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  1. The opinion of someone else is not more then an opinion. Massachusetts is called a 'mehbote' by Littlewhitemouse. Yet i consider it an insanely versatile and strong ship!! Her verdict is unbelievable imho. Form your own opinion by playing against a ship. Just don't buy on day one.
  2. RigorMortis76

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    - Depends on the exact terms and conditions of your CC company. Many offer a 180 or 365 day (from the moment of buying) insurance policy (in case its damaged, doesnt function as it should etc..). - The 120 days (from the transaction date) is in case of alledged fraud or didnt deliver what you bought. Anyway, fill in a dispute/charge back form of your company in the latter case and contact your bank in case of the former (insurance). Unfortunately my purchase is 13 months ago haha.
  3. RigorMortis76

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    As an idiot that owns 30 premium ships including GC, Belfast and Kutuzov and 700 days of premium time (yes i am an idiot), please rest assured that no more money will be transferred from me to you. I know money aint an issue for either of us but just know it. I DETEST LIARS. P.S. Bought your GC with a creditcard? Fill in a dispute form with your CC company on the basis that the goods delivered DO NOT resemble what you bought. You will be refunded. Trust me its very straightforward legally ( and yes, i know).
  4. There is ONE SINGLE way of making WG understand that they have to undo this Patch; do not play WoWs. I have not played a single game since this patch. I dont like World of Warplanes in WoWs. Stop whining, just dont play anymore. Its the only way to make them understand. As long as the playernumbers and amount of games played stay the same this patch will stay.
  5. RigorMortis76


  6. That's the EU forum. That kiddo Juanx is the worst, complains only. He is repetitive . You should read back his borderline racist comments about Indians. Juanx and Dirty_Dunc are kinda special on this forum. Basically best you can do is ignore them .
  7. RigorMortis76

    Automated Indian captain talk

    I find your suggestion that someone sounding Indian equals racism extremely disturbing. Says a lot about you Juan.
  8. The population is growing. On peak moments it was for the last 1.5 years max 25 k players. Recently it topped 27k a few times. Not significant but certainly no decrease.
  9. RigorMortis76

    server down for some players

    Whats the poor service exactly here? Its normal that this happens occasionally. Every it reliant company experiences this unfortunately. An outage can always happen.
  10. RigorMortis76

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The 2 free crates gave me Anshan and 50 papa papa flags.
  11. RigorMortis76

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    Bought 6 containers for €27. Got the Massachusetts and the Atago. Nice ships. Played them both once and won with plus 100 k damage. Got 3 x 20 camos and 35000 fxp. Happy with the boxes.
  12. RigorMortis76

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Some people will complain, about the weather, about their job, about their partner, and about this game. You do not have to play this game. Its entirely up to Wargaming if and how they want to give you free stuff in a free to play game. Grinding for a box, up to wargaming. Exploding ships, up to wargaming. Epicentre, up to wargaming. Storms, up to wargaming. Radar, up to wargaming. A free xp or coal ship, up to wargaming. A premium ship for 999 euro or 1,99 euro, up to wargaming. Some people like to complain complain complain. If you dont like things in this game, live with it, snowflake.
  13. RigorMortis76

    750k Free Xp Ship Question

    I think you will regret spending sooo much on a ship. You can buy 2 or 3 nice other ships. Converting makes no sense in my opinion. P.s. it might have cost you just £20, but you will never have 25 k for that price. Anyway just buy it if thats your wish.
  14. RigorMortis76

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    5 sc in total 15000 coal 1000 doubloons 1000 doubloons 25 ouroboros (777free xp) 14 days premium
  15. RigorMortis76

    Premium ship one time restoration

    It kinda does matter, a lot. We can all have our own views on different policies per server, but it aint relevant, not at all. For the simple reason that Wargaming is a company with a business model to make money. Its naive to want us Europeans to have the same deals as on NA with its weaker player base. Its utterly naive to want the same deals as on the E Asia server with its much smaller player base. Different circumstances different rules. We all played much much 'heavier' online games with buddies from other continents, ping was never a gamebreaker to me. Different servers in WoWs aint about ping but to generate the highest income for Wargaming. Totally valid imo. On equality (the word makes me wanna puke) If you really want equality so much, do you already give away lets say 50% of your income to the poor in the world? You surely know they didn't have equal chances compared to you. I like inequality a lot, you suddenly too i assume?