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  1. slightly off-topic, but i received the email confirmation with id/password, downloaded the new launcher and the beta client; when i attempt to log in, i get a message that either the id or password is incorrect. when i tried opening a ticket, i got a response that "we don't handle that". so who the hell am i supposed to talk to ??????
  2. samhandwich

    fighter groups can't rearm/disengage

    when fighter groups have to re-arm, they are incapable of disengaging, which is completely stupid. no one is going to stick around when they're out of ammo, flying aimlessly around waiting to be shot down. either hit the deck & head for home or die already.it is normal for a SINGLE scout/fighter to tie up a full flight of fighters who are attempting to return to the carrier and re-arm, and this can last for more than a minute. this has to be fixed. and while we're on the subject, why do ships have unlimited ammo if planes do not? personally i think everything should have limited ammo AND fuel. planes should have to return for refueling and rearming. ships could rearm at ports or with designated ships (i don't see fuel being a big deal for ships given the amount they could carry but you could also opt to choose less fuel to reduce weight and increase speed). these kinds of changes would make the game more challenging (you can't just spam someone eternally). you could also introduce a new class of ship (ammo/fuel tenders) and awards/missions. find the enemy's tenders and you can shorten the battle significantly. or you could just set up an area on the map where you 'refuel/rearm'.
  3. samhandwich

    Critical Error with patching

    i opened a ticket for this - the log says there is insufficient disk space (i have 2.5Tb free !)
  4. samhandwich

    CV loadout

    it would be nice if we were able to select the CV loadout (i.e., bombers v. torp bombers v fighters) the same way we select consumables rather than have fixed configurations. keeping the hull upgrades is fine, but the selections are too arbitrary and really forces a CV driver to pick the least of all evils.
  5. samhandwich

    Holding Ctrl doesn't free mouse pointer

    this has been reported. you have to modify the command_mapping_config.xml located in the wows/res directory or click on the 'default' button in the controls panel. if you want to modify the config file, look for </MAP_RECT_ATTENTION> and add this just after it: <CMD_FREE_CURSOR keyCode="KEY_LCONTROL" /> i think that will do the trick. otherwise, you can delete the preferences.xml file and reassign any custom keys next time you start the game.
  6. samhandwich

    key definitions disappearing

    since the last patch, it seems that some keybinds (specifically the "F4" key which i have not reassigned) randomly disappear. in place of the bind, the assignment field is empty.
  7. samhandwich

    Keyboard problem

    solved but i had this problem as well since the last patch. fyi.
  8. samhandwich

    Big broken carrier game

    ok, i really am not interested in getting into a flamewar, but foo is right. i have (atm) 2 CV's - a bogue (T4) & zuiho (T5). i take my zuiho into battle and am up against 2 CV's. within 2 minutes the opposing fighters are literally circling my CV, all my fighters are gone and i can not even launch the remaining planes. i'm open to suggestions - how do you overcome that ? my solution was to do exactly what foo described: point the CV towards the middle of the map, full speed ahead, back to port. what's the point? losing is one thing - a good game is exciting even in a loss - but losing when you never had a chance to succeed is just stupid.
  9. samhandwich

    operating handbook for torpedo bombers

    can someone explain or post a link on how to control torpedo bombers ? i'm specifically referring to how to change the torp spread (if possible) and how to manually drop weapons, whether or not there are control-key options (in the settings section of the game) and exactly what they're called. i've searched for ways to do this and either it's really difficult to find or i'm searching for the wrong thing. thanks.
  10. i'd like to suggest that any planes in the air (and armed) after their CV dies do either of two things: land on a friendly CV if one exists and become part of its armory attack targets of opportunity or scout for undetected enemy vessels until they're shot down or run out of fuel
  11. samhandwich

    split divisions

    i wanted to point out that it would be really nice if divisions were NOT split during matches. if three members want to stick together and they're in relatively slow ships, putting them on opposite sides of the map doesn't help, especially given the new map format where the entire force is split (each on one half of the map). it defeats the purpose of having a division in the first place.