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  1. GhostRiderLSOV

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    In my stock Aoba, fighting an enemy DD and trying to dodge fire from enemy BBs that got in range. Had to get in a sub-optimal position, but I did take the DD out. Then, I exploded from full health. My killer didn't get "devastating strike" and I didn't get a "detonation" achievement either. So, I think both barrages from him and another BB hit me at the exact same second, which well, surprised me. It was a moment.
  2. Row row row your boat...

  3. GhostRiderLSOV

    Torpedoboats and hangarships.

    When you see enemy TBs coming for you (and in a BB, you should almost always think they are coming for you), either move straight at them or away from them, so you can turn and sail through the torpedoes or get damaged by only a few. If they don't drop their torps, try to force the enemy CV to at least not get a good angle on you to minimise your damage. For enemy DDs, don't get close to them, let other ships take them out or snipe them. Don't try to broadside them in close range, better to run (like a little tenderboat) and fight another minute than sink like a whale.
  4. GhostRiderLSOV

    Stop comparing WOT to WOWS

    I don't have anymore +1s to give today, so I reply to say I agree.
  5. GhostRiderLSOV

    Word of Warships Meme Topic

    No worries, we can still copy/paste the links. Dem torps. ;)
  6. GhostRiderLSOV

    Imperium invasion coming soon.

    Came here for Warhammer 40k reference. Didn't find any.
  7. GhostRiderLSOV

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    So, learning to aim without a mod = 10 minutes of BB duels without hitting each other...?
  8. GhostRiderLSOV

    Did you come here from WoT

    I hadn't played WoT before going to WoWs, but I did afterwards. Wasn't for me.
  9. GhostRiderLSOV

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I guess it requires too many resources or in WoWs speech, you need to research the "Big Pic" module.
  10. GhostRiderLSOV

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    More like http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10404-game-modifications-pros-and-cons
  11. GhostRiderLSOV

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    Well, going to wait until this mod and other such "assists" leave and let us indeed use experience to learn how to aim better or...no big deal, there's other games out there. But I really wanted to enjoy WoWs.
  12. GhostRiderLSOV

    300 MB Patch

    How much of a positive income, though (about the Yamato)? (serious question) Agreed about the lower tiers money, with Kongo, even in a terrible money, I still have gain.
  13. GhostRiderLSOV

    ~Pravda Kantai~

    Hai hai...
  14. GhostRiderLSOV

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Wanted to keep grinding (slowly) for the Yamato, but with such a mod around...guess a break is in order. :/
  15. GhostRiderLSOV

    ~Pravda Kantai~

    Ooh, proof that the ship-girls are giants, then?