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  1. Can I ask where wargamming get these people from who come up with these stupid ideas? cvs are a joke, radar has always been an epidemic but the remedy is not this. How about for a start removing the ability of radar to work through high terrain. To remove detection of a ship who is maybe 1 or 2 km from you but on otherside of mountain... these basic things are the ones which need fixing... round of applause to the special person who, i assume is russian, decided to extend the range of russian radar. In reference to your recruitment policy, I happen to have a baby nephew who could join your team straight away. He has not started talking yet but that should not stop him becoming the lead on talent and development in your organisation..I propose he starts with the carriers, he couldn’t make it any worse could he.....
  2. Praetorias

    A test for wargaming customer relations, the final test!

    Apologies, was up and heading to work at 5 something in AM, did not care much about spellings at the time, was in a rush. Sorry for poorly composed content, point remains though. I think it is a reasonable point, for those who decide to buy back in, it should all be released on tech tree from day one so can use gold, inc the british one if they want a positive PR event.
  3. I just wanted to confirm the following after I say I hate carriers before and after the rework and am not impressed with customer relations either here post this ignoring of the user base but I wanted to check the following to see if it was going to be the final example of wargaming’s ignorance when comes to customer relations. with all the gold people got back from selling their carriers, I of course assume that when all the premium carriers come on sale again, including the new british prem carrier, OF COURSE, wargamming are going to put them all on the tree so those who like carriers can buy with the gold they got refunded and not be forced to buy with new money in shop only? Of course they will appreciate player base has excess gold now and will appreciate the foul ups and make available these carriers for those wanting to use already owned gold? Or is wargamming going to try it on again by only putting them all up for new money. I would be interested to see if they do try messing people around there too. Thanks, not because I care about carriers but because I am cynical with how we are treated now...
  4. Praetorias

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    1 cv game in 5 or 6, they were in most damn games, before the patch they were ruining the game. At weekends there was an epidemic of them...week days you still saw them in a lot more than your 5/6 prediction. And yes, you invest in the game, you can vent as much as you like because at the end of the day, I own assets in this rubbish.
  5. Praetorias

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    It is poor, I have played a few game but it is not fun anymore, multiple attacks by 1 plane from carrier, 2 carriers decide to attack me, and its attack after attack after attack, after attack. Utter joke. Game is really crap now. Took our Worcester - 1 plane kill, took duke of York - 2 kills.... both were super AA ships before, now useless. The developers incomitance is obvious, how are they going to spin this in the following updates..... "we have had a positive response from the new changes", just more lies, "we listen to the community" - as soon as you say something in stream you get banned if not supportive of this rubbish. Start match, if carriers are in it, log out of match and try another until no carriers.....
  6. Praetorias

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    I have really enjoyed this game over the years, its the light entertainment needed to unwind from work. I have always hated carriers and even bought carriers just to use fighters to try and ruin the day of the carriers. Now that is not pos, with all the other nerfs to aa ships and taking an op carrier and making it super op I find myself really fed up. I resented the day you could have 2 carriers in tier 6 and slowly it has creeped up to multi carriers in tier 10, even hearing of 3 per side. I logged on, sold all carriers in tree, sold 2 premium carriers and logged off. I find that this developer does not listen at all. Many have complained and been ignored, you get these reps like conway talking about listening to feedback, you blatently do not. I am going to take a break from wows and have decided to completely cease spending on this game now after hundreds or thousands i have spent. I do not care if they turn round and reverse patch or have the audacity of saying... we listened to you and now remove the patch - which they will not as many have already sold their ships etc and cannot be reversed back to pre patch. You had the chance to listen and you ignored with two fingers up and continued. Carriers would be better removed from the game. Your opportunity to get this right was during the development when we blasted you for this in streams and forum posts. But you ignored. If you think I am going to constantly show my side whilst playing an ignorant mini game of switching AA sides, esp in dd, or working with non overlapping auras then you can think again. It is also rather pathetic spouting off, its open to change, its developing, it will evolve...time for that was in the damn test environment, not in live.
  7. I am looking forward to it, going to sell and claim back all carriers researched, sell 2 premium carriers for gold. Every game with carrier in, I will log out as soon as match begins as protest and ultimatly play a different game. After years of spending my wallet is now forever more shut when comes to wows.
  8. I would like real world currency refund for premium carriers i have. Doubloons mean nothing to me. You ruined it, changed the whole concept, now pay up. I will take it in pound sterling thanks.
  9. I got banned from talking in their twitch feed LMAO, they do not like criticism.
  10. So as per my original post on page 1 am furious about this but I reread it and it gets worse. carrier recovery time from fire flood and incapacitation are near non existent, they can via autopilot reverse so easy controls there, easier evasion. I bet they still move with speed and agility of dd. The balance towards the already OP carrier has so heavily swung to carriers its shocking. Lets make the carriers hover, why don’t you add cloaks like Star Trek to the planes, oh wait, you have.... now sneak attacks can be made around mountains with planes, ships will not see them coming and when they get their their AA will be worth s*** anyway. if you are sorting carriers out, taking into consideration line of sight, tell me how radar works through all terrain, how detection of other ships when within small km distance when each ship is either side of mountain and not using radar or sonar. How does that work???? nevermind, at least carriers have been “sorted” before - immune carrier, border hugging, speed of dd, no threat of damage to it, torp drops at point blank range OP ness. after change - might as well give them win each game without playing. I look forward to quiting out of match every time a carrier is on other side. People can blame the developers, is not our problem if we decide to quit out each time. Its called protesting!
  11. And fires on carrier etc go out in few seconds so not to distract the carrier player from killing
  12. Utter rubbish... taking OP carriers and making them more OP whilst nerfing AA on ships. In real life do those manning aa guns run from one side of ship to other, only able to fire from one side of ship at time. The dd who has to be agile and constantly change direction, now has to switch aa direction 689 times during match. Pathetic. Give me the refund for midway research, give me refund for 2 prem carriers I have. only reason i had carriers was because i was sick of the op carriers, used fighters to shut them down. Now can’t even do that. reasoning is to make carriers simpler, who are this simple players who are not able to understand carriers in current form. Seem to be plenty of i win button carriers in game now. Time to shift the hundreds/thousands spend on this game to another. The fix, was to remove carriers from the game. That would have been better than this rubbish.
  13. Praetorias

    Boring endless grind stages for Cossack

    Thats not the point, i have it, i grind for the 9500 gold refund to replace the expense and allow me to invest it elsewhere in game. Money is not thr problem, its time spent disrupting the play style for purpose of completing tasks. I just want to do what have to exit match snd get to next one. Its counterproductive to game enjoyment.
  14. I hate grinds in the first place as I work in rl and have not got the time for them. But this british cossack grind is the worst. 50 needed, i log on to grind using ships it says or ships needed to do the task, just to get the final rewards for that stage. Stage 1056 out of 10000 it feels. Never ending. I love wows and have pretty nuch spent hundreds or thousand ++ on it but grinds remove the fun. You come on like its a job, by the time you complete that days required borefest you have little interest in playing properly. It changes how you play and it leaves you hating the game.... why did you make it such a slog, its going to be over 3 months... I find myself playing other games to get some “fun” now. After i have completed my second job for the day!
  15. Utter rubbish view of planes and style - good rest - rubbish carriers should be nerfed, they ruin the game as are so op. this allows them to drop on 3 or 4 ships in one attack, its beyond arcade its like a internet broswer game. How can you make it even worse for people against carriers i know - have games with DOUBLE TIER 10 carriers, AND we now have to focus aa fire on a side of the ship, what so keeep that side to planes and give side to other ships to wreck with ease. Its a joke you can’t even fix the problem with tier 8 mm with t8 blatently being just padding for t10 matches. now you screw this up even more when you could have just nerfed them and remove the “i win buttons” that they are. i have carriers but do not play them other than with fighters to cause as much hassle to enemy carrier as i can. Yes i am interested in what thr compensation will be for my midway and more inportantly the gold refunds for the premiums.