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  1. _R0N1N_

    The Match Maker...

    That's a perfectly valid point, however when Wargaming make changes to ship dynamics surely they should then in turn also consider the knock on effect to the game as a whole especially in terms of matchmaking?
  2. _R0N1N_

    The Match Maker...

    Just like they're working on the CV overhaul... And it took how long to implement mirrored match making...?? Non peak time match making (or when the player base drops below a certain threshold) already exists and isn't relevant to what I've stated - I refer to peak time (if that's the term you prefer). Match making is a fundamental basic of the game and should be a priority I would have thought - if you constantly change the game dynamic with ship changes etc then change the match making to encompass those changes.
  3. _R0N1N_

    The Match Maker...

    How predictable the reaction from some ^^^ It's actually FACT, the game dynamic is constantly changing - the matchmaker parameters on the other hand don't.
  4. _R0N1N_

    The Match Maker...

    The eternal failure which is the match maker... Ok, up tiering, I get, no issues there, it is what it is - mirror match making, yup I get that to (when it works), however how about introducing a cap or minimum on ship types per round... A prime example being 4-5 DD's per team and the next round you have none despite they're showing in the que as waiting - Yeah I get Wargaming's policy is to get as many people in game as soon as possible but please really...?? Surely it must be possible to input a parameter to evenly distribute classes in rounds? Another example being radar equipped Cruiser distribution, some rounds I've known one team to have four radar equipped ships and the other team one... Is it so difficult to add parameters to the match maker so it actually works to give the player base an enjoyable experience rather than one of pure frustration?
  5. It's back again... I'm currently unable to sell surplus/unwanted items i.e. camo's, flags etc from inventory - this has been the case this past week before and after Update - when I attempt to sell items I receive the error message (bottom right corner in gold text) "Unable to sell due to technical reasons". Anyone else getting the same? And yes I have put in a support ticket
  6. _R0N1N_

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Same here, patch downloaded and back to lag/stutter free ship fun - thank you (took your bloody time lol)
  7. _R0N1N_

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Well we have another patch inward bound tomorrow... No mention of it containing anything to do with/associated fixes for lag spiking however - I've just fired off a support ticket but not holding my breath any.
  8. _R0N1N_

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    UK ISP Tried it again this morning... Still the same, prolific lag spiking, no change or improvement. Wargaming what is the issue here?? Pre patch flawless, after the patch an absolute joke!!
  9. _R0N1N_

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    Ok this lag issue has now officially become a JOKE!!! SORT THIS OUT WARGAMING!!
  10. _R0N1N_

    the mini patch on zunday morning

    Lagging like a b*tch since the micro patch today!!! It was fine last night... Any chance you might post patch notes after the patch Wargaming?? It's not my internet connection and certainly not my GPU drivers at fault here - rather it once again appears to be server side.