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  1. VeryRisky

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    I got the commander XP one and can do they two Coop missions but the rest, don't think it's likely.
  2. VeryRisky

    Bug Reports

    ​Confirm this expect it briefly worked for one message and then stopped in the next around the middle of the battle, c 02:50 CET 24-03-17
  3. I'm using my Saipan in ranked and have stuck with the 2-0-2 formation with torpedoes and no bombs. At some point is it better to switch to 3-1-0 and just counter the other CV and spot DDs?
  4. VeryRisky

    32 of my ships have never seen a proper battle - unusual?

    I haven't given up on tanks but I don't play much ATM. Certainly the player base on ships is more civil and it's nice to be treated as a grown up that is allowed to take to the other team.
  5. Last night my achievement was getting a Dreadnought with the Langley.
  6. VeryRisky

    Forumites Chat Channel

    Still occasionally have a three year old waking up at odd hours. So yes, I know.
  7. VeryRisky

    Super Crates and Upgrades

    I just thought it would make sense to randomly get small credits or consumables as often as signals. Though the signals are more use ofc .
  8. VeryRisky

    Super Crates and Upgrades

    I don't get why the TYL is normally signals. Shouldn't it be a random mix of what comes with the others plus the SC chance. It's not that I mind signals, just a bit of variety would be nice.
  9. VeryRisky

    Forumites Chat Channel

    Just surprised to find myself the only night-owl, no great matter.
  10. VeryRisky

    Forumites Chat Channel

    LoL, I have work +wife+kids and I'm quite sufficiently old. My alarm was set for 6AM. It's just often a bit late before I have time for a game or two.
  11. VeryRisky

    Forumites Chat Channel

    Pretty dead after 00:00 GMT what are you all doing, sleeping?
  12. VeryRisky

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I'm on most nights for a few games. Generally late, any time between 22:00 and 01:00 UK time.
  13. VeryRisky

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Howdy SCRUBbers, More than a few of you will know me as a longstanding N00b from tonks and I can assure you I am even worse at sea. Your SNUBS subclan sounds like my scene and I'd be happy to be carried for some late night divisions. I have TS3 but don't often use the mic, perhaps more if I ever get a PC set up further away from sleeping wife+kids. However I play to relax and enjoy the game so will quietly quit any division or channel with much whining, ranting, swearing, and flaming.
  14. VeryRisky

    Forumites Chat Channel

    ......but the password hasn't changed in nearly four years!