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  1. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi, Well finally got the thing. Apparently despite getting the paypal confirmation the transaction was cancelled, how and why I do not know. In answer to the comment about the torps above; first game, Tirpitz charges me around the island, and eats all four from the single launcher...dunno why, he knew I was there! Three further games, and I haven't landed another torp though so I think the jury Is still out. Guns don't seem to do a lot of damage which is the opposite from what I was led to believe about this ship. Gary
  2. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi, First thing I checked! No filters and then DD's only. Definitely nothing there but I agree, it is the daft sort of thing that could happen. I'll wait but a bit frustrating as I like my DD's and a afternoon with a new one would have been nice. Gary
  3. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi again gents, Nothing yet, already did a restart of the game a couple of times with no luck. Just tested it with a small order of a 1000 doubloons, via paypal as before. That went through instantly, as usual. Should only be the EU account. I'll give it a few hours before contacting them. Strange as this has never happened to me before. Gary
  4. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Gents, I would just like a chance to use it! Ordered it a hour ago and it hasn't turned up yet. Very unusual, never seen that delay before, the transaction appears to have gone through. Gary
  5. Gary1701

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Gents, Another one here showing unusable amounts of lag and stuttering since the new update. I've been playing since beta on the same PC without any previous issues on high graphic settings and consistently maintained 60+ FPS with ease. No changes my end so will have to give the game a pass until this is sorted out. Gary
  6. Gary1701

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Gents, First post for a long time. Playing some Alabama in ranked, which I don't normally do. Although not a 19 pointer it's not a new buy so has a experienced skipper on board. Having a whale of a time, keeping having Tirpitz and some Bismarck's sailing across in front of me. One game yesterday four of them spent virtually the whole game just going backwards and forwards across me whilst I lobbed six round salvo's into their sides. Alabama is surprisingly tough angled nose on. Gary
  7. Gary1701

    Monarch: The Mutant

    Gents, Been playing the Monarch for a few days now after progressing from the KGV. Seems a lot worse to me. It's guns just don't do the damage that the KGV's did, or are anywhere near as accurate. Unlike the KGV, I want to get past this ship as fast as possible. Gary
  8. Gary1701

    Santa boxes

    Same thing has happened to me as well. I first tried on the 23rd and kept getting put back to the buy screen. Worked okay from the 24th but it looks like I missed the premium ships as I've now tried probably 30 boxes according to my paypal receipts, all middle or top boxes and not a premium ship in sight, just camos. Yet I keep reading these stories of endless premium ships. Again, yesterday it wouldn't let me buy any and repeated the problem I had on the 23rd and as mentioned above. I'm not normally prone to conspiracy stuff but I'm beginning to think something odd is going on here. Gary
  9. Gary1701

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Gents, Just had a unusual game. Tier 10 with the Hindenburg and a Southern Spawn on Two Brothers. Amazed to see three BB's, including a Yamato come South through the centre channel. They were spotted by aircraft so the team knew they were coming. They lasted about 30 seconds after emerging from the channel, never seen a Yamato go down that quick just to gunfire. Plaudits must go to the two players left with me at the end who allowed me to sink the Iowa and get the Kraken. There are some decent good players out there. Gary
  10. Gary1701

    Secret santa- completely broken?

    Gents, I think there's something wrong with it as well. It wouldn't even work for me on the first day I tried it, the 23rd. Every time I clicked on it, I just got put back to the start. From the 24th it worked and I have now bought about 15, mostly the middle one but also a mixture. I keep reading comments about people getting one ship after another but nothing like that for me, just flags. I'd be curious to know if anybody has got premium ships in the last couple of days, not just the start. I think I'll give up anyway as it looks like I'm not going to get anything like that now. Gary
  11. Gary1701

    german DDs, very flimsy?

    Gents, I must be on a lucky run, 5 good victories out of 6 with the T-22. I like it but I suspect it won't last. Gary
  12. Gary1701


    Gents, Science of victory campaign, mission 5 task 6 seems to be a problem, unless it's me. 'Earn two individual honourable or heroic achievements', plus the normal tier and random battle conditions. It doesn't say they have to be earned in the same battle but I did anyway, assuming that 'first blood' and 'it's just a flesh wound' count as achievements. Anyway, finished the game as above, with both those awards in the bag, yet although two other missions completed nothing on this one. Is it bugged or have I missed something; tier 6 ship, random battle. My end seems fine. Gary
  13. Gary1701

    To "Iowa" or not to "Iowa" that is the question...

    Okay, thanks for that, I can see it now under the rudder shift time. Gary
  14. Gary1701

    To "Iowa" or not to "Iowa" that is the question...

    Gents, A quick query on the Iowa. I've had her for a week or so now and have been playing on the stock 'A' hull. Just this evening I have upgraded to the 'B' hull and can see where the credits and XP went (more hit points and better AA). I'm struggling to see what the point of the 'C' hull upgrade is, especially as it costs 60k XP and 5 mil credits. All I can see is a 1 point increase in AA, although the number of mounts comes down. Is that it? Gary
  15. Gary1701

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Sorry guys. No replay. I didn't have it enabled and although I've read up on how to do it (sure I had it working on a previous version) I can't get it working even now. Got the replay folder and the game files all as they should be but when I click on them all I get is taken to the normal load screen, no replay. Anybody know what the issue is, I followed these instructions? http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/38798-enabling-replays/ Gary