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  1. Matium

    sooo.. tirpitz/bismarck

    And it seems that the Germans will come in October...so maybe after all the Germans will come and not the Soviets.
  2. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    So here are some more precise stats of the Bismarck and some screenshots,for those who did not saw this by now on StatusReport. http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.ro/2015/08/wows-bismark.html#more This other official statement confirms that Tirpitz wil be a Premium and Bismarck will be available for research. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/gc-announcements/ It also tells us that the Germans are coming in October...so i guess after all the VMF (Soviets) will not come after the Kriegsmarine,and i personally want the Royal Navy and Regia Marina to show up in the game before them.
  3. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    So i managed to talk to somebody briefly, that was playing a Bismarck and he said that the top speed is 30kts and the guns range is around 21 with 26sec reload...but anyway i think this stats will change when the Germans will get implemented ..maybe not by much .
  4. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    Ok guys,so i had the chance to see both the Bismarck and Tirpitz in my team. So i got the Bismarck stats, the Tirpitz torpedoes range ,the HP of both, and the fact that Bismarck is quite a fast BB. It seems that Bismarck is also a premium,so...this means we really don't know if Tirpitz or Bismarck will be premium or not. The HP of the two differs in +100hp for the Tirpitz and you can also see there is a difference ,this time a bigger one regarding the AA defense. In one picture we get the answer in the chat for what torpedo radius Tirpitz have. Also from these pictures it can be seen that it took some time for me to get right next to him and i can estimate Bismarck had around 30kts . In the last pictures Tirpitz is taking a beating and Bismarck is firing back ...guess what happened to Nagato! Not the best pictures..but at least i tried
  5. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    I expect the one from WW 1 because it will be inaccurate for some lower tiers to have inter wars ensigns ,but that's just my guess.
  6. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    They can use 2 ensigns . The one from WW1 for the smaller tier ships and this one for the higher tier. Just like in Aurora and Murmansk case.
  7. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    It has pretty decent HP man, look at the numbers,the other things are comparing to my Fubuki ship. The green "line" shows it has better stats than me and the red "line" shows the opposite. For example it has better HP than mine,and i have better torps than him . If you compare to other ships it has almost the same HP of the Iowa stock leaving Amagi and N.Carolina way behind(stock). And if Amagi and N.Carolina are fully upgraded, Tirpitz still has almost 2k HP more than them.
  8. Matium

    Bismarck sighted!

    Nice photos of that beautiful ship man. You guys want to look also here : http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/24887-tirpitz-statsand-torps/ It is about Tirpitz stats,Bismarck 's sister,so maybe they will share some stats.
  9. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    Well , i really don't know more,but i don't think they will make a bigger range than 6-7km. on BB torps..especially if this is premium,it's supposed to be somehow weaker than others in same tier . I personally think the torps will be similar to Omaha and Isokaze stock torps. What i think is that they will get from 5 to 7 km range and 10k-12k dmg/torp . But that is just what i think Tirpitz have or will have.
  10. Matium

    Tirpitz stats...and torps...

    So this is the print-screen that i took today...in my first match at tier 8 (and i sunk him with my torps, muhu..muhu...muhuhahahah! ) This print shows relatively what stats does it have,at the moment,the fact that it has torps and the ship status -> premium. Enjoy!