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  1. I am ready.....1.74 mil free xp, less Nelson, will still have 1,365,000. Straight to conquror, come on wg, give me my toys.
  2. Exactly, greater visibility, gameplay and previewing now. Prior to this their hands were somewhat tied from my understanding. Notser was supposed to be doing a 9 or so hour stream just for this today.
  3. Because it is pointless, prems add variety to games full of core ships. No need to separate.
  4. Scharnhorst I think is best option.
  5. Good news I believe is that the embargo for showing vids on British Battleships ends today so Notser and others should be releasing Nelson and tree videos today or very soon.
  6. Thats what I am hoping
  7. Its extremely soon according to stream and impression i got from another streamers cheeky suggestion
  8. Its supposed to have v good ap too!
  9. The only thing for sure is that there will be no Rodney now if this is the prem. Not too fussed but would have been nice to have nelson on standard tech tree and Rodney as prem
  10. They indicated its arrival is extremely imminent.
  11. 49 with flags
  12. Wg stream confirmed 375,000 free xp cost which i am fine with, looks good ship, but 45% fire chance is insanely op don't u think? 59,400 hpoints 18.2 km range mains 24 knots 750 turning, 14.9 rudder shift 14.8 concealment by ship 12.4 concealment by air
  13. 1.7 million free xp, am trying to keep to convert 1 to 10 in brit bb and get Nelson but kurfurst and yamato are tempting me :(
  14. I am going to make this difficult for you. I have something like 50 prems. Perth is my 2nd best ship of the lot, however, konig albert is NOT to be missed out on, its a dominant killing tool. I would grab them both and you will be laughing. Both I rate higher than graf spee by long way.
  15. Will leave the children for now and return when the adults are back from work.