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  1. Praetorias

    Talk me out of buying the Graf Zeppelin B

    Worst premium I ever bought, the ONLY premium I ever wished I could get a refund for! EVERY time I play it, I come out angry and am triggered by it, its that bad!
  2. Superships are the worst introduction devs have brought to this game, i thought devs and management were incompetent but this is the worst. tier9 completely ruined esp I will not take part in supership games, head to corner, lose your ship to closest standard tech tree ship, prevent supership players making silver from their games. why should i be pure cannon fodder for this crap. takes ages to kill any, hidden citadels to make super powerful and then, THEN the idiots gave them F key salvos. Beyond a joke. The only reason they bought them was to take all your silver, reset the economy so they can make you buy more silver and gold. All it means now is super silver rich can play their i win buttons and pad stats. Fk the rest of us! No point getting tier 9 premiums or coal ships now.
  3. Praetorias

    Which is the worst/best supership?

    Who cares, superships have ruined the game, tier 9/10 are broken now. I hope the economics are crippling for all supership players!
  4. Praetorias

    match making T9 with superships

    Superships are ruining the game, biggest vermin going. Recently in t9 keep seeing 5 superships. stop bothering to try….give ship to closest non supership enemy and go to next match. waste of time
  5. Praetorias

    Portal chips rewards

    I can also confirm we got the rewards, I got the 10,000 coal and also vividly remember opening the supercontainer and saying, arh more crap supercontainer loot……
  6. BUY BUY BUY! EVERYTHING MUST GO! CLOSING DOWN SALE! I think thats a better more concise advert instead of the reams and reams of boxes, tokens, events and buy this, buy that stuff on a page of text so long, you regret starting to read it. Sometimes it makes you feel physically sick when they try to shove this down your throat in the volume they do… “lets list every possible thing we can make them buy!”
  7. Praetorias

    So, the Malta is coming...

    I am not surprised at all really, WG tactics are consistently shocking, consistently falling short of decent and fair. I don’t know what you expect asking a WG employee, their comments will always be avoidance and supportive of WG. Its like asking for honesty from a certain eastern totalitarian leader, will never happen. Expect disappointment and you will be able to lessen your irritation with each new development, promotion, token fest, gambling ploy….
  8. Praetorias

    Belfast coming back..... In AUCTION?!

    Feel sorry for those who believed WG removing it would mean never be sold again, and then bought the lesser version of Belfast, to only now find it on sale again!
  9. Praetorias

    Anniversary super container haul

    Mostly a load of rubbish from 31 containers. 60k coal I think was welcome but Siroco was only ship I won and after trying it in random match, I wish I had not!
  10. Praetorias

    Unsinkable Sam

    The WG skilled marketing team goes to full power…. What will they do….. arh.. poxy crate and token mechanic. AGAIN…. Lame and boring money grab as usual.
  11. Hi I decided to head for the Jinan but have found the line is truely attrocious so far. I have only got to tier 7 so far but I am considering giving up. Chungking - AWFUL - 10.9km range stock, worse range than dds out the box. Rahmat - actually, ok, its not terrible. Chumphon - because of the tiers you encounter, its worse than the Chungking. They feel so weak its unreal, like its a failed development of a line. Looking at 8/9/10 I can’t help think they all have horrendous stats. Maybe I should have expected this, I own the Dalian and find it one of the most questionable premiums… I have reverted to my Gearing grind instead. Anyone else hate this Pan asian line as much as me?
  12. Praetorias

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    They reverse faster than I go forward They reload torps faster than dds, The mad ping can reestablish a lock in seconds whilst the victim has to wait a rediculous time for dcp. They are near undetectable and can spot me permanently whilst I can do nothig We have ships with depth charges and no airstrike and can never catchup to drop them on the subs We have ships like siliwangi which has 2 depth charges and cannot defend itself. Oh yes, test these we did…. We make sure balanced and worthy addition, we professional dev team… Whats that KERCHING TIME! Arh yes, money prevails. No captain at the helm, no eyes in the lookout… Still broken, even worse than carriers…which is saying something…. Although not as broken and not as such a massive joke as superships…. So maybe achieved something. Give airstrikes for all cruiser or above, NO tracking torps. Most hates it…. Wargamming reads it and comes back with 99% love it. WELL DONE WARGAMMING! SLOW CLAP FOR YOU! FURTHERMORE: shotgun firing not sorted, can still rape your ship easy.
  13. Praetorias

    Waterline: Development Plan Updates – Fall 2022

    Its Autumn… not Fall, you can keep your crap americanisms!
  14. Praetorias

    Armada: Álvaro de Bazán

    35k gold, LMAO! What idiot would pay that?
  15. Praetorias

    Kuznetzov nerf and refund!

    I literally just spent 175k on first unique commander in armoury and hear that its being nerfed! I still have not moved it off of its tier 10 level yet. Wish I had used it on a ship now instead. So is wargamming going to offer a refund for people who have recently bought this… Thanks wg, typical shafting experience really.