringing that up. Pity Willie Dee didn't at lease imobile Iowa. There would be chance Roosvelt would not be there to agree with Stalin the division of Europe leaving central europe in the deep crap of communism for next 45 years
  6. Torpedos and Team damage

    I don't think something like this existed by the time (ww2) to radio control the time of detonation. I use "Get Back" message to focus attantion if I see my torps might hit friendly ship.
  7. What's with the DD meta these days?

    How else check who from enemy team is near the cap without informing everyone that you are there?
  8. Great idea these new premium camouflages

    I like the idea of this selection of additional camos . I have too bought one for my Atago . It is really good to see such after all this wierd camos they have introduced recently (go-navy, etc.) which turn your ship into anything but warship. I would be glad to see also "permanent flags" for doublons (ship specific maybe ? to boost a bit some particular weakness).
  9. Anniversary Event

    I hope the upcoming anniversary rewards/gifts which are mentioned to come on 17.09 will not be available only for those tokens. I like to belive I can spend them on Dasha without risk of missing something
  10. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    but must be annoing ship this Kron with long reload fast shells going everywhere but on target.
  11. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    Hello, Now as there are already some videos of Alaska, I would like to know what you think about it. How is it performing compared to Kronshtadt? Maybe some of You had a chance to play both ships and I would like to hear Your opinion. Does the ships offer differen playsitle? Which is less stationary ? Are both bound to island hagging? I know Alaska is still in progress and subject to possible change but anyway, WG can change everything even in existing ships. If you had 750k of Free XP and wanted to spend it on one of those cruisers, which one it would be and why?
  12. CV Rework Discussion

    I have limited experience with CVs but in my opinion: Player should have option to control the carrier as any other class. Switch between squad view and ship view should be done to allow carrier to try to dodge torps, set secondary guns on target, AA on attacking planes etc. Player should have option to split the squad of 12 (e.g. into 2 squads of 6) and send them in different parts of map. Player should be able to switch between the squads to gain a combat view and control as was shown on the presentation. If the player is currently switched to one squad, the other is auto controlled
  13. selling is not good alternative for hiding for obvious reasons. You dont sell your winter cloth on spring, do you?
  14. "hide camo" should not equal to "demount camo". It's obviously confusing. Actually I was wondering for a second or two if apart from disappearing of the camo from the list of camos and from the ship itself are the bonuses still there? but no, if you "hide" camo, you remove bonuses. UAT failed.
  15. Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    buff to my favorite ship is always welcome. more tight turning cycle please + 1 more consumable slot for Defensive AA