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  1. 33rdAngel

    EU server down?

    YES it is P.S I am a PREMIUM Player but servers are for all.
  2. 33rdAngel

    EU server down?

    OUR Cash :-)
  3. 33rdAngel

    EU server down?

    Not had a day back in compensation for longer than I can remember. I usually just accept issues and do not feel the need to post, tonight an exception as I was bounced twice and can not get back on a server ............. Call it the frustration factor kicking in :-)
  4. 33rdAngel

    EU server down?

    Me too, bit rich paying for PREMIUM then cant play.
  5. 33rdAngel

    Looking for a casual clan

    Check out 33AD Regards
  6. 33rdAngel

    Why I am done for the day ( at least )....

    Have to agree re BBs hiding behind islands, tonight had 2 biggest BBs {Fuso & Kongo} in our team and all map they sat at the rear behind islands while myself {Imperitor} & Partner {Wyoming} advanced to support our cruisers {as we lack range it seemed logical} we were slaughtered by 2 Tier 5 New York BBs 2 Clevelands & an Atago. The sat back BB captains then slagged us off for leaving them to face all the enemy alone !!!. I had killed 1 Cleveland & 1 DD on the way, they managed to kill absolutely nothing the whole game !!!. I wonder sometimes if I am living on the same Planet as some players. Regards Angel
  7. 33rdAngel

    This game die earlier as WoWp?

    I think your "facts" have more than a hint of fiction I play every night since BETA testing and have never seen 40000 players, I have seen regularly 30k+ per night from 6pm GMT to quite late and the same on a weekend. German cruiser "fiasco" I think more like "player new to German Cruisers needs to learn to use them", I find their high fire rate exceptional and when I learned to utilize their strengths and minimize their short comings I found them to be very capable ships. ALL ships have their own particular subtleties and downsides so they are no different to any other ship, after all if all ships of all tiers and nations had exactly equal strengths and weaknesses why bother making different ships, why not just be boring and have 1 ship per tier with no nationality. So sorry OP I can not agree with any of your points I have indicated. Regards Angel
  8. 33rdAngel

    I feel the need to apologise to some players. Again.

    Anthony started the game playing Randoms and after a short while posted on this forum re his frustrations with the number of games he was losing {having purchased Premium ships}. Myself and other astute regular players advised him to check out Youtube for useful tutorials then learn the game and hone his skills playing Co-Op games rather than quit playing as he indicated he may do. Fortunately he took this advise and from my observations {having been in some teams with him} now seems to be enjoying the game {add to that less toxic abuse in Co-Op hence less stressful}. I also sometimes prefer Co-Op for the reasons indicated less toxic, friendlier and players who at least try to play as a team {usually}. I started in Beta testing in Randoms but found when the game went Open that the influx of new players into Randoms also brought the "Kill All" mentality and the "do as I say or I will abuse your parentage and wish you to die of cancer blah blah blah" faction from WOT into the game. At this point I decided to play Co-Op myself for a while, I have recently dipped my toes so to speak back into randoms and while my win rate has fallen from 60% to around 58% I am finding fewer incidents of verbal abuse than before {more teamkillers though }. My point being "verbal banter" is fine the occasional "noob" "idiot" comments I shrug off, if I am completely honest I am guilty of the sarcastic "Lemming Train Leaving The Station" comment myself as I watch my entire team sail off to the edge of the map. Regards Angel
  9. 33rdAngel

    Co-Op Battle statistics page ?

    Hi Look http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/505684863-33rdAngel/#tab=pve/account-tab-overview-pve Where it says FIND PLAYER type in your own player name and off you go Not sure if there is a page for "overall" PVE statistics. Regards Angel
  10. 33rdAngel

    How many ships

    I have 40 ships Tiers 1-7 and I love to play them all at least once every day {when I have the time available}. I also have 4 free Port slots I am saving for when the Royal Navy joins the fray. I like to have one of each tier per nation of each type of ship but I do tend to favor Japanese ships over all others. With regard to German cruisers I have each one from Tier 1 - 6 and don't have an issue with any, if used to their strengths all perform as well as ships of any other nation. I do not think I will go higher than Tier 7 {6 in some classes/nations} having read the negative posts accumulated on here with regards to higher Tiers I do not see the point. Regards Angel
  11. 33rdAngel

    An apology to the team mates I've killed recently.

    Sometimes "torping" a friendly just is not your fault e.g if you see a friendly DD moving from the center of your view to the left and an enemy is slightly to the right of your view its perfectly understandable you would turn to position yourself for a torpedo attack. If then the friendly DD does a 180 degree turn after you launch and waltzes straight into your torpedo spread that is their fault for not being mindful of your location. I do apologize to this accidental TK but if it results in a tirade of abuse I also point out it was not really my fault. The UMIKAZE has a long torp range but the torps are so slow a friendly may pass through your spread and be damaged/killed I have often observed. It appears to me to be easier to accidently kill a friendly with torpedoes than to hit an enemy with them sometimes. + 1 Antony for the admission and apology on here. Regards Angel
  12. 33rdAngel

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    IP address monitoring ??? Heard of Dynamic IP's they kind of nullify any IP monitoring attempts, having run a clan in another game I had the ability to monitor/ban IP addresses and guess what habitual rule breakers I had banned from our server returned with the same name and a different IP address so sorry WAH WAH OOPS Nil Point. If I banned the name they just returned with a different IP & slightly altered name. I did this for a server with only 30 players every 20 minutes and still it took an extortionate amount of time to police. Monitoring distance etc etc ??? Yes good idea monitor hundreds of games from thousands of players I do not think WG have the staff resources for that task. Even if you limited the search to only games where players have been reported do you really think WG would bother ???. They run a business as such they will not invest time {which equates to money} on something so labour and time intensive. Nice notions but sorry totally unworkable. Regards Angel
  13. 33rdAngel

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    Just a side note people but habitual team killers/damage merchants have multiple accounts and switch between them to minimize any punishment effects. One TK actually bragged in game he does not care if the account he was using is banned as he has many others he uses and if one is banned he just opens up another to continue his "fun". I honestly believe there is no definitive cure for this problem. Regards Angel
  14. 33rdAngel

    Need better Matchmaking and punish players for no teamwork

    As far as PvP goes I was quoting a "theoretical" example however I have done exactly this on more than one occasion in PVE games Regards Angel
  15. The bots are much improved over the last 2 patches - more 1st salvo hits more citadel hits and more vital system damage every salvo than ever before. This forum is a magnet for Trolls like you - pity you never have anything meaningful to say. Stupid comments from an obvious juvenile - people play co-op to avoid bumping into players like you. So do I - its more fun, less damaging on the ears {abuse}, challenging yes challenging because the bots are much improved, still not up to human standards but not the total push overs they once were. +1 Totally agree +1 Antony you still have much to learn and co-op is still the way to go. Ducat has a point you can learn a lot from watching the videos from more seasoned players. I have the ATAGO and ATLANTA and find them very fine ships when you use their respective strengths correctly. Regards Angel