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  1. DemocracyExpress

    Space Camo purchase window

    So I have a quick question, since I haven't been able to find an answer in the updates on the main page. Will we only be able to buy space permanent camos for the duration of the space battles event, or will they stick around afterwards? I would assume the former, but I wanted confirmation. Also, I'm sorry but when will the event end again? Thanks.
  2. DemocracyExpress

    G-O-E looks for adversaries

    PM sent.
  3. DemocracyExpress

    Charity Stream to help Portugal's forest fire victims

    As a fellow countryman, I thank you and you have my utmost respect for doing this (and thanks to Kyoshi for bringing this to my attention). Good on you and the best of luck. (Also, I hope no relatives were harmed?) Cheers
  4. DemocracyExpress

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    As someone who played with and was in a clan with Cowper before (and an occasional visitor to their Discord), I can safely say that this clan will offer you a laid back and extremely welcome experience. They are about fun and historical discussion, and they certainly achieve both. Newer players will also find he is only too happy to help with any game related questions or confusions. It has been a pleasure, Captain and fairest of seas for you and this merry little group you're building! o7
  5. DemocracyExpress

    Update 0.6.1 - Ranked Season Test feedback

    Welp... we can already see the team lineups: -Saipans with the ocasional and sad Hyriu -Fleets of Scharnhorsts sprinkled with the odd Gneisenau or Nagato -ALL OF THE BELLFASTS and maybe a Fiji or Myoko here and there (and the Flints, let's not forget those) -A random assortment of Blyskas, Leningrads, Sims and Shiratruyus While the game itself never was Pay to Win (props for that WG) even with some silly ships like the Bellfast or the Nikolai, this ranked season will be...
  6. DemocracyExpress

    [AWG] Asymmetric Warrior Group (Apply via Discord or TS)

    Before this grows into something stupid and uncalled for: - RNGsama, if you tell me you've never EVER lashed out against someone in chat because of the monumentally stupid crap we all see on a daily basis I'll commend you, but I won't believe you. And saying someone is immature because you saw something like that once makes it look like you WANT to cause trouble; - I don't agree with Gunny's reaction, but it's kinda weird to see someone take the time and effort to call someone out in a clan thread after one singular incident. If you don't like what happened and want words, do it privately. Unless you want an audience, in which case I don't know who's being more immature; - True or not, the fact is OMNI has a bit of a bad rep regarding its player's attitudes (this is what I've heard and seen recorded, I've never met one of you ingame, so I don't have an opinion) and again, coming all this way just because you met a guy and he snapped once kinda reinforces that negative stereotype. What exactly were you planning on achieving? Hindering a clan's recruitment? Humiliating its founder? If that's what you take pleasure in doing then I'm sorry for you. Now can we please just bury the hatchet and go on our respective merry ways? Cause even I feel like I'm getting too petty here...
  7. DemocracyExpress

    Odem Mortis International X [OMNI-WS-X] is Recruiting

    Please ignore what I posted earlier and my PM. Cheers
  8. DemocracyExpress

    AA is way to powerfull

    Aaaaaaand now update 0.5.6 just buffs BB AA... Don't get me wrong, CVs shouldn't strike with absolute impunity (and I'm a CV player myself) and IJN BBs at tiers 6-8 needed some love, but USN BBs (especially high tier ones) were already deadly if you were either lower tier or messed up the attack run. And since their guns have been buffed (finally) most of their players will (or at least they should) switch out gun mods for AA mods. I am NOT curious to see what a full AA spec NC is going to be like, especially since t8 carriers can't equip the relevant plane HP mods yet...