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  1. Insane_Ringworm

    supercontainers dont drop for me

    Ive had 3 since they started, 2 x 250 flags and 500 repair party 2s, useful to save money in the long run so i was pleased but disappointed at the same time, ive seen friends get large amounts of credits, gold and Prem Ships, would be nice to get one or two with a shed loads of credits so i can keep buying back ships for my collection but im still happy, the small crates help a lot. But all that been said I think its a big shame that some of you haven't even had one. Good luck in the future.
  2. Insane_Ringworm

    Fixing the IJN destroyers

    I find the shim to be a little weak imo, out gunned by everything at its tier, weak smoke and things like radar, planes, sonar and now rdf to catch it. Either help with the long range torps a little and make them better than the USA, or help with the tanker type turning circle so you can get in and out when things turn against you which should help push more of a aggressive play style and make short torps more viable. I play BBs followed by cruisers then DDs and still would like to see the shim return a little, plus note more players taking sonar and radar may stop the AA consumable been used as much and may help the pain in the back end but missed CVs return.
  3. Insane_Ringworm


    Use big guns, sit back , stay hidden and set fires, this will help with the ibuki and the zao, easier the tier 9 and 10 with the range increase.
  4. Insane_Ringworm

    Insults Insults Insults

    I would never disable chat, i used to let these players get to me but now it makes me laugh. Raging players always look for a scapegoat and sadly if your picked, then others join them to make their fail feel like its your fault. Good example was i was out in my Arizona, tier 8 game , tier 8 cruiser dies and blames me for not pushing, it will always happen. Another good example is i was out in Yamato kicking butt, got bashed and i was left on 13hp, lol the other guy was annoyed, so i took cover towards the back to heal, 2 mins later in chat " oh look at the noob Yamato, he hides while we die " yea because i would have been a massive asset dead lol. But on a plus ive often met new friends and good players in chat and ive come on the game and had a good laugh with random players.
  5. Insane_Ringworm

    Am I the oldest captain?

    Lol thought i was old at 31, Cheers guys for cheering me up and respect for showing the young ones how its done .
  6. Insane_Ringworm

    Dunkerque vs. Graf Spee - The Greatest Battle that Never Was

    Think im forced to agree with almost everyone, the Dunk was designed to slam dunk the German pocket battleships (pun intended)
  7. Insane_Ringworm

    USS Indianapolis vs Blyscawica vs Dunquerque

    I would say Blyska too, the indy is ok but is easy to citadel, me and 2 friends went out in a platoon of 3 Indys and as we came around a island we met a lone Kongo, He one shotted my friend as he turned to run, then on next salvo he one shotted me from the rear as i ran for cover, so the last of us decided to keep his front at the Kongo and yes, one shotted again lol, man i wish i was that Kongo that game, 3 tier 7 one shots in a row. But if we could have done that in the blyska, i think that Kongo would have been swimming like a brick.
  8. Insane_Ringworm

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    http://warships.today/vehicles/eu The stats for the shim are already a tad poor, past 2 weeks in tier 10, it scores 3rd from bottom on average damage, joint 4th from bottom on win rate, joint last place on average kills per game and not that it matters but also the lowest aircraft kills per game. I think 1 of the key issues why people hate on it so much( and i do understand why) is it sucks to be attacked by someone who you cant attack back , plus the torp wall often stops someone going where they want, which sea denial and control is part of the torp spreads job. I do like my shim and while playing it i'm free from that horrible RNG, but i do find many games a wash out now due to planes spotting me or my torps, rader, hydro search and gun boat DDs, plus players torpedo awareness and skill has increased massively meaning many now turn randomly or dodge successfully. The only thing i've noticed is the amount of games played over the past 2 weeks, the shim is way ahead, but the happy times are slowly dying as times move on so more players will be getting other 10s and the amount of shims will be on the decline. So to sum up IMHO i think the shim should be left alone and for anyone thinking I only play DDs , my top ships are all BBs and I play BBs about 75% of the time now so i'm often the one catching the dreaded torp wall.
  9. Insane_Ringworm

    Update on Project R in Europe

    But many of us did put in the effort, we just didn't make it to 260 pearls, i missed the first week due to things in RL, but remember we all helped to get to the required pearls for the deadline and helped you get yours, so IMHO its fair we all should have a chance to get it.
  10. Insane_Ringworm

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    So far things have been great but one little thing is bugging me, all the planes that where removed we had to put time and effort it too unlocking them, so shouldn't we have got that xp back as free xp and not xp we have to pay gold for to convert. Maybe this has been addressed already but i haven't found it while looking.
  11. Insane_Ringworm

    19 battleships out of 24 ships ?

    Yea i thought that too, would love to see a prem CV but then again would loads buy it and the match waiting times get a little long. Who knows but im looking forward to finding out .
  12. Insane_Ringworm

    When are you going you nerf torps?

    I hope never, torps are a pain until you learn the game and know how the DD players play, then everyone knows where to go wide and how to dodge. Plus tier 6 and above torp reload is really slow and since most ships have planes and the amount of aircraft coming from CVs, torps and DDs are almost impossible to hide. I do agree low tier DDs have it easier but i think all they need to do IMO is make the reload a little longer.
  13. Insane_Ringworm

    How do you feel about class balance at the moment?

    IMO i find all classes well balanced even CVs, Its very hard to do anything against a team that covers each other. The AA ability and the scouts and fighters that ships launch destroy planes fast and make aiming very hard, against a well covered team a CV can do almost nothing. The problem I believe is the lack of XP rewarded for shooting down planes, if it was higher players would most likely cover more making CV play harder. Plus CAs, CLs captains are in a way taking a risk sitting back covering as if the ship they help doesn't get attacked, they lose out so give em more for shoot downs.
  14. Insane_Ringworm

    So many games ruined by capping.

    IMO Capping aint quick either, hate trying to cap when my teams losing in my DD and seeing all those ships coming home, i think it gives you or them loads of time to get home and stop that cap.
  15. Insane_Ringworm

    Lag and disconnects

    Yea i have many at the start but manage to get back in, the DD game i had sadly as i came back in i had torps about 1 meter away so i just said oh DAM IT as i blew to tiny bits . Ive also seen many games like you say with once up to 4 ships not moving after a few minutes in.