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  1. The population is growing. On peak moments it was for the last 1.5 years max 25 k players. Recently it topped 27k a few times. Not significant but certainly no decrease.
  2. RigorMortis76

    server down for some players

    Whats the poor service exactly here? Its normal that this happens occasionally. Every it reliant company experiences this unfortunately. An outage can always happen.
  3. RigorMortis76

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The 2 free crates gave me Anshan and 50 papa papa flags.
  4. RigorMortis76

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    Bought 6 containers for €27. Got the Massachusetts and the Atago. Nice ships. Played them both once and won with plus 100 k damage. Got 3 x 20 camos and 35000 fxp. Happy with the boxes.
  5. RigorMortis76

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Some people will complain, about the weather, about their job, about their partner, and about this game. You do not have to play this game. Its entirely up to Wargaming if and how they want to give you free stuff in a free to play game. Grinding for a box, up to wargaming. Exploding ships, up to wargaming. Epicentre, up to wargaming. Storms, up to wargaming. Radar, up to wargaming. A free xp or coal ship, up to wargaming. A premium ship for 999 euro or 1,99 euro, up to wargaming. Some people like to complain complain complain. If you dont like things in this game, live with it, snowflake.
  6. RigorMortis76

    750k Free Xp Ship Question

    I think you will regret spending sooo much on a ship. You can buy 2 or 3 nice other ships. Converting makes no sense in my opinion. P.s. it might have cost you just £20, but you will never have 25 k for that price. Anyway just buy it if thats your wish.
  7. RigorMortis76

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    5 sc in total 15000 coal 1000 doubloons 1000 doubloons 25 ouroboros (777free xp) 14 days premium
  8. RigorMortis76

    Premium ship one time restoration

    It kinda does matter, a lot. We can all have our own views on different policies per server, but it aint relevant, not at all. For the simple reason that Wargaming is a company with a business model to make money. Its naive to want us Europeans to have the same deals as on NA with its weaker player base. Its utterly naive to want the same deals as on the E Asia server with its much smaller player base. Different circumstances different rules. We all played much much 'heavier' online games with buddies from other continents, ping was never a gamebreaker to me. Different servers in WoWs aint about ping but to generate the highest income for Wargaming. Totally valid imo. On equality (the word makes me wanna puke) If you really want equality so much, do you already give away lets say 50% of your income to the poor in the world? You surely know they didn't have equal chances compared to you. I like inequality a lot, you suddenly too i assume?
  9. RigorMortis76

    Premium ship one time restoration

    You decided to sell a ship. Wargaming's policy is to grant you a 2 month period to change your mind. You needed more time then that period. Now you want Wargaming to change their policy? Its not relevant how they handle buy backs and such on other servers. Its like wanting a jar of peanutbutter thats on promotion from lets say Lidl in Greece while you live in Sweden. That we might not like different policies is irrelevant, basically happens everywhere and all the time. I hope you learned to better your calculated decisions.
  10. RigorMortis76

    discounted ships premium shop

    Hi all, It used to be that if you bought a discounted ship (Scharnhorst 30%) and you already owned that ship that you would get the full doubloon worth instead. Its used to be a way to get your doubloons cheaper. Does it still work like that? Thanks in advance! RM
  11. RigorMortis76

    Racism in clans and wows?!

    I have strong opinions about this subject of perceived discrimination, all political incorrect. In this Orwellian day and age its better to keep silent and act with deeds. Deus Vult.
  12. RigorMortis76

    Help me. WG staff excluded me from the game :'(

    I never reached the age where I felt the urge to be part of a clan, might be me though. I just enjoy playing a game, at the moment this game. I play daily since March and do not care for ranked, clan, flags, missions and whatever else. Anyway. This game is what it is, a rather silly pasttime with science fiction boats. Some of you guys take this game and WG in general way too serious. WG has ONE reason to make this game: money. They will never cater to minority opinions. And I am sorry to say, the people on this forum are a minority. The behaviour of WG shows time and time again that they do not cater to forum member opinions. Now why would that be??? Exactly!!! Because you guys are NOT WG cash cow. But for whatever reason this simple fact is too difficult to understand for many very active forum members. WG just continue as you do, make money from the silent majority.
  13. RigorMortis76

    Help me. WG staff excluded me from the game :'(

    Ban? Excluded? Another gimmick like ranked battles has been invented, this time called clan battles. Seriously, who wants to play with obnoxious cave people anyway? You have not been excluded from anything. Just one class of ship is excluded from a gimmick, for balancing issues. Perfectly logical. You are able to play random battles like you have been, 95% of the playerbase will remain there.
  14. RigorMortis76

    Kutuzov is absolute garbage!

    Mister 'Grand Master B' of 6981 posts (surely no glitch?) maybe you should help this guy with advice, instead of having 10k+ posts in the weeks to come.
  15. RigorMortis76

    Server Down

    Thank you for this early morning smile you just gave me. Did you actually read the reason WG showed why the server was down? Obviously you didnt. Lazy and incompetent you are, mister a whopping 6961 posts (seriously, 6961 posts, is that a glitch)?