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  1. Asgeirifier

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Nice! Can't wait for her to become as pretty as all her friends!
  2. Asgeirifier

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Really nice skins! Are you still working on the König? She's the only German BB without skinmod left AFAIK
  3. Asgeirifier

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Really nice work on the Novik, eagerly waiting for more of your amazing work!
  4. Asgeirifier

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My best result in a long while : )
  5. At least for me the .11 pack works just fine apart from weird shaded squares on the sea
  6. At least texture mods worked on the latest test server IIRC. I just had to install them in res. I know it's risky but the I figured the test server was a safe environment and it worked well enough.
  7. Asgeirifier

    Should I skip the Colorado?

    Tried a few games on her back in the CB and felt like she was a fine ship.
  8. Asgeirifier

    The Bismarck 3D Modeling TImelapse

    Pretty damn impressive modelling
  9. Asgeirifier

    [MOD] Wyvern's Skin Workshop

    Really nice skins Wyvern! A great alternative for Tanz's if you prefer a bit more used look
  10. So they are gonna add two Pallada-class cruisers as premiums for the Russians and two Omaha-class for the US. I wonder what the Russian T3 cruiser will be if the whole damn Pallada-class will be in game already as premiums before the main tree release
  11. Asgeirifier

    Whats your most fun to play Class of ships ?

    Cruisers are my favourite, liked DDs a lot back in CBT too. BBs are OK too but CVs are not for me. If I want to play RTS I play an RTS, not WoWs.
  12. Asgeirifier

    Ship Nicknames

    MS Kielimuuri for Finnish Navy training ship Axel von Fersen. The name means "language barrier" because the Swedish speaking officer trainees are usually stationed on her. Puuhamaa (name of a Finnish amusement park) for the Pohjanmaa, the previous flagship.
  13. Asgeirifier

    4.0.1 what will come thıs update?

    So I should get negative 20-40 latency? That'd be great, see stuff before it happens!
  14. Asgeirifier

    Goodbye to the Dock

    Just came back from my last game before the wipe. Defeat on the Colorado. Time to say goodbye, to my New Orleans, The Colorado, Mahan, Cleveland and Minekaze. See you soon.