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  1. Gary1701

    Flint in the current meta

    Guys, Got the Flint on Thursday evening after getting the final batch of steel I needed in ranked. As I'd been planning this for a while I'd been playing a lot of Atlanta, partly to build up the skipper who would transfer over and also to get myself back into the habit of the playstyle required. I generally do pretty okay in the Atlanta so expected it to continue. Thursday evening was a disaster, maybe I was too over confident but it started bad and got worse. After going back last night and today, it's back to where I hoped. The Flint is a monster in the right hands. I'm currently on a run of 8 games without defeat in it, and am averaging about 3 kills a game. This is in randoms. After a initial hiccup, I can say it is the ship I expected. Gary
  2. Gary1701

    Exeter - Last stage

    Same here, I've been putting off jobs this weekend just to get this damn mission done. Whilst it might be Wargaming's intention to get people playing, I just tend to find you suffer from WoWS fatigue when up against a deadline like this, making players take a extended break from the game. I'm having a break...after I take the Exeter out for a spin obviously... Gary
  3. Gary1701

    Exeter - Last stage

    All, Just finished it, took 23 games in co-op this morning using the Warspite and Nelson exclusively to get 20 citadels. I must admit to doing things you wouldn't normally just to get the angles on them. Final citadel was achieved just by moving into the flank of a Myoko from about 8 km, knowing full well the DD I was ignoring would get me, which he did. Yet to get that citadel I still did it! That said earlier on I held my fire from a couple of targets that weren't good citadel targets to help out players who said they were after three kills. I have to agree that you don't exactly have to be Einstein to work out what the likely results would be of having such selfish mission requirements. Surely there's a better way? Gary
  4. Gary1701

    Exeter - Last stage

    Just done it with the Gallant after 7 games in Co-op. Final kill was a ram on the last surviving Scharnhorst just as he was about to go down. Three times in previous games with the Leander I was on 2 kills and was landing rounds on the final target hoping to get it when somebody else got the killing shot. Bl**dy frustrating! 20 citadels in comparison should be relatively straight forward! Gary
  5. Gary1701

    Exeter - Last stage

    Sounds good, I have Gallant, Jervis or Cossack that fit the bill - I'm thinking Cossack? Gary
  6. Gary1701

    Exeter - Last stage

    All, I wasn't bothered by the achievements, took yesterday evening and a couple of games this morning, Warspite took care of it. Half way through the damage part now, that's just a grind. I am really not looking forward to the next one though - 3 kills in one game. I got a Kraken a few games ago, so I suspect trying to get 3 again is going to be a nightmare. Gallant? DoY? Leander? Nelson? not sure which is the best to try it with. Gary
  7. Gary1701

    I cannot sell anything from my inventory! Its bugged!

    Hi, Just tried it. It appears to be fixed here. Gary Edit: just got a response from the support a few minutes ago. Just a simple mindless 'cut and paste' answer assuming the problem my end. Somebody fixed it anyway.
  8. Gary1701

    I cannot sell anything from my inventory! Its bugged!

    Just done it for what it's worth. It's almost as if they make the menu process as difficult as possible to put you off doing so..! Gary
  9. Gary1701

    I cannot sell anything from my inventory! Its bugged!

    All, Same here and just made a rare visit to the forums to see if anybody else had the problem. Been like it for a few hours and have logged in and out several times. At least it's not just me. Gary
  10. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi, Well finally got the thing. Apparently despite getting the paypal confirmation the transaction was cancelled, how and why I do not know. In answer to the comment about the torps above; first game, Tirpitz charges me around the island, and eats all four from the single launcher...dunno why, he knew I was there! Three further games, and I haven't landed another torp though so I think the jury Is still out. Guns don't seem to do a lot of damage which is the opposite from what I was led to believe about this ship. Gary
  11. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi, First thing I checked! No filters and then DD's only. Definitely nothing there but I agree, it is the daft sort of thing that could happen. I'll wait but a bit frustrating as I like my DD's and a afternoon with a new one would have been nice. Gary
  12. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Hi again gents, Nothing yet, already did a restart of the game a couple of times with no luck. Just tested it with a small order of a 1000 doubloons, via paypal as before. That went through instantly, as usual. Should only be the EU account. I'll give it a few hours before contacting them. Strange as this has never happened to me before. Gary
  13. Gary1701

    Haida is in shop :)

    Gents, I would just like a chance to use it! Ordered it a hour ago and it hasn't turned up yet. Very unusual, never seen that delay before, the transaction appears to have gone through. Gary
  14. Gary1701

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Gents, Another one here showing unusable amounts of lag and stuttering since the new update. I've been playing since beta on the same PC without any previous issues on high graphic settings and consistently maintained 60+ FPS with ease. No changes my end so will have to give the game a pass until this is sorted out. Gary
  15. Gary1701

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Gents, First post for a long time. Playing some Alabama in ranked, which I don't normally do. Although not a 19 pointer it's not a new buy so has a experienced skipper on board. Having a whale of a time, keeping having Tirpitz and some Bismarck's sailing across in front of me. One game yesterday four of them spent virtually the whole game just going backwards and forwards across me whilst I lobbed six round salvo's into their sides. Alabama is surprisingly tough angled nose on. Gary