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  1. Knight_Rider_23

    torpedo: fuse-time longer?

    Myrmix on what CV did you noticed that? I am playing mostly IJN and this change has been in the game a while now.
  2. Knight_Rider_23

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    WG enough with the AA buffs please. I am playing with all different tier with every ship class and the CVs have become unplayable because of this. Redcap375 has a very good point. I have stopped playing CV (tier 8 by now) because of crazy AA and I'm playing anything else because of it.
  3. Knight_Rider_23

    Should dive bombers be tweaked?

    RNG is just unbelievable for DBs. Playing the IJN Ryu. First run, with 1 squadron of DBs 0 hits whyle the ship was moving ... fine. Second run with 2 DBs against the sane target but this time almost stationary target (DD or CA), attacking on the length of the ship, aim circle normal. They did exactly 0 hits with both squadrons... this is just too much RNG for DBs.
  4. Dive Bombers MISS too much their target ... I have attacked with 2 dive bombers an enemy DD on its length with 0 hits/damage. Is this normal??
  5. Knight_Rider_23

    Game Start Glitch

    It is happening to me and a buddy of mine. He has 3 ships in the Division and I only have one but cannot play anymore, I have made a print-screen. He was able to kick me out (X mark in the Division) but he is still stuck.
  6. Good guide @Stingern I have learned to do all of those things quite quickly the hard way some time ago. US Tier 8 Lexington now, looking for the 5th Commander skill (+1 fighter, +1 bomber). Now that will be the day ...
  7. Knight_Rider_23

    Huge problems with Aircraft carriers

    Unfortunately this is the situation where +1 tier fighter squadron can kill 2 x -1 tier fighter fighter. And this is all across the Carriers tree. Another problem is the ammunition load. Does this work? I had some games, me higher tier against 2 lower tier carriers. 1 fighter squadron can take out ~6 enemy squadrons !!! although the load is a lot less but the dpm is higher. I though the load was suppose to balance that. Looks like a bug to me. I am up to tier 8 US (Lexington) and up to tier 5/6 JP
  8. Knight_Rider_23

    planes going awol

    there is another bug opened for this (only happening for Japanese CV torpedo bombers): http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/13201-cv-plane-squad-leaving-map/
  9. Knight_Rider_23

    CV Plane Squad leaving map

    The same bug is happening to me just as it was described above; This happens only for Japanese CV; the US are ok. Japanese Torpedo bombers also auto-drop the bombs in another place on the drop-off circle for no reason; After issuing the order they just went passed the drop-off to some other drop-off point. Another problem I get with Japanese CV ... it was going fwd to a way-point than just went to the right trying to leave map then it would not steer left.