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  1. horror11

    German Carriers: Early Access

    so without buying graf zeppelin i cant get any perma camo ?
  2. same here , "operation in progres" after 1 captain reset out of 90 i have , gj xd
  3. horror11

    enemy ships jittering and jumping around

    can a moderator move my thread to the tech corner please ? i think its more likely to get help there edit : i solved the problem. i noticed my time was going wrong on the pc because my windows service for time synchroniation was disabled, after enabling it and setting it to automatic an restarting the pc, the desync was gone. this thread can be closed
  4. hi , since last update i have a strange problem, which was present also 1 or 2 years ago. when i aim at enemy ships they dont move fluidly but instead are jumping and warping , i remember that this was a bug in one of the older updates but this time no one else seems to have this problem. i tried with and without mods, i tried static and dynamic crosshair , same results. my fps are nice and steady and ping is also as good as it allways was. i have checked game integrity , all was fine. any ideas maybe what else i can try ? edit : unisntalled and reinstalled the game today, still the same problem, its like desynch but everything is smooth except when i aim at the enemy ships or when they are locked on. its unplayable in that state and if noone has an idea i will report this probably as a bug .
  5. i need to learn to read ,
  6. i have horrible stuttering even though my fps are above 75. no matter if i use lowest or highest settings, after a few minutes it gets almost unplayable. thought it was my cpu change which happened to be the same day we got the new patch, but now i think its the game itself, because my pc runs even the most hardware hungry games very good. i have amd fx8350, geforce 1060 3gb, 16 gb ram
  7. horror11

    Allgemeines Feedback

    muss ich eigentlich den gesammten testserver jedesmal neu runterladen wenn es eine neue version gibt ? ich brauche immer 2 tage um die 14 gb runterzuladen weil es manchmal relativ langsam läuft. nach der testphase deinstallier ich es immer bisher, aber wenn es sich updaten lässt, wie das hauptspiel, würde ich es drauf lassen in zukunft.
  8. horror11

    Is Lo Yang worth buying?

    for a tier 8 premium , it doesnt do anything better than any regular ship on that tier. i have a 10 point captain with ce snd i struggle to torp anything, cause of the worse benson stocktorps , so i have to use the faster 6km torps which forces me into close range and with all this radar and hydro and cvs everywhere it just cant get enough done. if it was in tier 7 i would recomend it but in a tier 8 with the only gimmick the shortrange 3,5km hydro , its just not worth really. a b hull benson does everything better , gunning, torping, knfefighting. lo yang is as a premium not worth to buy, when u can get a belfast, a scharn, a blyska, and soo many more which can even be used for crewtraining and play at lower tiers , why would any sane person buy a useless lo yang for other reasons than just as a collector? its not a terrible ship, on its own , its a terrible ship as a premium , its just a worse benson c hull , with useless longrange torps and difficult but better shortrange torps. not worth to buy, there are countless better choices today for premium ships than the lo yang. if u get it for free , well at least u didnt spend money, but i think no one anywhere would suggest to anybody to buy a lo yang for any other reason than for collecting . thats my opinion and if others think lo yang is an good choice to buy , im ok with this.
  9. horror11

    Is Lo Yang worth buying?

    terrible ship, got it yesterday in a supercontainer and im happy that i didnt spent real money on it. its basicly a worse benson in every aspect and this will make u lose credits many times. hydro is not worth, defensive aa is also very situational, u have only 4 guns, but the worse is that u get the low damage stoc torps from benson wich do only 11k damage and thats almost the same like a tier 5 minekaze , but u get constantly in tierx matches . everything outguns you , because nowadays every soviet, german or even japanese dds can do very very well with their guns from a distance wile u pew pew some rainbows into the sky wen you are further away than 6 km . just never think aboutt buying this ship ever, there are a million better choices in wows than this dd. edit: just saw that u asked for the sale offer, so my reply is a little late, but it may prevent other ppl to fall into this trap and spent money for this terrible ship.
  10. horror11

    Honorable Service 3 Task 3 bug

    oh i think ive mistaken it with steering gears i damged, the symbold are confusing sometimes i think this thread can get closed .
  11. hi have a bug with Task 3 "inapacitate" 10 engine modules on enemy ships. its stuck at 8-10 even though i have destroyed at least 5 engines since then. i even restarted the game a few times to see if it updates but its just stuck.
  12. horror11

    Karmasystem & dadurch verursachte Chat Banns

    habe schon 4 oder 5 chat bans erhalten, gerade heute das letzte mal als ich tashkent spielte und ich bin sicher das mich 2 divisionen reported haben weil ich nicht getan habe was sie wollten, und sie haben auch geschrieben das sie mich reporten , 3 sekunden später chatban. das einzige was ich im chat schrieb war : wenn ihr meint die tashkent kann man spielen wie eine minekaze dann tut ihr mir leid. bei den anderen malen lief es ähnlich, beleidigen tu ich selten und erst dann wenn ich selbst zuerst beleidigt werde, aber jedesmal waren es meinungsverschiedenheiten mit divisionsspielern und meist kurz darauf chatban. teamkiller werden rosa aber leute die nicht tun was andere wollen bekommen 24 stunden chatban, da muß auf jeden fall was getan werden. da funktioniert das system nict wie es gedacht ist. vielleicht sollte man den chatban erstmal auf 1 stunde reduzieren und zugleich eine art beweispflicht einführen um misbrauch des report buttons zu vermeiden. bisher hat mich das nicht weiter gekümmert weil ich ohnehin selten chatte aber diesmal ging mir das ziemlich auf den senkel weil ich das schon fast unverschämt finde wie einfach man von völlig fremden bestraft werden kann nur weil sie dazu bock haben.
  13. horror11

    remove ARP captains

    my reserve slot is occupied by a cartoon cap i dont care for, my friends have 2 slots and another even 3 slots occupied and they didnt even knew it before i asked them to check the arp port, then the captains apeared. they never realised that they got this captains , and both of them have captains but no ships because they never went to grind the 2nd conditions . for me its ok to have some free ships but its not ok to lose content u already own, i mean im not in a casino where i win or lose something, i play a free to play game and if gamemechanics work like that it discourages me and certainly others to play this game with ships higher then tier4 when this missions are on, i unlocked the tier 7 cap while i was grinding my yorck, without knowing, cause i did not care for the arp missions, after i unlocked hipper i sold the yorck and now i dont own any regular tier7 ship only the arp hagura , which i got the last time, but i didnt knew that the caps would block the reserve slots wen not in use, and now i have to do the grindy 3000 hit "mission" with a low rof ship just to free up my reserve slots so i can park a few real caps in there, thats a really bad design and i feel punished for just playing the game.
  14. horror11

    arp hashigara captain blocks reserve slot

    ye absolutely unbelievable , but i guess they argue that the captains cant be recruted after u dismissed them and ppl would start crying when they dismiss them by mistake or any other reason. in my opinion this is a very bad design and serves nothing , wy dont they just make the mission the other way around ? first u get the ship, then u get the captain so that nothing blocks anything when u dont care for this missions but unlock them just by playing tier 5 and up ships.
  15. well THIS will certainly not happen EVA. you really think (or wg in that case ) that ppl will reward bad design with real world money ? ok some 12 years old which dont know much about how things in real world might fall for that but who in his right mind would pay money for a company which removes something from your virtually owned things and expect you to pay money just to get it back ? nah i think not even wg thinks that this will ever work, i think its just bad design not fully thougt out by the makers.