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  1. Exactly, why dont people listen to others and research before being so bloody minded. Multiple ships of same name, applied to diff ships and diff classes through history.
  2. Is it right the Anthony is the same ship class as gallant?
  3. Am working from home today, going to have to take a sneaky game now. Cannot wait till end of work, lol
  4. Its up for sale guys and gals! Bought ready for when back from work ?
  5. Rumour was that it was supposed to be out on 19th!
  6. I have most prems got the harekaze and waiting for Gallant on 19th but what really would like is a gold conversion. At worst being 35 but would be nice for a special 45 for once.
  7. Is this harekaze better than the Akizuki? I find that thing does not hit as hard as expected, awful turning and awful speed. Is this better in those aspects?
  8. So apparently after all this time, most of the premium ships bought, I can celebrate with 10% off a purchase due to a coupon I received in game. Lol... you spoil me so! Surely you can do better than that? The paypal sale offers better return on gold than that.
  9. Sharnhorst is one of the best premiums and delivers in every way so i would choose that. The prinz is gorgeous and feels great etc etc but i dont care what anyone says, she has a very strong bias to tier 10 matchmaking. I am in a t10 match near;y every flipping game and cannot compete at that level as well. Am sure it is because of the sonar perk as e lo yang has same problem.
  10. hi, Just a query, whats the deal with promo catigorised premiums. Are these forever to be special premiums never to be placed on tech tree with the premium classified ships? I.e. Kaga is a promo prem so will that stop selling and be it for a year or so and not sold on the tech tree? Thanks
  11. Hi I am one of this players who pretty much only plays premium ships with a few exceptions. I have prob around 30. I do so because they are different and fun. But mainly because unlike games like war thunder where i could grind playing any vehicle for the one i want, wows forces me to play the ship before even when i dont want to play it. Furthermore i then have to waste time grinding all the upgrades. I simply do not have time as I work and commute a lot each day. So having a fun lineup i can jump into is perfect for me. If i did not do this, i would have given up on the grind a long time ago. Instead this game is one of the most enjoyable i play. Note most prems are not OP. Some are and should not be sold i admit. Gremyasche, and the new okhitok (sorry for spelling) are definately op as hell. Final point, it is not pay to win as a good player could be better in tech tree ships for sure. It is a pay to not grind setup. I have no problem with that when work takes over my life!
  12. Its not about being narrow minded thanks, its the simple fact it would be nice to have comments from those owners as a answer to the question i created it for. If you want to discuss the wider issue of poor matchmaking and how they need to fix it, use another thread, one of the hundreds on here. Its a question i raise because its a radically more obvious example to the other tier 8 uptiering examples.
  13. I feel this thread was never really about the reason i posted it. This was a query about 2 distinct ships. A query for those who own those ships to see if they had seen the same. Remember, Prinz Eugen and Lo Yang
  14. No, this is a specific question about these two premiums. I have played tier viii and seen u also play high tier too often but this thread relates to two ships which are pretty much there all the time.
  15. Hi, Has anyone else noticed that when playing the Prinz Eugen or Lo Yang, you are nearlly everytime, in a tier X match? I love the look of the eugen but its just not viable vs t 10 superiors. Please sort this out wargaming. Thanks