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  1. I am in the same situation EDIT: Got them after I made this post.
  2. As a dane from Denmark, this Euro-map is a bit unsettling for me. Has Putin erased my country. Also for residents of GB, What is it their country looks like????
  3. Things I cannot do in this update. Play 2 games with same ships Mount new flags on a ship Assign Captain to a ship So far..........
  4. ZeMalm


    Nope..... the bot is back at no 1
  5. ZeMalm

    Ship names bug?

    After latest update ship names are garbled for me, all showing as this. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Well Kami and Missouri are not really OP anymore. Kamikaze sisters are kept in check by the CV rework (that is why they did it -so you see CV rework is a success) Missouri is only OP in regard to credit making - Radar is a seldom used gimmick now that every ship and it grandmother got radar too.
  7. As big a tech tree as the Pan American?
  8. ZeMalm

    Thanks for the ARP ships! :D

    What do you mean by this? It works fine for my ARP Kongou
  9. ZeMalm

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    I am actually quite happy to see the ARP ships return - not because I like Anime - I do not in fact. But now that WG turned them into real premiums, I can sail my ARP Kongou, ARP Myoko and ARP Takaro, with permenant realistic looking camo, by turning the filters off for ARP. I earned these the first time they were introduced (together with a lot of ARP Kongou copies, that I sold because I have no need for 5 copies of the same ship)
  10. ZeMalm

    Again PR

    Erhmmm No most of active players did not.
  11. What Puerto Rico grind??????