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    I stand by my post from another thread... Quote - "The game in it's present form... Clusterf*ck springs to mind. Wargaming are doing a great impression of a primate attempting to perform a sexual act apon a football just now". I'm no fan of the CV rework I admit, but, even I thought the claw hammer nerfs were harsh (and at the same time hilariously funny). Might I suggest Wargaming, you as a responsible employer might introduce drink and drug testing for your staff? Oh and ban all forms of glue from your offices to (you never know, they maybe into solvent abuse).
  2. The game in it's present form... Clusterf*ck springs to mind. Wargaming are doing a great impression of a primate attempting to perform a sexual act apon a football just now.
  3. _R0N1N_

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Your referring to the stupidity of a player, I'm referring to the game mechanics which the patch has just highlighted even further - some ships can and always have been able to hold there own whereas others always struggled; in the here and now some you wouldn't even bother to use they're that bad.
  4. _R0N1N_

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Rightly or wrongly and please note I say this because there are two sides to every story and argument in life - I don't think the vast percentage of players are happy with the patch irrespective of what class of ship they enjoy or play. I do however think that it was ill conceived and wrongly implemented. My gripe however is, that by proxy owing to the rework, at least half the ships now in the game lack the basic AA values to survive in a random match let alone if they are up tiered (therefore making them redundant and a waste of time to have grinded or purchased) - that is something that effects EVERY MEMBER of the player base.
  5. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    Yeah, he has two battles in randoms and the rest are Co Op...
  6. _R0N1N_

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Ok, I'm not advocating this as a solution in the long term, BUT it would certainly get an accurate consensus (from the data collected) of opinion from the player base in the current CV status quo for the Development Team.
  7. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    A quick translation for @Syd_syd "Hello, a quick note to give you my feelings about the new update with the new aircraft carriers you have completely unbalanced the game: put 2 cv per team in random c is anything! that you wanted to reinforce the role of the CV why not but one CV by random battle not 2! it's stupid because only the boats with very good AA can play, the others are bomber flesh and have become unplayable. on the other hand, when you do an opinion poll after a battle to find out if you are satisfied with the battle or not: ask the players why they answered this answer because otherwise it means, that in truth, you you completely mock their satisfaction: in these cases, do not ask the question it will be less hypocritical. cordially Syd_syd." I think I got it fairly accurately translated.
  8. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    Just a point of note, 99% of your CV battles since the patch have been in Co Op versus bots, you only have two battles in randoms (as of typing this), one win, one loss. Just saying...
  9. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    I'm not sure ships detect plane dropped torps just now either... *shrugs shoulders*
  10. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    So, whilst we wait for an official response from Wargaming (in any capacity) with regards to the rework, we're treated to, wait for it... *drum roll and fanfare* "Naval Traditions: Naval Cuisine" Erm, yes, like we're so interested in that just now *eyes roll*
  11. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    Wrong genius, read it again... If it were that easy to fix then 0.8.0 would be perfect would it not?
  12. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    A quote from one of the guys on the NA server Gaishu_Isshoku - LINK "In this post, I will attempt to detail exactly why CVs are a fundamentally flawed class and impossible to balance effectively in a way that benefits gameplay. To begin with, let's talk about vision. Surface ships in WoWs are balanced around a variety of characteristics, but one of the most important was concealment. Vision and vision control were a huge part of surface ship interaction in matches with no CVs and were the primary strengths of DDs as a whole and some cruisers like Minotaur and Zao. With CVs present in every match, keeping constant spotting pressure up with their wide, sweeping attack runs, concealment has essentially ceased to be relevant, to the point that I have removed CE from almost all of my ship builds. The ability of a CV to spot wherever and whenever it pleases, whether by accident or intentionally, entirely kills any form of dynamic play which relied on concealment, such as getting into optimal torpedo positions as a DD or flanking the enemy as a cruiser to catch unsuspecting broadsides. The CV sees all and so does the enemy team. Combined with the ability of CVs to stomp any isolated target into the dirt, matches have devolved into blobby campfests in which the optimal, and only viable, play is to hug your teammates in a deathball and try to outdamage the enemy team in 18km trades. Next, we'll talk about CV - surface ship attack interaction. This is a fundamentally horrible interaction because the only skill affecting the outcome is in the hands of the CV player. Beyond selecting a sector and trying to be near teammates, there is nothing a surface ship can do to affect this beyond praying that the CV is dumb enough to fly into flak. When I play my Hakuryu, it doesn't matter if the target I'm attacking is a 40% potato or 70% superunicum, as the mechanic they fight me with is entirely automatic. Both die just as easily. This is fundamentally frustrating as a surface ship player. Even if you play against a dumb CV and your flak wipes his squadron, it's hardly satisfying as your skill had no part in the result whatsoever. Gameplay-wise, CVs add absolutely nothing positive. Planes will never be anything but frustrating to deal with and a net negative to the game. Both of these issues were also present in pre-rework CVs, but are much more obvious post-rework due to the massive increase in CV population. At its core, WoWs has excellent gameplay between the three surface classes, especially in competitive settings such as Clan Battles. Ironically, the addition of a 4th class, CVs, serves to detract more from gameplay than they add, as matches become far more passive, drawn out, and stale. It is my belief that the game would be healthier and far more enjoyable without CVs. WG can tweak numbers all they want to try to balance CVs but regardless of how weak or strong they make them, CVs will always be frustrating to play against." This same guy caused 550,317 of damage in one battle with a Hakuryu... Personally I think it hits the nail square on the head.
  13. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    Ok, If I recall correctly, when Wargaming introduced the various Game Modes to World of Tanks - players were given an option to opt out of Game Modes they didn't wish to participate in by means of a menu within the game options. It's just a suggestion, but how about a similar option is made available within World of Warships? Those that wish to play CV's or operate within a CV environment can and those of us that don't can simply opt out.
  14. _R0N1N_

    New CVs

    Ok, so the old RTS concept was arguably flawed in that the skill curve between players was to great and a Unicum could basically alter the entire battle solo - changes could have been implemented to alleviate this as has been/was suggested. The new system however, well as far as I can see the only thing missing is an Xbox controller to use whilst playing, it's like a console port gone wrong (or a system designed for use with consoles depending on your perspective).
  15. _R0N1N_

    The Match Maker...

    That's a perfectly valid point, however when Wargaming make changes to ship dynamics surely they should then in turn also consider the knock on effect to the game as a whole especially in terms of matchmaking?