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  1. ZeMalm

    Bonus Code

    Facebook group with bonus codes:
  2. ZeMalm

    Bonus Code

    GREASERSHWRCK Have no idea what it gives.
  3. ZeMalm

    the higher the tier, the more boring the map, why ?

    And it is still one of my favorite maps.
  4. ZeMalm

    kamikaze & fujin owners pls look here

    I have 7 plane kills in 700+ battles, and I guess most of those were before CV revork.
  5. ZeMalm

    kamikaze & fujin owners pls look here

    I have the Kami R, got it from the Pearl event. IMO it is the best "torpedo boat" in game, and a reminder of how the IJN DDs used to be. Is it OP? not really sure, it just works at a tier where BBs are not camping, and many have not learned to use the A and D keys. Oh and its AA is really hilarious - the best thing about it is, that you do not need to manage it with Sector and P - it will make no difference at all.
  6. ZeMalm

    Wows codes

    Not sure if these has been posted before: HEROESOFWAR COURAGEANDVALOR
  7. ZeMalm

    Server down again?

    Sorry. Logged in again, please delete.
  8. ZeMalm

    Playing DDs in the current Meta

    Yes spotting wins games. But spotting dont pay any bills for the ones who has to do the spotting.
  9. ZeMalm

    Down yet again

    WG should give compensation for lost Premium, flags and camo each time the have server breakdowns.
  10. ZeMalm

    Down yet again

    So many disconnects and crashes for me lately
  11. ZeMalm

    Down yet again

    Yes and no logging in.
  12. I am in the same situation EDIT: Got them after I made this post.
  13. As a dane from Denmark, this Euro-map is a bit unsettling for me. Has Putin erased my country. Also for residents of GB, What is it their country looks like????