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  1. Captain slots in consumables containers.

    Dont know why u are complaining. I have 172 spaces of wich 142 are free
  2. Let me take a wild guess... U like go bow on camp and snipe (just an idea from your stats).. If that is the case, I say welcome to any change that will hurt you.
  3. Can anyone help me on my BB tactics?

    Sure u do ... U are a BB.... Its not like u have a lot of HP and Heals.
  4. Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: DD: Kamikaze R - pure torp fest and dont mind being in MM with tiers VII CA: Roon - just plain good at everything. BB: Nagato - Dont like the OP BBs in general, but Nag seems very balanced to me. Least fun: DD: Tashkent - painful grind as I prefer Torps to Guns on DDs CL: Yubari - Powercreep has made this vessel obsolete IMHO BB: Izumo - Never got the hang of this brick, and is finally on to Yama
  5. Can also recommend Khaba for the Dreadnought achievement. Got it in the first try:
  6. Buff Montana

    It should also be given a new consumable "Anchor" to be able to do handbrake turns like this: "turn on anchor"
  7. One thing we do not need is a bunch of new Radar ships.
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Cool thanks. I will also join Prize #1 : ALABAMA Prize #2 : DE GRASSE Prize #3-5 : 2500 doubloons Prize #6 : DE GRASSE Prize #7 : (2500 doubloons) Prize #8-15 : (8x 1000 doubloons) Prize #16 : 2500 doubloons)
  9. Smoke Gameplay

  10. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    Too drunk......
  11. 50,000 flooding damage

    Doable.... but requires too much luck. Caused 8 floodings with Kagero for 933 damage. IJN DDs are OP.... they kill to fast
  12. Pan asia mission bugged

    I am a NOOB .... The bar did not show because I lost 10+ something battles in a row, even though I sank plenty ships with torps. Have a win now and the bar shows.
  13. Pan asia mission bugged

    well seems bugged to me. Have completed criteria for stage 1, but do not progress to stage 2- Mission bar for stage 1 does not seem to be filled 100% Or am I a Semi NOOB too maybe
  14. The fun and engaging game mechanic

    I agree that BBs oneshotting Cruisers from 20+ KM is a WAY bigger issue that the rare detonations.
  15. Teamkill

    Have to admit that I TK once in a while.... never on purpose - though when I turned Pink yesterday it must have seen like i TKd very deliberate. I was aiming at at DD 4 km away, and could not understand that I could not get a lock on the target. But I took the shot with my Mogami anyway. Was pleased to see 9 or something HE shells land on him. Only then did I realise that he was Green and not Red, also explains why I could not lock on......... Lesson is do not play when too intoxicated by alcohol.