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  1. JQHiggins

    Italian commanders

    Hello there, As far as i realized, only 3 captain portraits available (and 4 ships in total). Will be any more in the future? cheers
  2. JQHiggins

    Incoming Duca degli Abruzzi - [WiP]

    Bought it just because of her history... But holy cow, struggling with anybody who came against me. I don't know wether IFHE would help on her. Can't make higher than 15-30k dmg.
  3. JQHiggins

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Is it worth to train preventive maintenance for the commander, will it helps to prevent turret losses noticeably? I just feel the probability of damage for the main turrets too frequent to be comfortable...
  4. JQHiggins

    Roma availability

    Hi there, would be it possible to extend the availability of Roma till at least 02.Feb? If i'm right there're a lot of us who could buy it then...
  5. JQHiggins

    another italian beauty on the way?

    The rebuilding of the Cavours was somehow rational, but there was no reason for the Duilios. The Cavours were 160 million lira each, the Duilios 302million/ship. They would be better if they build one 27000ton battle cruiser, or two 18000ton pocket battleships instead of the Duilios, or instead of the four WW1 battleships, they could have built a fifth Littorio. The financial, industrial aspects were too high also, these sources were lured away from the more important Littorio class. Even after the rebuilding, these ships were weaker in all aspects than the foreign WW1 battleships in the same category, only the speed became an advantage.
  6. JQHiggins

    another italian beauty on the way?

    One of the biggest mistake of the RM in the last pre-war decade by the way
  7. JQHiggins

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Other Changes

    What will be the Nelson commemorative flag about?
  8. JQHiggins

    New Commemorative Flags

    Ps: i forget, for a still buggy Nelson
  9. JQHiggins

    New Commemorative Flags

    Oh yes, and this was about what? To spend your free XP to a quasi 'reward' ship, (instead of unlocking the new BB's) and work/spend more to the tech tree? I think lot of the Nelson owners thought twice if this would be the case... But IF hey put it into the shop it would be generous and fair if they'll give us the flag for free for the XPd ship.
  10. JQHiggins

    New Commemorative Flags

    How marvelous... so we used our free XP for a unique ship, and they'll put it into he shop for everybody else?! Won't be a too charming idea.
  11. JQHiggins

    New Commemorative Flags

    I can see some restless fire flag only, not Nelson flag
  12. JQHiggins

    New Commemorative Flags

    Maybe i've missed something, what contest?
  13. JQHiggins

    Nelson bugs?

    I just saw it on WoWs site.
  14. JQHiggins

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Nelson's X turret's guns hangs into B turret at high elevation (check photo). A cosmetic thing only, but annoying. Another question, i'm missing the "Nelson" name from the aft of the ship. Another question 2: gun firing sounds like a cruiser's, will be changed in the future?
  15. JQHiggins

    Nelson bugs?

    Hello there, Yesterday got my Nelson, and there are two questions: - main guns firing sounds: sounds like some cruiser sized cannons (intentional or bug?) - on the aft there should be 'Nelson', but on my ship there is no name plate