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  1. _Lt_Draco

    Drop of FPS and Disconnected

    Same here , Game stutters and freeze for a second...But lets give all the attention to the subs
  2. _Lt_Draco

    Naval Battle

    naval battles does not work, have played 3 battles but no score, not even after switching on and off.. Edit , after restarting the game it now works
  3. Hello , maybe i do something wrong but i dont see names from players above their ships
  4. _Lt_Draco

    Is Server Down?

    Game is online :)
  5. _Lt_Draco

    Random Container-Try Your Luck

    not true , last sc gave me 1500 steel (2 times in 1 month) :P
  6. _Lt_Draco

    Twitch TV Channel Not working?

    Same here....
  7. _Lt_Draco

    PSA: Desync issue

    Flamu didnt found the problem , his viewers did :P
  8. Age doesn't always bring wisdom.... Sometimes age comes alone ..

  9. _Lt_Draco

    Down yet again

    Server is back!! :P
  10. _Lt_Draco

    Server down at the moment?

    Iam in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. _Lt_Draco

    Server down at the moment?

  12. _Lt_Draco

    Weekly Combat Missions: Daily Rewards

    Not true….