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  1. Khul

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    You are a gentleman & a scholar, I came here to post exactly the same suggestion...
  2. Then they'll just give them radar so they can take out DDs as we— Oh. Oh.
  3. Khul

    Game kicks you to login screen +more

    Happened to me twice Tuesday afternoon.
  4. Khul

    Great changes to HMS Cossack

    Power creep is a beautiful thing, my friend.
  5. Don't think they post on here (the only mention of them I can find is someone in this very topic thanking them, like I'm about to!) but if you see @Lataring on your team, you are going to have at least one great player on your team—not only skill-wise but also as a polite, funny player. They scored 3 kills & got confederate in their Saipan, keeping four ships busy & damaging them in our cap while I capped out the enemy base just now in my Mutsuki. A player of the highest calibre.
  6. Khul

    New Bonus Code

    Just worked for me. & thank you Jethro.
  7. Saw forumite xXx_Blogis_xXx twice today. In the first match, he was our CV & the enemy CV saw what he was up against & suicided straight away (I believe he'd had previous experience!), but I was laughing so much my Lo Yang got shredded & I died first. Second time Blogis was also our CV, this time in his Saipan. I was in my Fubuki, & I capped a bit & killed three ships with torps, coming second to the man himself in XP. Of course, both times he carried us to a win. Was a pleasure... PS: His division mate (Another Scrubber, was in Algiers the second time?) was also a very good player. I forget his name though, so if you're reading this, Mate-of-Blogis, kudos to you too
  8. Khul

    Doomed to lose

    I'll see that, & raise you:
  9. Khul

    First French DD announced - Aigle (T6)

    One can only presume that the Guepard-class will be for the tree, as the Aigles were pretty similar, I believe. Surprise for me to see such a powerful gunboat at such a low tier (those 5.4"-ers are Japanese light-cruiser spec, & the French ship has more of them)...
  10. Khul

    OKTYABRSKAYA REVOLUTSIYA in the shop & mission

    Teeeny sample size but there was one on my team in battle just now & he got detonated by a Kongo. FWIW, which is obviously not much...
  11. Khul

    I´m on fire....

    Ooooh thanks for this mate, had not heard this version, that's lovely...
  12. Khul

    I´m on fire....

  13. Khul

    Is This Game Rigged

    Can I just say, this is a marvellous post & should be engraved on to a giant marble slab then nailed to the forehead of anyone who mentions the word "rigging" (in any sense other than "those stringy bits on ships they used to put sails on") either in-game or on-forum.
  14. Khul

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Update Performance

    FPS has worse than halved since the mini-patch. Consistently had between 50-60 fps beforehand, tried this morning & was struggling between 12-25, no lag indicator, nice ping (25-ish), no other applications running, nothing changed to system settings between then & now. Stuttering & jerking like a bronco with Parkinson's Disease.