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  1. 2 Free santa boxes

    Am i missing something here, i spent well over thousand pounds in this game and i did not get any crates? never mind, idiot here found them lol. Sorry
  2. Crap smoke mechanics?

    Where is it asinine, not firing, no detection mechanics like radar or sonar in battle, so does not make sense.
  3. Crap smoke mechanics?

    Tier 5
  4. Crap smoke mechanics?

    Is this right, now sitting in a dd with 5.4 detection range, not firing a cruiser can detect me as he approaches from 5/6 km when before had to be a lot closer? If this is right, then smoke and dd play is broken, does not make any sense being able to see someone if enveloped in smoke from that range. Crap
  5. I have, there is evidence of persistant abuse, which any statistical reporting setup would note through repeated designations as team killers so they should easily be able to police it I just cannot believe these morons get entertainment from it and show their ignorance on twitch
  6. SE clan, IDIOT 1 and IDIOT 2, shot at me for no reason in a game and wiped me out whilst on their team, I went and petitioned it and checked twitch and true enough these idiots are on there and past videos show them pink and shooting team mates, why are they not banned from the game??? Sick of this rubbish, fix the mechanics of the game so idiots like these do not ruin it for others. *I removed names in case some fool on forum management has go at me, the innocent always suffer in this world whilst the scum gets away with it.
  7. RN Destroyers

    Hi, Ok, with the fully fledged British BB and Cruiser tree, I know there is the Pan-A fleet which I have little interest in, when do you think the British Destroyers be out, any rumours of what ships will be in the tree. Any wishes or desires for this selection? Looking forward to some decent gunships. Regards
  8. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    I am ready.....1.74 mil free xp, less Nelson, will still have 1,365,000. Straight to conquror, come on wg, give me my toys.
  9. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Exactly, greater visibility, gameplay and previewing now. Prior to this their hands were somewhat tied from my understanding. Notser was supposed to be doing a 9 or so hour stream just for this today.
  10. Why not make a premium time only MM?

    Because it is pointless, prems add variety to games full of core ships. No need to separate.
  11. Scharnhorst I think is best option.
  12. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Good news I believe is that the embargo for showing vids on British Battleships ends today so Notser and others should be releasing Nelson and tree videos today or very soon.
  13. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Thats what I am hoping
  14. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Its extremely soon according to stream and impression i got from another streamers cheeky suggestion
  15. Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Its supposed to have v good ap too!