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  1. very nicely written... but im going to ask... how do I manually control the focus of my AA?
  2. schipeek

    Tesim sa na ClanWars

    Zdravim, hladam nejaky pohodovy casual klan ktory sa chce ucastnit clanwars. moj nick je schipeek a mozem ponuknut niekolko T10 - GK, Gearing, Khaba, Yammy, Hindy. Staty nemam nejlepsie, ale ani najhorsie a vsetko je to solo random. Pod dobrym velitelom bude aj moj vykon ovela lepsi. Momentalne v jednom enghlish speaking clane som, ale kedze to nemyslia vazne s clanwars, rad zmenim posobisko. Som aktivny niekolko krat do tyzdna, povedzme 3-4x, vacsinou od 21-22:00 do skorych rannych hodin. A TS alebo Discord su samozrejmostou.
  3. Hi Guys, Age: 30 Ships: 5 T10s, multiple T9s and T8s in all lines Favorite line: KM BBs, Gearing, Khaba Country: Slovakia Other: I play to win, but while having fun. I used to be in clan in Tanks with bunch of older guys, and we had really great time, so i was pleased to see clan like that in WOWS recruiting! my solo stats are not that impressive but i was always a better team player than solo player... I will say hello in game chat as well and hope you have some free space for me. Seeya! edit: i am also father of 2 little kids so my playtime starts usually at around 9-10PM CET.