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  1. Then maybe you have put too many fantasy ships into the game too fast? Maybe slow down on the fantasy and concentrate on the core game?
  2. ZeMalm

    world of waships game

    You are aware thet BFC is NOT WoWs....?
  3. ZeMalm

    battle pass error no free module swich

    IMHO this is in no way a scandal. Just stick to this rule. Dont pay reallife money to WG until they fix this game.
  4. ZeMalm

    General Submarines related discussions

    No..... Just plain no.
  5. You make no sense, and your capslock seems to be broken.
  6. ZeMalm

    Ship's Log: Friday the 13th

    April 1st comes early this year it seems.
  7. ZeMalm

    Super ships for each tech tree line?

    I hope this year WG will introduce T12 ships - call them "BlackShips" - and will only be available in Black Friday SuperMega-containers for $$. Then a few months later, they can introduce T13 ships - call them "SatanShips" - will only be available in Satan ExtraSuperMega-containers for $$$$. Then next year could be: Black Ammo for Money Satan Ammo for MoneyMoneyMoney (See no gold ammo here, so dont complain)
  8. To quote the boy from The Matrix: "There is no spoon" To quote myself from WOWS: "There is no magic"
  9. ZeMalm

    Third tech tree of UK battleship

    It is WG, so anything is possible. Next up could be hybrids of Subs and BBs?
  10. ZeMalm

    Third tech tree of UK battleship

    This is so well in alignement with my opinion.
  11. ZeMalm

    Sunlit Fair

    This is not a Casino. This is a game with ships. If I want to gamble I will play poker, the lottery or other such things.
  12. ZeMalm

    Guide to Collecting Holiday Gifts!

    WG can be blamed for a lot of things they do wrong. This "event" I dont blame them for, but I find it utterly silly, not well designed and rewards are meh. But as long as they use their effort on this cr.. maybe they will spend less effort on SuperShips, Invicible boats with homing torpedoes and other such nonsense.
  13. ZeMalm

    New Codes

    Thx & Happy Xmas.
  14. I would like to join the lottery. Thx.
  15. ZeMalm

    Porte-avions premium

    Go ask an argentinian if you want to know what perferforms best. French is really not that cool anymore.