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  1. I would smack myself god damn hard in front of the mirror for spending thousands on a game. P.s. i do feel very sorry for you though. I would feel used and abused in your position. I hope WG recognizes who pays their salary and help you out.
  2. RigorMortis76

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    I do not like companies that are turncoats...
  3. RigorMortis76

    Last 'Port'

    Good game, ill keep playing.
  4. RigorMortis76

    Is KREMLIN any good for the game or just killing the fun?

    Dude, these childish posts are just that, childish.
  5. RigorMortis76

    PSA: very early access Italian DD...

    A man of character, i like it. I have never bought from that robber baron nor will i support this thief in any other way.
  6. RigorMortis76

    World of Warships hacker could face 5 years in jail

    Obviously the damage must far outweigh the negative publicity that this causes for Wargaming. For years they kept repeating the mantra that aimbots and cheats were impossible because all data was stored on their server side. Now they prosecute this hacker (how many are still out there??). So basically it all was a blatant lie of Wargaming because this game proved very hackable. They say the hacker caused 9 million usd in damages to Wargaming. But dear Wargaming, it is us, the players, who were affected most negatively. How are you, Wargaming, going to compensate us, the players who are affected most. How Wargaming?
  7. Only when the high inflation of the turkish lira is brought under control, and with Erdogan dictating fiscal policy it is not likely it will soon be possible again.
  8. Found this today on the news site Russia Today (RT). Criminal charges were filed against a Russian who created cheats for World of Tanks, with the damage estimated at around $9m In Russia’s first such legal case, Andrey Kirsanov has been accused of selling thousands of cheats for World of Tanks and World of Warships, causing an estimated $9m in damages. He could face up to five years in prison. Kirsanov's case was initially set to be tried in Moscow, however the court made the decision to transfer the trial to his home city of Yekaterinburg. This case sets the first precedent of a game cheat creator being criminally tried in Russia. He is being charged for the ‘creation and distribution of harmful computer programs’ as per Russia’s Criminal Code, after he allegedly sold thousands of hacks over the course of several years. Charges were initially filed against Kirsanov back in Spring 2021, at which time he initially confessed his guilt. However, since the trial started he has denied any wrongdoing. Now the court will familiarize themselves with the evidence and hear the testimonies and depositions of witnesses and victims. If found guilty, Kirsanov could be forced to pay off any damages as well as face up to five years in prison. The Belarusian game company Wargaming – the creator and owners of ‘World of Tanks’ and ‘World of Warships’ – has been declared the injured party in this case, and they claim the thousands of cheats allegedly produced and sold by Kirsanov have caused an estimated 670 million rubles (around $9 million) in damages, as many frustrated players abandoned the game upon encountering cheaters. Kirsanov allegedly created several programs, ranging from basic auto-aim scripts to fully autonomous bots. The aim hacks allowed players to automatically lock on to targets and maintain 100% accuracy and always hit critical parts of the enemy, while the bots could play the entire game without requiring any input from the user. This allowed cheaters to ‘farm’ the game for in-game currency and experience by simply launching it and keeping it running in the background while doing other things. Hackers have long been an issue within the gaming industry, and cheating in competitive online games has especially grown in recent years and proven to be a substantial source of income for cheat creators. As a result, many games have become overrun with cheaters while developers struggle to keep up with anti-cheat measures. Considering an exodus of players due to rampant cheating can result in millions of dollars in damages, developers and studios have started asking governments to take legal action against those who cheat in online games as well as those who create and sell the cheats. Hack creators in countries like China and South Korea have reportedly faced sentences ranging from several months to 15 years and now Russia might become the latest to join the fight against online cheating. I didn't know aimbots were a thing in WoWs...
  9. RigorMortis76

    2 month notice.

    Hi MadBadDave, while I doubt WG likes to see players go, I am ALWAYS happy to see players with hidden stats leave to never come back. Guys like you on my team are often a sure loss. And if you leave (which i doubt), dont be like pizza man and continue posting.
  10. RigorMortis76

    Giuseppe Verdi (Tier IX) for DOUBLOONS ONLY?!

    So you actually think you are entitled to obtaining this, and other ships, for free? Thats special.
  11. RigorMortis76

    Prime Gaming Santa Containers

    No thank you, i dont want anything to do with Amazon and its destructive commercial and workers rights activities.
  12. RigorMortis76


    I hope you stand by your word and leave. Not like europizza ok!!! So long!!
  13. RigorMortis76

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    7 megas brought me 20 frosty fir tree camo 20 new year sky camo 12.5 k coal 2.5 k doubloons 30 Leviathan (special signals) 30 Ouroboros (special signals) 30 Ouroboros (special signals) I am happy I didn't get a ship because I am spoiled with many premium ships and I dont need another port queen. I particulary like the special signals and the doubloons. Thank you wargaming.
  14. RigorMortis76

    Entertainment or madness game

    Discrimination... really... maybe you would like a word with gopher31, he is kinda sensitive too. I totally love being in a tier 7 against tier 9's. Play cautiously (use brains...) and you can have great xp results. How boring it would be if games are balanced into boredom. I somehow feel this might not be your game mate
  15. RigorMortis76

    5 + 5 DD's? All cruisers ? MM?

    How boring it would be if the line up would always be the same; 1 sub 2 dd 2 light cruisers 2 heavy cruisers 4 bb's 1 cv I like it that its mixed up and sometimes completely fxxxed up match making with 4 radars on 1 team and none on the other etc... Its nice to have many flavours instead of just 1. Do I always like it? Nope. But it doesnt have to my taste to still enjoy it.